Introducing the latest mod to come to Legacy- The Aftermath. Star Trek Legacy: The Aftermath is the first mod of its kind, a hybrid mod unique in approach and creation. One part mod the other part tutorial, this mod not only offers a unique playing experience but also encourages the average user to take their game skills to the next level-teaching them how to go about creating their own game. Our current release is Aftermath 2.0 Jan 09 build with Add-on packs E and F. Our next release is Aftermath: Battalia Requiem

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Mod Video Spotlight - September 2008

Mod Video Spotlight - September 2008

7 years ago Feature 28 comments

One busy busy month for ModDB, take a look and see what you have missed!

Aftermath Spotlight #1: Armada modes

Aftermath Spotlight #1: Armada modes

7 years ago Feature 0 comments

An introduction to one of the first game modes ever created for Legacy: the Armada mode. Not to be confused with the Armada games, the Armada modes are...

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