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Homeworld 2 meets Star Trek: Armada 2. Set in over all four Star Trek eras you will find three superbly balanced factions to face off against one another, the Alpha Quadrant superpowers! The versatile United Federation of Planets, the formidable Klingon Defence Force and the enigmatic Romulan Star Empire.

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Earth [OLD] 3D Modellers and/or Texture Artists at Continuum Corp

3d modellers and/or texture artists continuum corp earth artists available positions: - 3d modeller (mid to low poly meshes, .obj format) - 3d texture artist (dds textures used in game, dtx5 with mip maps) we are always going to be looking for help in this field! _____________________________________________________________________ the continuum mod gets most of its meshes from people who have generously agreed to allow us to use them, not from people within the mod team. these meshes have been converted from games like bridge commander, starfleet command 3 and 2 and many others. some of these games are quite old and the model and texture quality is often appropriately scaled to the limits of the game engine that it was designed to be used with, so we need to have people who can improve these on older meshes. currently though we only have one full time modeller, for a project of this size we should really have four! original meshes and textures for ships and stations that were never thought to be made in the wider community will inevitably be required, this could be your chance to leave your mark on the trek universe! those familiar with our mod will know that we are doing a release based in each of the four star trek eras, "tng", "tmp", "tos", and "ent". while tng is largely done there is always room for improving meshes, we are currently working on the tmp era.

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