Everything begins when the S.A.S. troops assaulted Asad's village, as the battle raged on and the Brits were trying to reach him, Khaled escaped the farmhouse and used a decoy who took a bullet for him ( literally ), an hour after decoy Asad was killed, Khaled managed to find a radio and informed Zakhaev that he has escaped, a helicopter was sent to get him and take Asad to the secret hideout in Afghanistan. But after Zakhaev learned that his son was killed he didnt pay much attention to his evil friend. It wasnt long ago that Asad's hideout was found and a group of Spetsnaz commandos, led by a young Georgy Zhukov, were sent to trap him, or so they thought. Asad tried to escape but his helicopter was shot down. As the russians moved in, the remaining of Asads troops tried to hold the Specnaz as long as they could, but to no avail. Khaled finnaly managed to take shelter in a abandomed rebel base, but as the commandos were closing in Asad didnt have a choice but to set a trap. He shot one of his servants...I mean soldiers, put his uniform on him and ran off. As the Specnaz were closing in he wired the ammo caches in the base, finnaly when the commandos founded the body, Asad triggered the explosives and everyone that was in the base was killed, only one Georgy Zhukov survived, who at that moment was ordered to hold the main gate.
4 months later...
The civil war in Russia seemed to be over, but a new danger was forming to the south, the first blow was struck after one of the most powerfull terrorist forces in the Middle East "JIHAD" rebeled against the americans in Iraq and liberated the nation, US was forced to withdraw temporally not knowing that it was a small part of a bigger plan. The next day the governemnt in Iran was overtrown and in a few hours JIHAD troopers were simbolicly destroing border post on the Iraq/Iran border. This powerfull organization was led by a fanatical Mehmed Al Mustafi, a long time friend of Asad.
The story between Mehmed and Khaled begins when both were recruited by a certain fanatical terrorist organization. Mehmed was a very charismatic leader who believed strongly that he is the direct descendant of Muhhamad. One of Mehmed's biggest ideals that he was destined to repeat what happened in the Middle Ages, only this time he would succeed no mater the cost. Khaled wasnt really that religous but he liked the idea, and beeing the heir to a very rich dad, Asad easily managed to gather quite a few people to help him. Together the two friends formed the secret organization that is just called JIHAD ( arab for HOLY WAR ). The first part of their plan was to coup the small nameless nation from CoD4. But as you know that plan was an Epic Fail. But now they are more ready and prepared to try again...
Mehmed had a lot of influence in the organization and after the organizations leader was killed by an US airstrike ( care to guess who tipped the US on his position )he joined forces with Asad to start the JIHAD ( money and power is a deadly combo ). At first most people in the west werent sure what to think about this. Many were demanding that NATO interfere and stop this before they grow in influence, but there was also another group of people that dont want iterference, after all the last US war triggered a nuke... The US president was more concerned with other matters and withdrew parts of the US soldiers from the Middle East. This was all Mehmed and Asad needed, the time came and the call to arms was made. JIHAD troops rallied together and after a series of peacefull or not so peacefull coups the united Iran and Iraq,and the Arabian Khalif was reborn, the people believed that it was their destiny to conquer the world, those who didnt think that were executed publicly ( mosly young people, or people that have buisness/relations with the west ). The same day JIHAD troops declared war on Saudi Arabia and managed to conquer the country in less than two days thanks to many of the civilians who voulenteered to the cause. With the seizing of Saudi Arabia's oil fields the JIHAD war machine could really show what it has. Now it was obvious that actions must be taken. But it was too late, JIHAD troops were recruiting thousands of people every day and after conquering Egypt and the Suez canal Many Northern African nations started voulenteerly joining them. NATO's only hope to stop them was Turkey - the last defense line of Europe, US and NATO forces were deployed at the Turkish-Iraqi border and were tasked to hold the border.
1 year later...
NATO and the US forces have some success holding the line, but the JIHAD was sending reinforcements everyday, and of course NATO had to send more reinforcements too, but the US had barely any reinforcements left. Now Mehmed is a very smart man so in one short month his troops made an airbourne assault and occupied Sicily and Malta ( from where they could bomb the southern part of Europe ), and most importantly the broke through the Gibraltar and managed to reach Madrid in a few weeks, before they were halted temporary by NATO reserves. Obviously things arent doing that well, many turkish people werent happy with the situation, the troops needed supply and the poor people were the ones who had to provide it. Surprisingly during the visit of the NATO leaders in Istanbul a suicide attack happened. Many important leaders were killed,and that was when the signal was given and the undercover JIHAD troops emerged, executed the pro-european turkish government took over and declared the rebirth of the Ottoman Empire, the remaining Marines and Turkish loyalist were trapped and had to retreat North towards Ukraine by ships.
That act of coup was a surprise, no one expected in, one of the main strike forces led by Asad himself started to move and conquer through the Balkans. For a while their troops were held back by Bulgarian and Greek forces at the Turkish border, but after a daring amphibious assault into Southern Bulgaria ( planed by Asad )they managed to encriple the defending troops, and the bulgarians were forced to fall back. The greek forces held the line as long as they could, but after a JIHAD airboure assault into Salonika ( also planned by Asad ), they were also forced to retreat that same day. Within a few weeks all of the Greek army had retreated into Athens, and after JIHAD's troops reached the city they began a long sige of the city. Meanwhile Asad send the majority into the central part of Bulgaria, where Bulgarian and Serbian troops were trying desperately to hold the enemy off. But after 1 month of fierce fighting the defence line broke, and JIHAD troops were in Sofia within a matter of days, the Bulgarian government had to evacuate the country and left everything behind, they were declared traitors and a new Bulgarian Goverment was formed that would continue the fight and temporary moved the capital to Skopie.None the less the arabs along with theyr new ottoman, albanian and bosnian allies continued their campaign throug the Balkans, with divisions reaching as far as Moldova and Croatia.
Now 7 months later The Kahlif has reached the border of western Europe and Russia. The russian government refuses to take public action against this threat. A decsision was made that Asad must be eliminated first and with the main Khalif army leadless that will be the most apropriate time for Russia to enter the war.
This will be an etnirely new campaign for the CoD4 franchise. The actualy Operation Cinema is an assault on the bulgarian city of Rousse by 8 Spetznaz soldiers. The difference is that the map itself wont be like anything done in CoD before, completely unlinear, GTA style city, hidden objectives, massive assaults, suicide missions and almost 2 hours of non-stop action.
Of course then comes the Prelude to Cinema Campaign, where the story will unfold and show the most key events that lead to the battle in Rousse, from the escape of Al Asad to the coup in Istanbul, from the capitulation of the Balkan nations to the rebirt of the Arabian Khalif everything will be shown in tipical CoD cinematic way. And dont forget the mod will aslo feature some new goodies to make the game feel more realistic like big open areas as well as other good stuff that make the game better.

Since the Rousse map is the biggest map it willbe divided into chapters, to give you a glimpse of just how big everything is here are them with a small description:

Chapter 0: "RV at Noon"
- Your helicopter has been shut down ( cliche i know ), destroy the AA guns to ensure that the other squad will land succesfully and meet up with them. ( since the level is too big allready, I decided to have this chapter to be its own level )

Chapter 1: "Chaos on Aleksandrovska St."
- Lead your squad through the city of Rousse and eliminate Al Asad.

Chapter 2: "Bulgarian Assault"
- A massive arab army is coming, between the massive force of Asads army and the city garrison, you must help the Bulgarians liberate the city or they will be surrounded.. with you in the middle.

Chapter 3: "Romania or Bust"
- The Romanians have sent a tank army to reinforce the Bulgarians, but there is only one bridge across the Danube. You must find an alternate way to cross the Danube and secure the bridge or all is lost.

Chapter 4: "There and back again"
- Escort the Romanian tanks to the outskirts of Rousse to reinforce the Bulgarians.

Chapter 5: "The Battle of Rousse"
- The time has come, can the combined forces of Bulgaria and Romania be able to stop the largest arab army in Europe in a battle that will decide the future of the Balkan peninsulla. Can one Spetsnaz soldier make a difference.

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Happy 2014! Secret Weapons Locker Rappeling from the bridge
Blog RSS Feed Report abuse Latest News: Operation Cinema: Battle for Shipka peak PREVIEW

6 comments by obiwanbul on Oct 18th, 2010

UPDATED: 24.1.11 ..........................................

The Mission: "Against All Odds"

Location: Approaching the Shipka peak, Central Bulgaria

Time: 1 month following the battle of Rousse

Terrain: Relatively small mountain site, tight roads connecting the two parts of the road, forrests are common, Historical monuments, few civilian buildings on either parts of the main road also known as Checkpoints Alpha and Bravo

Story: Two centuries ago 3 nations fought on this sacred peak and the outcome changed the course of history, now once again three nations are going head-on to capture the it. Following Operation Cinema, the bulgarians have gained great momentum pushing the arabs into the fields of Dobrogea. But a new danger is coming close: Turkey ,who had up to this point remained neutral due to the civil war wthin her own borders and was thus largely happening in the asian part of the nation, has joined the war. Allthough not at 100% army strenght Turkeys involvement has been nothing but positive for the Arab Khalif, whose Balkan campaign was turning into a dissaster. The turks were unable to contribute large parts of their military due to constant rebel fighting, not to mention the powerplay between different high ranking officers helping the enemy fraction to gain more power for themselfs. They did however contribute arguably their best division the 226th Special Forces Division also known as "The Black Panthers". This division has fough almost every key battle for the new turkish government since the start of the was .Within two weeks turkish forces gain several key victories for their JIHAD allies including breaking the defenses of Athens, which up until this point had been besieged with arab troops beeing unable to enter the city. But before Athens can be completely conquered the "Black Panthers" were split up. 1/3rd of the division was left to fight in the greek capital, while the rest was sent to move swiftly through the balkan mountains to rescue the arab army trapped in the north. Realizing that stopping the Panthers isnt a job for fresh recruits, the bulgarian government decided to send in its most experienced unit so far the 5th Danube Division, that has fough every key bulgarian battle in the war so far ( similar to the Black Panthers ). Now the time has come for these two dominating armies to meet head-on on the historical mountain pass near the Shipka peak. But all did not go well, as the encripled arab army broke through one of Bulgarias reserve divisions and is attemting to reach the turkish army and combien forces. The only saving grace for the "Danubes" is the tight mountain terrain doesnt allow massive army assaults, as well as possible reinforcements from the 1st Bulgarian Armored division. ButIf the two armies combine all of the success gained so far be irrelevant. Can the Black Panthers destroy the Danubes and exact revenge for their ancestors 2 centuries, or will the veteran soldiers of the 5th Danube Division manage to hold the two armies that have encircled them. Outnumbered, Outgunned, Lesser technologies, No reinforcements certain, will our heroes manage to survive Against All Odds...

Player: Bulgarian Captain Zlatko Georgiev, officer of the 5th Danibe Division. One of the standing out officers in the unit, while playing him you will also have support from your friends Sgt. Atanas Stavrev ( MG Gunner ) and Sgt. Dimitar Stoilov ( close quarters expert ). A true tales of Brothers in Arms they witnessed the very first attack on bulgarian soil almost 1 year ago. But now with Cpt Georgievs troops carrying the future of their homeland in the palm of their hands, will they linger; trapped between two powerfull armies, they will either stand up do the unimaginable and emerge victorious... or die trying...

Fighting Sides:
Allies: Bulgarian 5th danube division, T-72s from the 1st Tank Corp, add 2 MiG-29s for air support
Enemy: Turkish Expeditionary forces, JIHAD Commandos, remnants of Arab forces that retreated southward after Operation Cinema

Map Objectives:
- Defend Checkpoint Alpha
The starting position consists of a small restaurant, trooper tents, and an improvized military parking with various obsatcles ( did I mention its very vulnerable to enemy fire ). Decided to add a few enemy BMPs for extra challenge.
- Pick your loadout from the Arms tent and report to General Vazov
No snipers in the tent, sorry. ( they wont do much good in the caves or catacombs anyway). Change that, there will be a Dragunov in there ( mostly because I added a few JIHAD snipers, and the distance is too far for normal weapons ).
- Join your squad and flank the enemy base by going through the foot of the mountain ( Hint: follow the riverbank through the cave )
This part will be pretty linear due to the big distance that needs to be covered on foot, but dont worry, the new and improved JIHAD commandos will surely help you advance quicker:)
- Destroy the barricade preventing you from advancing
Not easy when your enemy is firing from a bridge 300m above you and trowing grenades ( maybe it is worth adding snipers to the possible loadoout afterall ).
But just walking straight forward can get booring eventually, so I decided to change the route through a few caves.
- Continue down the riverbank
Pretty much same story only this time we meet the turkish commandos, and you think JIHAD commandos are strong just wait and see...
- Fight through the catacombs to reach the cellar of the Hotel on Checkpoint Bravo
I think with a little work this part could be very... spooky if you will.
- Secure Checkpoint Bravo
Aside from the hotel, there will be other buildings too.
- Stop enemy counterattack while avoiding enemy artilery ( this will either look great, or will lagg as hell, stay tuned for that ).
- Secure mountain peak
This part will include a massive turkish Blackhawk helicopter assault on the mountain top, as you and your squad try to reach the top first ... in a UAZ... Yeah thats not gonna work.
- Cover retreating bulgarian forces from mountain top
Finnaly you can aquire a sniper and targets are in no shortage, javelin may also be in use.
- Disable the bridge connecting checkpint Bravo with the peak.
Turkish M1 Abrams are conveying on the top, you didnt think you were going to stop them with 1 BTR and a few RPG-7 did you? However could one of helicopter troops had been carrying a Javelin? Hm... And the arab army is comming from the other side with their own T-72s. Not to mention that javelin is starting to run out of ammo. Needless to say the bulgarians are screwed.
- Hold the line until relieved by allied tank units
Both armies are conveying on the mountain top. You and your comrades have taken cover in the big monument at the top, holding precious paintings, war flags and toombs of the known and unknown soldiers that died there 2 centuries ago. Will these toombs be your grave?

DEMO playability: Hopefully 100%

New weapons:
- RPK lmg ( often prefered by bulgarian gunners )
- Tokarev TT33 ( trophy pistol )
- Makarov PM ( standart siderm for the Bulgarian army )
- SCAR-H ( nice Assault Rifle for the Turkish army )

Developer Notes:

- Note that most of the turkish airforce is fighting rebels in the asian parts of the country, hence why no F-35 Raptors ( that and the fact that no game that i have has them ). But we may get some F-16s in there.
- There is a lot of skinning to be done, most notably the Turkish M1 Abrams and Bulgarian MiG-29.
- Notice that the objective is disable the bridge rather than completely destroying it, this is to allow allied troops to advance quicker in the event the defenses hold.
- May have to create new characters from scratch for turkish forces. BO has yet to announce mod tools, so we may get some modified SAS to play turkish forces, until I can find something better anyways.
- JIHAD Commandos still have the M1 Garand ( sometimes with silencer ), but they will also use silenced G3 Rifles.
- The artillery will actually destroy parts of the map to make a more realistic feel. Could it be possible that the floor can come down right on the player? Well see.
- The bulgarian soldiers need more firepower. AK47, AK74u, RPK, RPD, MP5 and RPG-7. If CoD Black Ops mod tools come out, then adding the Steyr Aug becomes top priority.

This is only an early preview, it is possible ( and very likely ) that some things can be changed, so if there is an update I will note it on the article Like This .
This is ObiwanBUL signing off.

Feeling generous? Want to support the mod? Feel free to donate any sum you want:)


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Operation Cinema: Afghansitan DEMO

Operation Cinema: Afghansitan DEMO

Jul 16, 2010 Demo 29 comments

6 months after Al Asad's supposed death the tide is turning in the Middle East, on the morning of August 21 the US and Russain troops in the military...

Operation Cinema: Rousse,Bulgaria DEMO

Operation Cinema: Rousse,Bulgaria DEMO

Aug 3, 2009 Demo 21 comments

After over a year development the first playable demo is here. The story is something like this: After a hard landing in the city of Rousse the Spetznaz...

Post comment Comments  (0 - 10 of 211)
JYU Jun 5 2014, 7:47am says:

hows the project coming? just curious about the lack of updates

+4 votes     reply to comment
manant155 Jul 10 2014, 11:54pm replied:

Already been four years since the last demos release, time really flies...

+1 vote     reply to comment
obiwanbul Creator
obiwanbul Jul 16 2014, 8:34am replied:

I know, sorry for the lack of updates. So many task to do and there is almost no time to work.
I do plan to finish the Shipka peak map, since ive put too much work in it to just let it sit on my harddrive. However it will likely be the last map in Operation Cinema series.

+2 votes   reply to comment
JYU Oct 5 2014, 5:18am replied:

thats a shame...so much good stuff in the pics

+1 vote     reply to comment
obiwanbul Creator
obiwanbul Oct 16 2014, 3:42pm replied:

Thank you:)

+1 vote   reply to comment
JYU Feb 9 2014, 5:48am says:

ar-m1 for bulgarians soldiers?

+1 vote     reply to comment
obiwanbul Creator
obiwanbul Feb 10 2014, 6:21pm replied:

Do you mean the Abrams tank? That is for the Ottomann soldiers, while the bulgarian soldiers will have T-72s. This is done for more realism.

+1 vote   reply to comment
JYU Feb 21 2014, 7:38am replied:

sorry i meant the bulgarian assault rifle-i know its basically an ak with minor modifications but i thought it would be cool if the bulgarians could have their own rifle

+1 vote     reply to comment
obiwanbul Creator
obiwanbul Feb 22 2014, 7:32am replied:

That is a pretty good idea, and its actually very easy to do, since the only visual difference between the two AK's is the wooden stock. And the modifications can be simple tweaking of the weapon code.
Good idea man. Cheers!

+2 votes   reply to comment
HewolF. Jan 4 2014, 1:50pm says:

Is this mode dead?

+1 vote     reply to comment
obiwanbul Creator
obiwanbul Jan 8 2014, 5:33pm replied:

Read my comments.

+1 vote   reply to comment
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