SMOD: Tactical is a modification of the single-player SMOD(Super Mod) for Half-Life 2. This mod takes advantage of SMOD's robust customization capabilities to offer players realistic, tactical gameplay with real-world equipment and firearms in the style of games and mods like Rainbow 6, Operation Flashpoint, Red Orchestra, and Infiltration.

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Its been nearly a year since the last release of SMOD: Tactical. I'm really sorry for the delay, and there is no excuse that can really make up for it. So to tide you over between now and the final version 1 release, I decided to package what I had and release SMOD: Tactical Delta 5. Its not as polished as I wanted, but it something you can play while I finish things up over the next few months. There are no new maps, but TONS of new features! Hope you all enjoy it!

Posted by ph4tcat on Dec 14th, 2007


Full Install or the Update / HPC Install

New Maps

-Start up map for configuring SMOD: Tactical
-Shooting Range

Visual & Special Effects

-Depth of Feild (DX9)
-Motion Blur (DX9)
-Vertex Blur (DX9)
-Laser Sights
-Real Reflex Sights [ MOVIE ]
-3rd Person [ MOVIE ]
-Adjustable Special Effects
-Adjustable Blood & Gore (Realistic, Action Movie, Horror Movie)
-Recharging HP System (simular to Call of Duty, Halo, or Metal of Honor)
-Wound Effects (Being hurt is disorienting)

New Weapons & Changes

-UMP with EoTech
-Fecalator (Desert Eagle, "Hard Boiled" weapon)
-Kimber SWAT has a laser sight, ALT-FIRE to activate
-FN 57 has a laser sight, ALT-FIRE to activate
-Ammo specific to each weapons, with models by Veteran_Gamer
-AWM with "RT CAM" scope like in "Insurgency"
-More devastating C4
-More Realistic kick for all weapons


-Realistic weapon sounds for some weapons, by Shakken

Player and NPC Changes

-New "PMC" Player model by Tokotoko
-New "Guard" model by Red Katana
-New Father Grigori model by Tokotoko
-New Barney model by Tokotoko
-New Rogue Sealteam modesl by Red Katana
-Zombie 2 Skins by Mosquito

Bad Guy Changes

-Variable Difficulty
-Enemies throw realistic frag Grenades
-Better Ragdolls
-Sometimes badguys will shoot when they die.

Dropped features and weapons

-AR with Scope Dropped
-PDW Dropped
-G36 Dropped
-Ironsight Blur replaced with DoF

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Spiker Dec 15 2007, 2:40pm says:


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Isuress Dec 15 2007, 3:37pm says:

**** YEA!

+2 votes     reply to comment
Bluedrake42 Dec 15 2007, 7:25pm says:

Now all you need to make is a better interface for the effects
Like gmod =)

+1 vote     reply to comment
F-Plus Dec 15 2007, 9:03pm says:

Now that's really sweet. I actually bought CS:S, Lost Coast, and HL:Deathmatch, just to play this. AWSOME 3rd person. However, bullet time doesnt work? :S

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ph4tcat Author
ph4tcat Dec 16 2007, 1:42am replied:

in the console type "exec hardboiled"

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Intranetusa Mar 6 2008, 8:56am replied:

btw, I've always wanted to know - is Hardboiled a reference to those John Woo movies with bullet time and gun-fu?

+1 vote     reply to comment
r4p157 May 25 2008, 11:49am replied:

ok what you need to do is open up consol and type the folowing

exec hardboild
exec neo
both unlock bullet time but neo gives you unlimited ammo :D have funn

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NightSage Dec 16 2007, 3:02am says:

You know waht would be super fantastico awsome? 3rd person that works like Gears of war third person and that whole cover thingy.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Nex0r Dec 16 2007, 6:10pm says:

This mod is really successfull.

I think they should make it better and then sell it on Steam.

+1 vote     reply to comment
manhunt0r Dec 16 2007, 7:23pm says:

any chance to get coop in this mod?

+2 votes     reply to comment
ph4tcat Author
ph4tcat Dec 20 2007, 4:15pm replied:

Have you tried lowering the enemy's skill?
in the setup map you can change their weapon skill.

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Zefar Dec 16 2007, 9:17pm says:

Just wonder, anyone else having INSANELY hard time in single player? :/

I die in like 3-4 hits from pesky SMG and shotgun kills me on sight. Pistols are a bit powerfull to againts me.

Armor don't do a thing what I have noticed.

The AI got wallhack and aimbot at the same time and are not shy to use them. They even try to hit you through walls.

It got to a point where I actually put on God mod to even see the new guns and such.

After a while I wanted to try all the new guns but due to this tactical feature I can't carry more than than like 1-2 prime weapons on number 2-3 which makes testing new weapons a very bad thing.

So far I just find it ridiculous hard in single player and I think I'm on the middle level to. Btw how do I turn off HDR but keep the rest on except for motion blur and the blod thingy as they kinda breaks my system pretty good. Well not HDR but the other two does.

Otherwise nice mod with nice weapons so far but a bit to hard. I'm not even going to bother on hard to.

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TheRealBryl Dec 16 2007, 10:10pm says:

Loving the mod, really good fun. You've obviously spent a lot of time on it, and it shows. However, there are some things that I didn't like so much.

For instance, the load times. I don't know if you plan to optimise it in future, but I recommend doing so, as at the moment the loading times are horrible. Even after dying and loading where I was a few minutes ago, it still takes around a minute to load, which is a lot considering what fantastic load times HL2 (and even older versions of SMOD) had.

Another thing is the AI. Like Zefar said, it is insanely difficult. Even on Very Easy with AI skill set to Insurgent I was still dying every time I encountered an enemy. And believe me, I'm not a n00b; I completed HL2 on Hard, and it wasn't too much hassle. You might want to limit the amount of grenades the AI throw, too: if I was behind cover the AI would throw grenades until I died or was flushed out.

One more thing that's bothering me a bit is the weapon system. I can't really see how the weapons are classed; I thought it was SMGs and Heavy Weapons, but I was unable to swap a UMP45 for an MP5. It's also annoying that the RPG doesn't have it's own class, as the other heavy weapons are more useful some of the time, but the RPG comes in handy when you're fighting against gunships etc. that can only be defeated with that particular gun.

Final point: stability. This only happened rarely, but if I fired off more than 500 shots with the minigun, the game would crash. Not really a big deal, but would be cool if you could clear that up.

I hate to rant, it's a really fun game, and Ravenholm was intense. Clear up these few issues and you'll have the perfect mod!

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ph4tcat Author
ph4tcat Dec 20 2007, 4:22pm replied:

Thanks for the input.

As for the grenade thing.
I tried to make the skill more accommodating to more players, but the realistic nature of the weapons may require you to adapt your tactics. The badguys have been tweaked to respond to threats more realisticlly, like shoot through a wall if you dive behind it, and throw grenades to flush you out. This can make encounters that used to be easy... CRAZY HARD. sometimes easy sections in HL2 become 2x harder because of the way the new Combine react. I suggest looking at my forums in the off-topic section for "Tactics". Shakken has some real-world tactical tips that show why normal FPS tactics don't work, such as "crowding cover" and "becoming stationary". Really good stuff.

But don't get discouraged, I die alot too.

As for the load times... its an issue with SMOD that I can't resolve.
The only solution is to run under "low" graphic effects, which I admit is lame, because you miss out on some neat special effects.

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SirMordred Dec 23 2007, 3:02pm says:

Hell ya! Go go Phatcat!!!

--Sir Mordred

+1 vote     reply to comment
TH4N3 Jan 18 2008, 6:14pm says:

Ehh guys, which content you need for playing Delta 5 please? Is DoD Source requied?

+1 vote     reply to comment
r4p157 May 25 2008, 11:53am replied:

no just css,hl2 and hllc

+1 vote     reply to comment
Intranetusa Mar 5 2008, 8:07pm says:

Guys, how do you turn on motion blur/field of vision-gun blur? I first had it on medium settings but then when I tried to turn it back on high settings (the high settings gate in the setup), the motion blur/field of vision was gone. How do I reactivate it? thanks

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