Your goal is to reach the end of the level, the "vortex warper", that warps you to the next level/worldmap. You will encounter numerous villains. Majority of them can be defeated by simply jumping on them (Space bar + W or S). Some cannot be killed and only harm you if you try jumping on em, so be careful. There are 3 pickups in the mod. First is the syringe that replenishes your health. The second one is the pill that makes you immortal for a short time. Finally the third one is a NES cartridge. Collect them all (total 4) and you unlock a bonus exit vortex in the last level, below the real vortex... Controls are simple. Use W to go forward, S to go backwards. Use mouse to turn around and space to jump. You can also try pressing the right mouse button while pressing W, to perform a forward dodge. Known Bugs: shouldn't be much, but sometimes the death cam goes all nuts zooming the player character's face. Probably caused by the level design in some parts, and the camera gets "jammed".

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It's...okay. A Mario clone with shoddy controls, grating music, and occasionally frustrating controls (more than a couple times I accidentally walked off of the 2d platform and fell to my death). However, it is not BAD. It is okay. Average. An okay platformer on a shooter's engine and controls.


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