Deus Ex is one of the best PC games in history, but even it isn't without its faults and shortcomings. Shifter addresses these and then some. Unused game content, buggy scripted events, several completely useless items, and certain design choices that can only be described as "annoying", all fixed (or at least "improved") by this little mod. I started Shifter in 2002 to fix just one of the latter -- the fact that weapons equipped with a laser sight won't turn it on automatically -- and the project has expanded exponentially since then. A few new weapons, some additional uses for existing items, new augmentations, and several fixes for existing Deus Ex bugs all exist in Shifter, along with a new multiplayer component. The mod is so popular it's been featured in Game Informer's July 2007 edition of Mod World; how many Deus Ex mods can say that? (only 3, to be specific) Shifter: "Removing the suck from Deus Ex" since 2002.

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Jun 12 2011 Anchor

This board looks sorely under utilized so I thought I'd relay some of my musings whilst doing a runthrough on Shifter 1.8.4.

So the Skull Gun was requested by Gunther, a mech aug... and lo and behold UNATCO fulfills his request... in the form of a nano augmentation which he can't use! First the soda machine and now this insult, developing the aug HE requested, his own original idea, for those fancypants nanoaug jerks instead of Gunther; poor guy just can't get a break! He truly is Manderley's punchline. No wonder he's so upset with JC by that point. I would be too.

While it was very amusing the first time I decided to have a smoke in Underworld only to have Jock and the bartender open fire on me, it seems a touch silly, especially when a hardened terrorist stops shooting at me to rub his eyes for a full minute because I breath a puff of smoke in his face. This is a future where the surgeon general endorses a particular brand of cigarettes, so it doesn't seem like the population at large would be so sensitive to smoke. As for using smokes to block lasers, you could already do that in vanilla DX with pepper spray and fire extinguishers, and even then there's very few lasers that won't trip the alarm when blocked this way so the usefulness of this technique is rather limited. Personally I'm content to just carry some smokes around to throw as distractions. 8)

I'm sure somebody has mentioned this before me, but it seems like the dragon tooth sword should take up 1 inventory slot as opposed to 4 since the full sword only extends when pulled out (huh huh). This is not a feature request because this would obviously affect game balance significantly, something that should always be weighed very carefully... but I don't have to tell Yuki that!

I've been throwing my crowbar at baddies a lot, and I would typically run and pick it up immediately to hit them some more. I was quite puzzled when I started noticing it would sometimes disappear after hitting the target. After utilizing other means to kill the target I discover the crowbar in their inventory when I rifle their pockets. So, they've learned to pick my thrown implements up off the ground to deny me them! Clever bastards...

Oh yeah, food items are still occasionally littered about (presumably at the feet of NPCs when they spawn although I never see them that way), HOWEVER it seems to be occurring much less than before so that's nice.

Guess I'll pop back in when I have something else to ramble/whine about.

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