The long awaited Shattered Worlds Freelancer mod has been released. A talented DevTeam from over 6 different Freelancer communities have gathered to work on this ambitious project. Collectively, the team combined modding knowledge and lessons learned from numerous mods/servers, they picked the best concepts from other mods; which were implemented, improved and further expanded. The entire game has been overhauled from the ground up to create a cutting edge balance scheme. The DevTeam also added hundreds of weapons/equipment items, and many new ships, with over 160 individual craft at present, many of which are exclusive to the mod. The end result is one of the most balanced and highest quality Freelancer modifications ever conceived. If you are a new player or an old player tired of normal Freelancer mods, Shattered Worlds has something for you. Come, try it for yourself. When you undock, you will see the next evolution of Freelancer!

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Updated my Vote my Mono .. Good luck

This is a great mod, ive played on the server for along time and havent lost intrest at all, the community is nice, the gameplce is great :)

Anybody thinking about playing a freelancer mod should definatly choose this one, its great for beginers and experts, mainly becuase of how well balanced it is, which makes every pvp fight eciting and right down to the wire.

The ships that have been added are awesome, the grahpics are great and its just an all round great mod.

Best looking freelancer mod out there, strong fighter emphasis and a lot of fun. Highly recommend to everyone! xD

Great Mod, great Ships, great new ships classes, great graphics, great new icons for most stuff (especially useful the weapon type signature on the icon), very balanced AI combat skills.

I play it in open SP mode.

I can't give a ten due to continuous CTDs in Shikoku System - I mean, you just can't travel in that system :(


Absolutely the most mature, most balanced and IMHO the nicest looking mod for Freelancer.

The graphical superiority doesn't come from some stupid shiny bloom effect but great, precise, hand-made textures and models. Trade lane animation is also the coolest.
Ship classes with different speeds and specials (eg. double thrusters, 2 second cruise warmup) are revolutionary.
Weapons are very balanced. Energy usage is calculated from range and projectile speed.
Ore miner ships and mineable asteroids are good stuff.
Flyable trains (jumbo transports) and capital ships. Turrets and freighter shields are empowered. (Big sized guns equal big slaps, am I right?)

Difficult to start in multiplayer as ships are rather expensive.
Ships' turn speed and power generator stats are not shown in the details.
(It still leaves the currently most popular mod - Discovery in the dust.)

this game is off the hook i like how it has killer graphics and don't lag my laptop which is 3yrs old most games with this kinda quality cause so much lag i can play it i love how u can get capital ships don't have one yet for single player but only 400missions to go give or take

Not a bad mod, graphics very nice, only down side is the ping. Has a very strong fighter base which is always good.

I love this mod, never seen Freelancer look so good. It's also nicely balanced so it doesn't take long to get a nice ship and matching guns. Shattered Worlds rocks. See you in space.

This mod is excellent. The graphics are nice, the community is friendly and the way all of the ships and weapons are balanced is extremely well done and makes for a fun environment.

If you like a style where there is no "best" ship. If you like being able to have the ship that looks cool and flies the way you like and can still fight toe to toewith just about any other ship, then this mod is for you.

All in all with great graphics, superb balance across ships, weapons and even trade commodities, along with a friendly helpful community this mod certainly is one of, if not the, best out there.


Profi UI,its very Clean and Noble,the Grafik updates are amazing,and not overloaded with to much Special effects. This is the next Step from Discovery i think,it feels Freelancer,but it feels new,and it is a Eyecatcher,play it,and love it.

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