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Zerg - tunneling and web idea (Games : StarCraft : Mods : SC Revolution Mod : Forum : General Discussion : Zerg - tunneling and web idea) Locked
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Feb 9 2013 Anchor

Zerg don't have any ground invisible units (like dark templar/ghost) to sneak behind the lines and destroy tanks or reavers.

How about giving AoE, energy expensive spell for Defiler or Queen to temporary grant invisibility for land units only? Lets the burrowed units are digging underground and moving this way. Lore-wise: The spell could furrow the ground terrain, making it easier to tunneling.

In game it would allow "dots" that marking burried units to move.


Is it possible to add ability working like spider web from Warcraft 3, that would draw down flying units to the ground, allowing them to become target for ground attacks?

It could be nice feature for zerg, which is now IMO lacking with good ground vs air defence. If its possible I would add such ability to some building (Yarn Colony [next morph after Spore Colony]?), so it work like a trap for enemys flying forces.

Feb 9 2013 Anchor

I also want some mobile invisible unit for zerg, im trying to implement borrowed move for some units, but if i cant make it, i have other ideas.
The simplest its to make a camouflage ability, where the unit become invisible but move slower, and may be lost its status if attack or use spells.
Lorewise it will be like a chameleon, changing its skin color to fade in the background.

The web ability is possible. But:
1 the position of flying the unit its actually the position where they are standing, dont know if i can make it move to their shadow position (that should be the place where the unit land)
2 what happens if the units its forced to go down on water, space terrain? Will cause weird effect like lurker spines appearing in space, and will make impossible to melee units to attack the unit
3 not sure if i can make a going down animation

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