Purpose of the SAS mod is to give a completely new look at SWAT 4 fixing, where possible, the main game bugs and introducing new features. The SAS mod improves SWAT 4 gameplay looking at weapons, equipments and tactics of the real 22nd SAS Regiment.

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Amazing. Just amazing

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This is for those who wish a more SAS experience, as rules of engagnment are different and we have some new weapons only although their reload sound doesn't seem to work. Mainly its the silenced versions of the weapons that I really like & the more aggressive take on armed suspects.

Smoke grenades don't show up in singleplayer/custom mission mode.
It would also be nice to see those concussion grenades...

I also noticed that you lower your weapon when an enemy is putting their weapon down (and you don't when they are faking it!). This kind of psychic bs should be fixed. Instead the player should never lower their weapon unless the perp has already dropped it & raised their hands. The Browning with armor piercing rounds requires 2 headshots to take down the perps with Protac helmets, this should be fixed!

Another improvement is ammo satchels that we could take instead of a grenade. Some maps (the custom ones) don't have your team mates with you and you gotta take down 40+ guys on your own. It would really help if we could take more ammo occasionally. Theres also no nightvision/thermal vision which I'm pretty sure SAS should have rather than the gasmask all the time.

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Mod is simply great (tho it have it's little problems). New, much more responsive AI, new skins and models, new guns and sounds all make a really good and refreshing experience. Sadly, it's not ideal - that's why only 8/10. It's missing many important thing from SSF mod, like:
- Ability to check the door
- Breaching Shotgun that does damage
- Bigger interaction radius (in some cases people had to stand IN the door, so he can open it...)

Aaaaand for some reason the standard SWAT 4 admin in-game control doesn't work.

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A good old fashioned SAS gameplay on SWAT 4 TSS with this mod. Excellent! :3

No more penalties of used unauthorized force and no more annoying things like attempting to restrain suspects to might flee.

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May 10th, 2015

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Apr 16th, 2015

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Jan 25th, 2015

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Dec 23rd, 2014

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