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Rising Sun Source Online (Working Title) RSSO

About this mod: We are making Rising Sun Source Online as a complete conversion on Source Engine the goal is to release this for free and recreate the great memories, community and joy that Medal Of Honor Rising Sun(PS2) provided us. Using the Source engine will allow us to do some really cool things. While we are deeply committed to authenticity we feel that we can make some really cool improvements from the original that will help the game while still staying consistent to the original game we all loved.

About us: This is our first exploration into game development. We figured that we should create something that is very near and dear to our heart while learning about game creation and modification. We both played MOH:RS exclusively for years and were a large part of what was once an incredibly vibrate online community. While this is our first mod and we nowhere near experts or professionals we are incredibly committed to every last detail. This is something that we have been considering doing for years and finally at the beginning we decided to go for it. We really want to be thorough and professional with our work. With that being said we are first time modders and this requires a lot of time that we put in on our own. We have a goal for releasing in November of 2014 but it is almost impossible to tell if we can achieve this we are working in uncharted territory.

Project Overview

Our goal is to have both original maps and your classic favorites. In this process we have decided to remove some classic maps. This is not to say that they may not be created but they may not be around for the initial launch.
Here is what we are thinking.

We have completed 2 maps so far and they obviously have are 100% Confirmed. These maps are measured 100% to the centimeter.

Calumpit Chaos - 100% Confirmed (Note these images are early and also running on DOD:S)

All done just has a few touch ups.

Shima Field - 100% Confirmed

All done just a few touch ups needed.

Death in the Orient - 90% Very Likely
Will be in the game and is next in line for creation this will happen as one of the big three maps in the game.

Idol Assault- 75% Likely
We really love this map and want it in the game should be next after Orient. Also could do some really cool things with the esthetics of the map. STAY TUNED.

Hangar Havoc - 60% Probable
May be the next in line, kind of a low key map but it plays well and could be cool in source.

Battleship Raiders - 60% Probable
Could also be really cool in Source a little difficult but need to just make one boat and mirror it which helps make it easier.

Boxcar Brawl - 50% Maybe
Its possible only time will tell.

Solomon Showdown - 25% Unlikely
This is kind of a sad one for me. Its one of my favorite maps I put it fairly high. But lets face it, its an ugly map and poorly designed. In order to recreate this map we have to really take away from the powerful tools that Source provides us with. There is a possibility that this map comes in a new form like in a cave or something like that. But right now it seems out.

Mauraders at Midnight - 0% out
Lets face it the black sheep of the maps. Hardly played and not very easy to look at. I dont see us creating it at any point.

Custom Maps ---- Stay Tuned
We have also explored maps from other games that we thought may fit our project from games like COD:FH and Medal of Honor Frontline. Ultimately we didnt find anything we needed to be there. We have other ambitions, we like the idea but right now it will have to wait. If anyone feels ambitions we would love your contributions.

Weapon sets: We are still unsure exactly what we will do with this it all depends on how many gun models we decide to make. I can pretty much say Duelist, Rifles and Infantry will be in there anything that uses those weapons. Thompsons and BARs will probably be in potentially a sten. Again time will tell. t11 t99 not sure. Bazooka will be out. Possibility for other guns is there but we will see. Frags will be in as for Smoke they will have to be different then the absurdity that was from MOH may go with no nade mode or something we will see.

Game modes: DM and TDM I would love to explore elimination modes and 3rd person play but for right now just two.

Side note we hope to be fully functional with PS4 controllers and/or XBOX controllers.

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We have released our Alpha Version on Day of Infamy's Steam workshop:

Please use the link to view the Workshop content for help with setting up the mod in Day of Infamy.

We hope to continue working and growing and we want but we wanted to get some content out to the public. Hope you enjoy!

Beta server is in testing

Beta server is in testing

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Just wanted to give a little update. We are currently working on getting our full announcement out, are beta server is up and running we are currently...

Rising Sun Source Online ***UPDATE*** April 28th 2014

Rising Sun Source Online ***UPDATE*** April 28th 2014

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News update, thank you for the support. Please share and help this mod get exposure!!!

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hello, this is a great idea, the mod is dead? greetings from Argentina

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SS_CUBS Creator

We have restarted this project and will have an update soon

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What the **** is up

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SS_CUBS Creator

Big stuff G, big stuff.

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TKAzA Staff

:D Welrod

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SS_CUBS Creator

We have restarted this and have a plan to release it as a Day of Infamy Mod we will have an update very soon!

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Played this on ps2 a long time ago... Apart of FOX and in the final hours of moh AC1D... Zell. Miss the community. where you at mean basterd, ziljan, big mac, secret agent. GLADBAG, Night Pro.

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SS_CUBS Creator

Zell! Great to hear from you. I remember all those names very well. Oh gladbag what a character. Out intent is to get the old community as back as it possibly can.

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Hey man, so far I'm liking the idea of your mod. I hate seeing Medal of Honor dead just because it strayed so far from its roots. So I like seeing other people who still think that Medal of Honor has potential. I just have two questions; is your HUD going to be the same as Rising Sun's, and are you guys still working on it?

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