Rise of Three Kingdoms is based on the Rome: Total War mod "Three Kingdoms - The Fight for Supremacy" - this is a complete port to Medieval II: Total War: Kingdoms with enhanced scripting. The aim of this mod is to completely recreate the Three Kingdoms Era (194 to 240 AD) as historically accurate as possible.

This mod's aim is to completely recreate the Three Kingdoms Era (194 to 240 AD) as historically accurate as possible on the Medieval 2 Kingdoms engine.

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A campaign, which is set in the era of Three Kingdoms in China, from 194 AD to 230 AD, with every faction, clan or tribe of that time included. Currently, it is using a '12 turns per year' scripted system. So far this mod contains 18 factions. The settlements and special units - Assassins, diplomats - have been remade so that they look more Chinese. Every unit for the Battle Map will be remade as well.The mod is also aiming to place settlements and regions historically right as much as possible. This era's wonders are also visible on the campaign map with their own 3D models, and provide factions that control the wonder with certain bonuses.

Factions Involved

Faction Map

The Selection Screen

Map Screenshots

Stratmap Models






The previous Wonders

I will have to restrict the number of wonders to three as I have to bind them in with trade resources and four of those trade resources are already taken by 'the Great Wall' (see next pic). I think I will use 'sleeping', 'palace' and 'spires'.

The Great Wall

Credits for original Work
Spoiler Alert, click show to read: Organizer:寒奔

Team Leader:老新

Team planning and co-ordinator:wmh1980



Text and informations:老新

Units and Textures modder:lanson、水岸 and so on


Units and Textures artist:cinyokun

2D art:九道、老新、ldwcool、专诸

Music and dub:freefen

Computer Graphics:昔暮、xszyjzh、h1w1、staryun1335、静竹屋



Pact:【柱子工作室】(Pillar Mod Team)

Special thanks to:

Dub:王涛(A Famous TV Presenter of CCTV sport programe)

达里赫尔、月夜无痕(深蓝dubbing Union)

紫郢、大地绝响(怀旧dubbing Union)

九霄大帝(Sichuan Conservatory of Music)

六翼守望(火凤燎原dubbing Union)

Thanks to everybody who made outstanding contributions to version(1.0-1.8A):
水岸(founder of the model of Zhanguo andf Sanguo Mod)、阿奇(Texture and Buildings)、射手龙(Buildings)、BON、GM、1974、 sephodwyrm(CPL)、认得你、use、九保、findmyself、winner7788、妖王哥哥、 花海、automan、Zboot、 From Hell、D-boy、北王、穆先生、锋·刃、几度夕阳 红、彼彼、蚊子、一声叹息、卧室大地瓜、wwwfman、枫叶、liu1412 、猪油貳爷 、暴力爆栗、eisenhower and many other comrades
And 德拉克拉、宇文寒、飞舞的黄油、老猪(天蓬元帅)...Which made foundatiuon of Pillar Mod Team

Credits for current Work

Strat Models
riczu74 - siege, blockade and trade wagons models

Gigantus - battlemodels, map, scripts and text files

GrnEyedDvl - multiple turns per year
Gigantus - campaign scripting

Battle Models
All the kind souls helping a noob, like here, here and here

3D, skinning and related
Heathen Storm
The Blade That Was Broken

Other Text Stuff
Seether - family trees, translation, historian, tons of coding

Pretty Things
y2day - 2D Art

Special Thanks
Backbone Studios - Chinese battle settlements and battle unitsMarka Team for their wonderful models and textures


Is this gonna be any thing like dynasty warriors or that other one?

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Definitely not going to be anything like Dynasty Warriors. Aside from that series being horrible, this mod is aiming for historical accuracy, with some leeway given to certain aspects.

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what about romance of the three kingdoms?

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RoTKTeam Author

Neither (if you're talking about the book or the series), as both are 70% fact 30% fiction. We're aiming for historical accuracy, as Seether said above. The actual time era is actually more interesting than all these games (which are all unhistorical). If you're trying to compare this mod against those two, its going to be much better than both (and I'm not saying that just because I'm part of the team)

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3rd question: Why is their a ninja & a geisha girl in a clearly chinese based mod?

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The base of this mod is a port of a RTW mod which used a ninja and geisha model. Think of them as placeholders for the time being until we get to updating the few remaining strat map models.

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looks great¡

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is it going to be like dynasty warriors lol.

dynasty warriors was based on the three kingdoms.

this mod is going to be THE ******* ****.

shogun total war has allways been my fav TW closely behind ME:TW2.

and trot3k has allways been my fav game on the sega.

not to mention the kessen's.

please im begging, begging you. to create a map based on the battle of chi-bi. as this is and allways will be my favorite historical battle of all time. if you cant or dont want to i'd understand perfectly. but it'd be worth the time and effort to re-create the story accurately!

much love, and respect from iplat. for doing this mod.

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RoTKTeam Author

We have plans for custom settlement maps, but our team is currently composed of 4, me myself (Modeller), 2 coders and 2D artist. If you have any skills of any sort in Modelling, Skinning or ITWE (Buildings), you would be a great help to us. Just send me a PM if you do.

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We will be doing historical battles at some point in the future, probably when we get closer to the 1.0 release. Chibi, Guandu, Mt. Dingjun, and Yiling are just a few of the battles I would like to do.. Although, due to engine limitations, Chibi will be difficult to recreate as you can not have battlefields with both land and naval forces involved. But we will figure something out that works.

And thanks for the kind words :D

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