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Hello there!

I am xiaohun0516 from LHYBStudio.

We expanded our story and featured more reliable and emotional characters. For such an expansion, we're looking forward to have suitable actors/actresses for our characters. For such a long development period, some of our actors quit for personal issues, some had lost contact with us... However the progress will continue. And now we had turned into a indie game, though RED is totally free to play and non-commercial, copyright problems occured and force us to replace many non-authorized elements we used in-game, for example, American soldiers' voice lines from Battlefield 2, DPAs' (Dstrict Public Agency) voice lines from original Half-Life 2 metropolice's radio, those elements become out-of-field than ever before.

For such a reason we decided to recruit(no idea this word is delivered right or not) voice actors. A character list is provided below.

USMC Corps

Hudson : The top commander of U.S. garrison in Mingmao City. Hudson had served in USMC for decades and gained plenty of experiences in command and tactics. Though may be outdated a little bit, he do not really pay Cole enough respect and is always eager to bring honor and gain what really deserves for the Marines.

NAVY SEAL - Devgru

Blake : A SEAL member under the well-known young but talent commander, Cole's direct command. He served in SEALs for years before SEAL-6 reformed into DEVGRU and took actions in many places like Afghanistan
and Iraq. As a proud SEAL member he insists that honor matters under no matter what circumstances.

GIGN, France Government

Pierre : A GIGN member under Victor's direct command in 2020's terror attack in Ligne 4 du métro de Paris (Paris Subway 4). As one of the four GIGN members in team Red, he fought bravely to protect civilians of Paris and became Victor's worst memories that he cannot face with.

Michel : An official representating the France government. He makes every decisions in considerations of France's national goods. He's also the only person who wanted to make things right after a series of decisions that put Victor in severe conflicts.

Russian Federation armed forces

Andre : A Russian soldier from 127 Motorized infantry division
garrisoned in the eastern territory of Russia. When the invasion comes, he fought alongside with his field commander Sergei against the enemies which seems almost undefeatable to defend the motherland.

Sergei : Andre's captaion and field commander. As an experienced veteran his devotion, calm and bravery is never been doubted.

Common Voice lines

U.S.Army soldiers: We planned to make their lines as much as possible - The more the better. We accept any lines that fit our need. No limits(in number). We approximately categoried the voice lines into few different sets:

Assault. E.g.:
On the move!
Supressing fire!
In coming!

Contact. E.g.:
Enemy spotted!
Enemy insight!

Moving. E.g.:
On the move!

Reload. E.g.:
Cover me, reloading!

Under attack. E.g.:
Under fire!
Take cover!
I am hit!
Need support!
Need backup!

Throw grenades. E.g:
Grenade out!
Throwing a grenade!
Flash out!
Frag out!

Area clear!
Tango down!
DPAs, move!
I got a DPA down!
Area secured!

All example lines above are not compulsory - you can edit for your best fit. Anyone who wanted to have a try is welcomed. We'd like to explain that we don't want to make literally, traditional BAD GUYS: Every single warriors fights for their own country worths respect. And every unreasonable move must have an reasonable motivation

We're looking forward to hear your voices!
Together, we can make the game amazing.

Feel free to send us your VO samples to this email:


- This mail belongs to our project leader and director, mtkn.



Annoucement - Chapter One: Conflicted Devotion

Annoucement - Chapter One: Conflicted Devotion

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Folks! We got a new present for you... and an apology.

Some News & Thank You

Some News & Thank You

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Hello everyone. I'm the project leader of Red Requiem: Liberation from LHYB STUDIO. Here are some informations & progress report. First of all, I want...

Gaokao is over. And we're back.

Gaokao is over. And we're back.

News 4 comments

Gaokao is finally over guys! Now we have time to do what we want! We are ready to work on Kinect and the DEMO!

Some News About Red Requiem: Liberation

Some News About Red Requiem: Liberation

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Hello, guys! I'm mtkn the main project leader of Red Requiem: Liberation. We've got some good news and bad news...

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AFighter here.

I noticed something. What is happening in this mod? Can you at least tell me what the story is? I happen to download mods like this and play them endlessly over and over again. Long-timer for mods. For Half-Life. Especially when there is so much material on RunThinkShootLive.Com, for the first one, since I play HL2 Episode 2 mods every time they get released there. Underhell, I enjoyed it. Fast Detect, I can download that on Steam. Sorry for what is going on between Philip and the Modificated developer. Seriously, who insults color-blind people like that?

For this, I just have to ask someone here: what is China, and what is going on there? There's word. I happened to have written a comment on the "Wanderers" song, and spoke of something that's going to happen soon. And it says one thing: Xi Jinping and everyone on his side. Who is this man, and how come I am writing about him? There's something big going on in China, as if the world is preparing to attack it. Civil war, and soon. Full-blown American military intervention, like Libya. With boots on the ground.

I wanted a job at Valve. And I know some people.

I'm coming, soon. And I got people on my side.

Folk from Call Of Duty, some musicians from the past, Deus Ex developers, and the Star Wars folk. There's problems in Dohuk, Yemen, Ukraine, even North Korea. War is everywhere. By the way, someone who calls himself Edward Snowden has hacked my PC back home. I am writing now on a laptop. Nothing happened. And by the way, what is going on? It's chaos out there.

There are four big names, and his first name is Bryan, and it's not the guy from Underhell. Middle name starts with G, and guess the surname. The second one's first name is Gordon. The third's Rod. And the fourth is Phil. I need to keep them alive at all costs. I wanted a job in the gaming industry.

Can I voice act in your mod?

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Sorry, but after reading your comment i simply can't get passed the idea that you have some troubles and don't see completely right anymore;
"Full-blown American military intervention (in China), like Libya. With boots on the ground."
Are you serious????? Or you watch to many movies, or you have serious issues, that is all i can say, sorry....


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xiaohun0516 Creator

Of course you can,pls contact with me

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First of all,

I thank you for replying. Now, who wants to go to China with me?

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By the way, that was me talking.

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xiaohun0516 Creator

Just give me your email address(pm)
We are looking for guys like you.

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Please release this one SOON, am tracking it for 5+ years now i believe....


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xiaohun0516 Creator

In fact you can download it···
But it's active in China
I'll soon upload it in my Download Station.

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so download link?

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game is dead

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xiaohun0516 Creator

Game is still alive...
And you can actually play it

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