They have long stayed dormant. The Giant Ants have returned and are now wreaking havoc against those who tried to elminate them. Will you help them achieve their revenge or will you be the one to stop them? Colony Wars is a partial Conversion Mod for Red Alert 2 : Yuri's Revenge. The Mod aims to add in the Giant Ants (The Colony) as a fully playable side,A New Set of Campaigns for each side as well as adding new toys for the original three sides. Allies,Soviets & Yuri. Awaken the Swarm!!!

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Allied Nations Unit List

Allied Nations Unit List

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The Allied Nations or more commonly called as the Allies. Are the victors of the first war and defeated the Soviet War Machine. The Allies have superiority...

Soviet Union Unit List

Soviet Union Unit List

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The Soviet Union were the rivals of the Allied Nations. Contesting against them and losing in the previous Great World War. The Union seeks to reclaim...

Yuri's Army Unit Lits

Yuri's Army Unit Lits

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Following the defeat of the Soviets, Yuri disappeared. Quickly the allies discovered Yuri went into hiding and had developed his own army to conquer the...

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