They have long stayed dormant. The Giant Ants have returned and are now wreaking havoc against those who tried to elminate them. Will you help them achieve their revenge or will you be the one to stop them? Colony Wars is a partial Conversion Mod for Red Alert 2 : Yuri's Revenge. The Mod aims to add in the Giant Ants (The Colony) as a fully playable side,A New Set of Campaigns for each side as well as adding new toys for the original three sides. Allies,Soviets & Yuri. Awaken the Swarm!!!

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Soviet Colossus Tank
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It totally should have a DoW Dreadnought voiceover.

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JeremiahLoh Author

I'm actually planning on doing the voice like that combined with the accent of the Golem Tank from RotR. Just trying to contact Exley.

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Reminds me of the Strogg Tank from Quake 2.

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*Stolen Tech Unit - Can be unlocked by infiltrating a War Palace as Soviets

Betrayal is a common event within Soviet Union with defectors hoping to pass off their technology to their new masters. When a Commander is able to infiltrate Rogue Soviet Intelligence they are able to unlock the Colossus Tank. A near-forgotten Soviet Unit. Built on the ideas of Cybernetics and Tesla Technology the Colossus is a Soviet Soldier who has undergone extreme cybernetic enhancement and placed atop a Tank Chassis. The crude and rushed procedures to mount the newly enhanced soldier often times leave the Soldier with psychological and physical trauma leading to some candidates lashing out and killing Soviet Personnel. This led to future prototypes being implanted with a control chip that keeps the Tank under check. The experimental nature of the Colossus Tank has it outfitted with multiple tesla coils which diverts electrical energy from enemy or allied attacks to reinvigorate the Tank healing and repairing the unit. This grants the Colossus increased resilience in the battlefield leading to some Commanders to using Tesla Troopers or other Colossus Tanks to support each other in combat by discharging their bolts among themselves increasing their longevity in combat.

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