They have long stayed dormant. The Giant Ants have returned and are now wreaking havoc against those who tried to elminate them. Will you help them achieve their revenge or will you be the one to stop them? Colony Wars is a partial Conversion Mod for Red Alert 2 : Yuri's Revenge. The Mod aims to add in the Giant Ants (The Colony) as a fully playable side,A New Set of Campaigns for each side as well as adding new toys for the original three sides. Allies,Soviets & Yuri. Awaken the Swarm!!!

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Tesla Track
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Might been better to use your previous iteration of the Flak Track voxel as the base chassis IMO.

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JeremiahLoh Author

yeah.. but meh. This along with the "Prism Fortress" are pretty much bored units with minor variations on the original just for the sake of it. :P

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Yer, but the Prism Fortress is actually a bulky and strong unit, while the Flak Truck was always one that died just by looking at it. :P

Most of the issues with your old voxel was that it was too bulky afterall, so it would actually put the two comparable. This feels like a wasted Secret Lab boon.

In any case, regarding Secret Lab tech, I'd advise to keep all boons on the same tier strength, to make all boons semi-balanced atleast.

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Just a simple little crate goodie/Secret Lab. Currently the Tesla Track sacrifices the ability to carry passengers in exchange for a weaker faster firing version of the Tesla Coil of the Tesla Tank. Much like the Half Track it boasts fast speed while also offering modest armor.

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