Set during the conflict in the original Red Alert 3, Southern Rising will introduce two new factions, the Forth and the SLIM, which are also intended on global domination and freedom.

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Anywhere [OLD] 3d Texture Artists/Modelers at RA3: Southern Rising Development Group

3d texture artists/modelers ra3: southern rising development group anywhere artists with the launch of the red alert 3 mod sdk tool launched by ea, the red alert 3: southern rising mod art department is now looking for capable 3d artists, both professional and amateur, in terms of modelling and applying textures. requirements: - communication skills - good photoshop skills - good 3d tool handling (focused on 3ds max) - capable of making solid, state of the art texture for cgi cutscene purposes. (optional for amateurs) - capable of uvw mapping and texturing for in-game models.

Anywhere [OLD] Concept Artists at RA3: Southern Rising Development Group

concept artists ra3: southern rising development group anywhere artists good evening. i'm medici, project leader for the red alert 3 mod, southern rising. for people who don't know, southern rising is intended on bringing foward two new factions, the space-faring brazilian forth and the steampunk-driven slim (singapore liberation militia), into the conflict between the existing empire, allied and soviet forces. story is set into different points of the timeline, such as the future and the first great war between soviets and allies. but we won't be introducing only new factions but we'll be also expanding the old factions and the universe itself, including a story which connects the events of red alert 2: yuri's revenge and red alert 3 in a solid basis. the intention isn't just about single-player or multi-player fun, it's to introduce the best gaming and modding experience ea tried but unfortunately failed to introduce. with the rising popularity of our high-quality work and considering the time we take to introduce it, we're looking to sparsely expand our artist departments. not about 3d art, but concept, as we have currently only one artist. what we want are people who can communicate well, are highly motivated, and are capable of creativity within limited dimensions. requirements: - communication skills - good photoshop skills - capable of developing art within required pre-requisites and be creative. mixing references allowed.

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