RA3: Southern Rising

Original idea/Concepts by Medici


"It was supposed to be easy for the Soviet Union leaders. By entering the Time Machine and eliminating Albert Einstein, they expected to just gain the upper hand over the Allied forces. It worked, but there were also consequences. Their actions have spawned the threat coming from the East, the Empire of the Rising Sun. Or so they've thought.... As the three greatest powers fight the greatest World War in history, a new power emerges from the South. Forged from the abuses of fanatical Allied anti-communism that caused the most difficult period in their region, they come not from land, nor air, nor seas. They come from space. The Forth, the secret brazilian army, emerges from the moon and starts it's path towards the same goal all other factions vie for: Complete global domination. World War III was ugly. And it's gonna get worse."

This is the premise for Red Alert 3: Southern Rising. Besides adding this new and different faction, which has emerged from the cold of space and the warm rage of brazilian hearts, with units, weapons and tactics introducing stealth art, alien saucers, hover tanks, cybernetic apes and legions of insane, battle-hungry video-game addicted nerds, 3 new units and 1 new superweapon for each original faction are being added.

And that's not all we have in mind. A new terrain tileset are under plan to introduce you right into the Forth's main yard, Nova Luna, as well as we'll be adding three more AI's to complement the aggressive AVGN manners of war and improve the current ones for a more challenging gameplay experience.


A secret army, created in the backstages of the war at the Moon by the Brazilian military dictatorship through the use of borrowed resources from the Allies, who abused the entire South American continent in the past for it's continued anti-communism campaign. Forming an unlikely army of insane nerds and controlled by a few high-minded criminals, the Forth, while not being as strong as it's opponents, are the most versatile faction thanks to their adaptability to space. Using advanced saucer-shaped spacecraft, anti-gravity technology and lethal-at-any-range infantry, the Forth win through determination and early use of opportunity.


The Forth possess powerful air strength that can outmatch the Allies, excellent mobility, good protocols and strong infantry firepower. Their navy capacity is too limited and rely too much in numbers, like their vehicles. Build style is somewhat too inconvinient and slow as their tech rising method. Expensive advanced units.

The weapons are in place, the board is set. This is not a chess game. It's war. Enter it. WIN IT!!!

We are recruiting!!

We are searching for modelers/animators, skinners, map makers and sound artits.
If you wanna join us send a pm for Medici or Gen.Kenobi with this:

Full Name:
Nick Name:
Skill(what you want to do):
Country(for timezones purpose):
Picture of your work(you do not have to have one):

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Red Alert 3: Southern Rising

Red Alert 3: Southern Rising

Real Time Strategy

Set during the conflict in the original Red Alert 3, Southern Rising will introduce two new factions, the Forth and the SLIM, which are also intended...


Can we still get this mod?

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is this modd still alive?

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I have just a question:

Who is the Forth's commando: the AVGN ABOMINABLE or the AVGN ELITE?

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AVGN ELITE, the abominable is more like an cyborg from TS.

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Medici Creator

u mean, an OVERSIZED cyborg

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Ei pessoal, posso ajudar na ´´dublagem´´ das unidades desse mod (falando Portuglês)? Só não sei se a minha voz é muito boa.

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acho que todos nós vamos dublar alguma coisa!

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