R.E.A.R.M. - "Rearmament Expansion And Redesign Mod" is an unofficial Homeworld 2 expansion and it adds number of new interesting and various units.

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Presentation of new Vaygr ships in corvette and frigate class with a short descriptions.

Posted by Pouk on Nov 28th, 2009


Vaygr EMP corvette. EMP corvette

Unlike a scout, the group of this corvettes have a real chance to disable even a destroyer.

Vaygr tripple laser corvette. tripple laser corvette

Stronger and slower version of a Laser corvette.

Vaygr assault corvette. assault corvette

Very universal ship, suitable for attacks to small and middle targets.


Vaygr Advanced Assault Frigate. adv assault frigate

This advanced assault frigate has five turrets instead of three.

Vaygr Advanced Heavy Missile Frigate. adv heavy missile frigate

Ship sensors were moved to the front to make a space for the defense turret. Which means it can resist against light attacks, unlike the standard Heavy Missile Frigate.

Vaygr Command Frigate. command frigate frigate

This support frigate fulfills the same role as the Command Corvette, but it can also build one of a few subsystems as the hyperspace inhibitor or the advanced sensor array.

Vaygr Artillery Frigate. artillery frigate

Artillery Frigate is the most advanced frigate of the Vaygr fleet. It shoots one of the three types of missiles (fuse missiles of a Battlecruiser, long range or cluster) and it can be also upgraded by number of subsystems. It can build probes and mine layer drones with the production subsystem.

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DJZ4K Nov 28 2009 says:

wow.....just wow

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Lei_Hng_Wei Nov 29 2009 replied:

O_O O_O O_O >_< O_o

Ditto that.

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Kharcov Nov 29 2009 says:

Great work guys!

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Pouk Author
Pouk Nov 29 2009 replied:

Well, I guess there's only me. At least until I'll find someone for scripting.

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56er Nov 29 2009 says:

This is was Homeworld 2 Modding needed! A Mod that continues developing advanced ship designs in the style of the original Homeworld 2, and not this ****** Complex Ships. Very well done, it's nice to see that there is someone that has such high mod skills and still is smart enough to think about this.

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Pouk Author
Pouk Nov 29 2009 replied:

Thank you. And yes, this is exactly what this mod is about.

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Kriegsherr Nov 29 2009 says:

lol the emp corvette looks like a giant Taser

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Pouk Author
Pouk Nov 29 2009 replied:

Is it too obvious?

The regular vgr corvette is already shaped little like a Taser, I've just used it and supported it. After all, it's an ElectroMagnetic Pulse corvette, so if you look at this ship and you think about the Taser, the analogy is perfect, you don't have to look at the name or description, you instantly know what this thing do.

It's the same concept as the artillery frigate. It doesn't look like an artillery, but it shoots like an artillery. It has up facing missile launchers (like the BC) and missiles with very long turns. So when it fires, you just know it's an artillery, because it has trajectory which reminds of the balistic curve.

Or the command frigate with an omni directional device and typical antenna.

I'm not only trying to make my ships look like Vaygr or Hiigaran, but also that you can recognize its purpose at the first sight.

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Bluedrake42 Nov 29 2009 replied:

yeah a lot of these look like handweapons haha
good work though, they definitely look vaygr

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IPS Nov 29 2009 says:

yeahaa, finally!

you don't know for how long I was waiting now to see a professional homeword mod with real unique models..
in the meantime I got so f*ckin annoyed by all the ripoff, skin-, stat-change crap arround.

keep up the great work!

(if you need help with wallpapers or concept art, just contact me and I'll see if I can dig up some free time ;))

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Pouk Author
Pouk Nov 29 2009 replied:

And you can look forward to lot more. There are going to be some new destroyers, battlecruisers, stations and others made completely from scratch.

And I don't really need concepts, I'm drawing my own, but wallpapers, why not. Show me what you can do, it's a nice idea.

But what is really welcomed are videos. Anyone can download the mod, make a video, post it on youtube or send it to me and if it's good, I'll place it right here between my videos with name of the author.

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RogerRamjet Nov 29 2009 says:

Very nice work.. the models and textures fit in well with the original Vaygr designs...

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Pouk Author
Pouk Nov 29 2009 replied:

Thank you, that's my goal.

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A.T. Dec 18 2009 says:

Have the EMP Corvettes another weapon instead of the EMP Generator?

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Pouk Author
Pouk Dec 18 2009 replied:

Yes, a very weak cannon. When I think about it, it's maybe too weak.

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LolGameTap Nov 4 2010 says:


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AlexBlackmane Oct 27 2011 says:

the EMP corvette it's a big Taser gun xD

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Guest Dec 29 2012 says:

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

ewanmoncrieff Dec 29 2012 says:

Are you working on anything new?

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