This mod combines Doom's fast and varied gameplay with more intense and tactical approach of Call of Duty. It is based on Voltlock's RGA 2 (TR12).

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This mod combines Doom's fast and varied gameplay with more intense and tactical approach of Call of Duty. It is based on Voltlock's RGA 2 (TR12).

BLUE PERKS Sleight of Hand - Faster reloading.
... PRO: Faster knifing and grenade throwing.
Extreme conditioning - Regenerate 100% faster and 40% sooner.
... PRO: +15% running speed.
One man army - Carry extra ammo.
... PRO: Carry extra weapon.
Scavenger - +100% ammo in pickups.
... PRO: +100% powerup duration.
Stopping Power - +25% bullet damage.
... PRO: Sniper bullets penetrate multiple enemies.
Juggernaut - +40% damage resistance.
... PRO: Double bonuses from armor/health pickups.
Danger Close - +100% explosive damage.
... PRO: +40% explosive blast radius.
Cold Blooded - Invisible to seeker missiles.
... PRO: Partial invisibility while out of combat.
Steady Aim - +33% hip-fire accuracy.
... PRO: No sniper rifle accuracy penalty while moving.
Commando - +100% knife damage and range.
... PRO: Attacking doesn't block regeneration.
Last stand - You will revive if you survive short last stand immobile period with handgun only.
... PRO: Revival kit to revive allies.
Sit-Rep - Full automap with enemies' positions.
... PRO: See enemies through walls.

Difficulty Levels:
Trivial - 6 guns, 50% damage
Easy - 4 guns, 75% damage
Medium - 3 guns, 100% damage
Hard - 3 guns, 150% damage
Tactics - 2 guns, 125% damage
Fun - 6 guns, 175% damage
Deadly - 2 guns, 150% damage
Realism - 2 guns, 200% damage

Weapon Balance Sheet


Source code is located in public SVN repository. Anyone can checkout the code (you will require SVN client like TortoiseSVN), make changes and then build it by running one of the build scripts.

How to obtain source code and build custom version (on Windows):

1) Download and install TortoiseSVN.
2) Create an empty directory somewhere on your computer.
3) Right click the directory, click "SVN Checkout", OK.
4) When until the Checkout finishes, then close the window.
5) Add your Skulltag or ZDoom path to system PATH variable (How to do this in XP or Vista/7).
6) Open the directory.

Now you can use one of the build-debug-skulltag, build-debug-zdoom or build-release batch files to build the mod.

Use the debug build files while you are doing any modification to the mod files. Unlike release build, debug build is incremental (only the modified files are rebuilt), so after the initial build, incremental builds are extremely fast.

Once the build is complete (the console window closes), you can find the resulting PK3 file in either output directory (if you used release build script) or temp (if you used debug). You can now play with this file as if it was an official release.

You can now also update the directory to latest version by right clicking the directory and clicking the "SVN Update". When the window closes, all the files will be 100% up-to-date! Now just rebuild the PK3 and you have the lastest version without downloading whole 80+ megabyte package :)

One small remark regarding the release build scripts: If you (for some reason) remove a file from the source tree, you have to manually delete the PK3 file from the temp directory and rebuild the file from scratch. The incremental build won't recognize that a file was deleted and would not be removed from the PK3.

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Realguns Hardcore v1.11.2 (Skulltag)
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Stickyboard Dec 18 2013 says:

Awesome Thanks Much :)

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