Dow-Host: Red Phoenix Rising is a total conversion of CNC zerohour. The mod aims to deliver a more realistic battlefield experience. Also, this mod will transform Zerohour to a more demanding strategy game while keeping some arcade touches to make the game enjoyable. The following playable factions will be included: USA, Russia, China, EU, and the GLA

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Apr 24 2013 Anchor

Anything related to the resource gathering system of Real War Red Phoenix Rising will be discussed here:

Concept #1: Use Money and Power as in Zerohour, however money is not gathered from supplies. Its gathered from oil fields.

Concept #2: (Suggested by Happi) Resources are gathered by making industries, farms, factories etc, there should be a limit and balanced for all sides, otherwise some player will keep on building too many resources. if possible player should be able to trade, export, import things for their resources, this will make the game more realistic.

Concept #3: (suggested by Osundefeated), built upon by flanker) Capture key points in a city / village and strategic income facilities on the map such as gas and oil refineries, chemical and industrial plants, farms and nearby villages, government buildings, oil fields, nuclear reactors, and gold mines.

Concept #3 further ideas: Some resources such as oil fields need power to run while others such as farms don't

Feel free to add Concepts and your opinions as replys below. Please make a statement of the concept first like the ones above and then mention the details. Super-Flanker thanks you in advance for your future participation.

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May 11 2013 Anchor

1.How about capturing cites or villages ?
2.@ concept #2:if the players are going to trade,export and import then there should be more than one resource idk maybe(oil,food......)

May 11 2013 Anchor

good idea, just try to be more specific and Ill add this as concept #3. When we have enough concepts ill make a poll and we'll see which one wins. Of course there should be more than one resource.

May 14 2013 Anchor

Capturing cites that have gas stations and refineries
Villages that have farms and industries
maybe key points on the map like a bridge or something
protecting the villages and cities may rise the income

May 21 2013 Anchor

Just an idea; is it able to put different types of "realistic resource gathering" for each army.
An example; industry for Russia, trade for China, protecting key points for US and capturing for GLA (liberation!). This will create difference on strategy for each army and complex the game more. Problem is, is it able?

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May 24 2013 Anchor

nice idea but i am afraid it might not be doable due to SAGE engine limitations. We did break some limitations and we still have few other limitations to break. However, the process takes a lot of time and doesnt always work. We will take your idea into consideration when we do the resource system.

Jun 22 2013 Anchor

I like the idea of osundefeated the most:
Get more "money" the more vital pinots of a map (citis/villages/industrial plants/airports/ports) you control.
So the money could be the abstract value of the "will of the high command to allow/send you(=successfull general) more troops"

Jul 25 2013 Anchor

CWC mod could give us idea of resources and economy in the game..... Super Flanker is right. SAGE engine have its own limitation. Capturing oil fields and Supply Drop would be more realistic for this game..... the PC game "Warfare"(made by Russian Game Developer) are more realistic than ZH but I doubt that you can make mod with it and it has no skirmish game mode too.... I hope EA will create something realistic like Sudden Strike and Warfare have....

Jul 29 2013 Anchor

Concepts Updated, check first post above.

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