Main Features:

1. No Lag, & Almost No crashes.
2. Realistic weapon systems and Realistic Battlefield Experience which includes (Very realistic unit health and unit behavior, as well as realistic deploy times, weapon damage, weapon reload times and ammo).
3. High Poly units (1000 to 2000 polys).
4. A newly developed multiple targeting system to enhance Air to Air combat, Helicopter attack runs, Surface to Air missile (SAM) systems, and Anti Ballistic Missile (ABM) systems.
6. The hardest AI ever created for a Command & Conquer game.
7. Addition of SRBM's (Short Range Ballistic Missiles) which can target anywhere on the map & Addition of ABM's (Anti Ballistic Missile systems) to stop SRBM's.
8. New Music, and Realistic Sound Effects.
9. Enhanced Particle Effects (Still has a long way to go).
10. Larger Maps (maximum limit of Worldbuilder will be used for the largest of maps)
11. Realistic resource system (No supplies to be collected, Areas and Buildings must be captured)
12. Ability to send resources (Money) to allies.
13. Infantry can prone and infantry can camouflage in forests.
14. New Special Abilities & Powers.
15. MORE Command Buttons to give more control over units to the player.
16. Lots of real life units included.
18. EXPERIMENTAL IDEA (MAY NOT BE INCLUDED): Units are called off the map since in real life manufacturing of tanks and planes usually takes a long time. This means No War factories.

For a complete list of ideas/features in this mod click here & here
If you want to suggest ideas to be included in this mod post them here by clicking on new thread.
For In game videos click here
for factions/unit list click here

The gameplay of this mod is influenced by the following games:
All Command & Conquer games
Supreme Commander 1
Blitzkrieg 2

History of the mod:

This mod came to life after the merging of two mods: "Dow-Host: The Cloud of War" & "Real War: Red Phoenix Rising". Currently most team members ceased development of this mod. Therefore the mod needs new team members to continue the project.

Notice: This mod aims to be a community developed mod. Anyone should feel free to donate ideas models or maps to this mod or aid in its development. Every idea will be considered. Everyone who helps in creating models, textures, sounds, windows etc.. will be credited for his/her work. There will be no deadline for any type of work. Also no work will be assigned to anybody. Everyone choosing to work on this mod should work on something he/she likes or chooses.

Hall of Fame / Credits:

A. DHRPR Team Members:


  1. Super-Flanker

Modeling Group:

  1. Trinity-yeawung --> Texture artist, responsible for 70% of the textures you see on the mod
  2. Janland --> 3d artist (worked on US and Chinese units)
  3. Lengh-Dartou --> 3d artist (worked on US and Chinese units)
  4. Belief-me --> 3d artist (worked on US and Chinese units)
  5. Super-Flanker --> 3d artist (works on Russian units only)

B. Comrades who donated / worked on models:

1. Spade1540

C. Comrades who donated ideas to the mod: (ideas are usually discussed in the forums)

1. Col._Sandfurz (for help with coding the air to air combat system and for providing ideas that make it up + suggestions for infantry)
2. Happi (Various very realistic ideas)
3. BossGeneral (advising on real world weapon systems / unit list)
4. GLALeaderDaDon (air to air combat system, different probabilities of hitting/missing idea)
5. kev20 (mlrs explosion idea + help in finding support)
6. Alexei_Stukov (explained in detail the issue with high poly models and some other stuff)
7. Y=L= ( Design buildings)
8. Si-hui ( He search for more technical personnels to join us )
9. Cicada ( offer high dfinition sky textures for mod )
10. 008 ( advertise the mod in China )

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RSS Articles

Units & Buildings

News 34 comments

The following Units & Buildings to be included in the mod
1. USA

Fighters: F16C, F22A.
Bombers: F15E, F35A.
Ground attack aircraft: A10C
Troop Transports: CH47 Chinook, MH-60 Pavehawk
Attack Helicopters: AH 64E Apache

Ground Units:
Tanks: M1A1, M1A2
APCs: M998 Humvee, M1126 Stryker ICV, M2A3 Bradley IFV
Mobile anti air: AN/TWQ-1 Avenger
Artillery: M109 Paladin, M270 MLRS
SRBM: BLOCK IV M39 unitary warhead for the dreaded MLRS

Defenses: Tank Bunker, TOW Fortification, MIM-104D PAC-2 SAM Patriot, MIM-104F PAC-3 ABM/SAM Patriot.
Generals Skills & Strategic Aircraft: B2, B1b, F-18. AC130 Spectre.

2. Russia
Fighters: Mig 29S, Su 27SM (upgrades to Su 35S), T50 Pakfa
Bombers: Su 34
Ground attack aircraft: Su 25SM
Troop Transports: Mi 26
Attack Helicopters: Mi 28 havoc

Ground Units:
Tanks: T 90, T80, T72
Mobile anti air: Tunguska M
Artillery: Koalitsiya SV (MSTA), BM 30 smerch

Defenses: Tank Bunker, Infantry Bunker, Tor-M2 ADMS, S400 triumph.
Generals Skills & Strategic Aircraft: TU 160, TU 22M3

3. China
Fighters: J 10 J 11 J 20
Bombers: Xian JH-7A
Ground attack aircraft: Q-5
Troop Transports: Z-9
Attack Helicopters: WZ10

Ground Units:
Mobile anti air: PGZ-07
Tanks Type-59D, ZTZ-96, ZTZ-99A
Artillery: PLZ 05, PHL 03
SRBM: DF 11 (DONG FENG 11 Missile)

Defenses: Tank Bunker, Infantry Bunker, HQ 9 (S300 variant), HQ 17 (TOR-M1)
Generals Skills & Strategic Aircraft: Hong 6K

4. EU (temporary):

Fighters: Eurofighter Typhoon, F-35
Bombers: Rafale
Ground attack aircraft: Tornado
Attack Helicopters: Eurocopter Tiger

Ground Units:
APCs: PUMA, Weasel
Tanks: CV-90´╝îChallenger-2´╝îLeopard 2A6
Mobile anti air: Cheetah anti-aircraft tanks
Artillery: M142 (HIMARS), Caesar howitzer
Defenses: Tank Bunker, Infantry Bunker,

5. GLA (Temporary):
Strategic Aircraft: Modified cargo plane (to deliver the beloved anthrax)
Fighters: Mig 21
Bombers: Not decided yet
Attack Helicopters: Gazelle

Ground Units:
Mobile Anti air: AAAs, & ZSU-57
APC: Armored Buses & Pickups (it still runs)
Tanks: TBA probably some old captured russian tanks
Artillery: Katyusha, Modified Grad.
SRBM: Scud (Highly Inaccurate) or maybe 9K52 Luna

Defenses: Anti tank/helicopter site (Kornet & Stinger), Demo Traps, Tunnels (Stealthy, takes a long time to build). Some old SAM Site, NO SRBM defenses.

Special abilities:
1. Large numbers, lots of junk and lots of people...
2. Captured or manufactured toxins & chemical weapons

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Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

ok :D i will wait you, Keep up ,your Mod Very Nice good work Super-Flanker

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

i have a little request that can be a lot bigger at this time but can you please add pakistan army faction its too much too ask at this time but can you

Reply Good karma Bad karma-1 votes

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

Super-Flanker Creator

Actually it will never be added. Only 5 factions will end up making it into this mod. The reason is as follows:
I am trying to make the most stable Zerohour mod ever and given the limitation of a 32 bit application like zerohour, i had to reduce the amount of loaded units, W3D files, textures, sound effects, particle effects etc... in order to gain more free RAM

Therefore i limited the mod to 5 factions in order to improve performance. Also I removed 50% of the original content added by EA in order to speed things up. All original USA and China units and faction buildings were removed while 60% of original GLA units were removed. This includes all their related W3D files and textures. Imagine removing the code of every general zerohour had... its a lot of code for the game engine to handle and a lot of loaded stuff to ram. Therefore I ended up having much more RAM for new units and textures. This reduced crashes and lag significantly. It allowed for high poly units to be included too.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Hi flanker. Can you tell us when is it going to be released? An approximate date! Thanks! :)))

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Super-Flanker Creator

I cant give you a date cuz when i added it on moddb back in January 2013, I promised myself to release it when it shapes up i.e. when gameplay modding is done. At that time i expected it to take a year only... Also I need the following to be ready in order to release alpha version 0.1:
1) Gameplay modding, i.e. Unit behavior and major controls
2) AI should be 60% complete
3) Infantry should be modeled and animated
4) Main general powers should be ready
5) Base defenses should be modeled

I am currently working on items #1 and #2 in my free time but i dont have much free time cuz im a workaholic and i spend 12 to 16 hours at work every day. I insist on finishing the above before release because when they are done, everyone can test the mod in multiplayer or skirmish games.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

hi Super-Flanker any news about mod it's along time to see any news about mod i Hope to Finish Mod Soon its Very Nice Mod Keep up :D

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Hi Super-Flanker if you are still in the works of this mod I an idea for the GLA tank during the Vietnam war Russia supplied the NVA and Vietcong with T34 and T80's perhaps you could give them old wore down T34's and T80's? I'm not a modder just figured I'd toss the idea out there.

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