A semi-episodic short form single player experimental alt mod for HL2:Ep2 trying to bridge the gaping canyon between Tale of Tales and commercial game design.

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Jul 13th, 2009
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Radiator, vol. 1 issue 2 (July 2009): HANDLE WITH CARE. You're struggling to repress stressful memories while your worthless husband moans and whines to that equally worthless marriage counselor.

  • Full version. Includes Radiator 1-1 (Polaris), all-in-one package.
  • Steam required, Half-Life 2: Episode 2 required.
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Radiator 1-2: Handle With Care
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Icedecknight Jul 14 2009 says:


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Nitram Jul 14 2009 says:

Downloading :)

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lmfaolt Jul 14 2009 says:

is it good?

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Zlandael Jul 14 2009 says:

That was the most clever mod I've ever seen!


Since I can't take anymore of these unthoughtful memories, I decided to refresh my mind, clearing all the obstacles of bad and good.

And then, 'that' memory happened.

So (since there was no X9, wth? A misplaced memory, probably) that memory had to be placed somewhere, but I decided to clear it.

Actually, this is where I'M STUCK. D:
I hear the husband say the correct 'phrase', since it was thoughtful then his rambling, and....I can't seem to 'finish the game'.

If I exit through the exit door, it's another 'game over'.
So now what? Am I in an endless loop of repair?

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Zlandael Jul 14 2009 replied:

Whoops, nevermind. I didn't see the status.

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Radiatoryang Author
Radiatoryang Jul 14 2009 replied:

Yeah, not much fanfare with the ending unfortunately. I wasn't sure how to pace it all.

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Otter. Jul 15 2009 replied:

So is there a place for the very last box? Or you have to break it anyway if you want to.

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pupkin Jun 4 2010 replied:

Yes, can you find a place for it or not?

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olio666 Aug 20 2013 replied:

No place for last box. Game is about solving James's troubles, worries about life together. James mind is shattering under pressure and troubles, he is falling into depression. Exiting very early you give up and die (you shatter/kill his mind, and/or him).

If you try to solve and engage into conversation, with problem solving boxes (problem solving in real life, puzzle of life and communication), you get to good result.

You solved boxes, and his problems are gone. They go to live together.

But still you get X9 box, it is those deep mind problems he is still having issues with. Although it doesn't have place, it's irrational.

You can decide to try find it's place, and in the end BREAK IT (no, there is no right place for X9). But James will shatter again. Even he did cooperate and for sometime walked good path, he still goes back to his trouble fixation.

You can just leave X9 and exit. James will live happy life without worries, ignoring his problems and saying **** you MIND.

I could have gone deeper, or better explanation but I'm lazy :=)

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freredarme Jul 14 2009 says:

Look good, i download it !

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The_suspect Jul 14 2009 says:

Very nice, its was acturly hard to place them boxes in the right spots.

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Upstream_Bear Jul 15 2009 says:

Ooo.. I'm very excited. Loved part 1.

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carlrossin Jul 15 2009 says:

Once I get back to the office, I stuck sitting on the couch and I can't seem to do anything.

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Theonefreeman117 Jul 16 2009 says:

this was great evn though there is not mutch huge enviorments its visualy stunning and great story

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cky38 Jul 18 2009 buried:


what the **** i'm looking for FPS mods and i got this.

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Darkcraft Jul 18 2009 replied:

13 year old boy alert...

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Magnussen Jul 20 2009 replied:

I know, right?

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Jigron Sep 26 2010 replied:

Obviously another young child who has not learned that good gaming does not always come from violence.

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paladinx829 Aug 28 2011 replied:

oh great another *** who thinks games are only for violence

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chris_sloany Jul 20 2009 buried:


so i play as a ******? it looked pretty and had good potential (even though i cant spell) but i guess not my kinda game.

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iThrasher Aug 13 2009 replied:


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Jigron Sep 26 2010 replied:

Wow, i'm glad for you i will never meat you in person.

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HolyEvilz Aug 1 2009 says:

wow i have no idea how to win ._.
i'm stuck at the place after all the flashes of memory...

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Quadraxas Aug 1 2009 says:

was so cash...

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lillbrorsan Aug 2 2009 says:

Just finished both of these and i have to say i enjoyed it, even though it was over quickly the different gameplay was very welcome.

+2 votes     reply to comment
RuffeDK Aug 5 2009 says:

Smash boxes, and go ahead for the "EXIT" - that's how I do it! :P

+2 votes     reply to comment
Solyc Aug 5 2009 says:

Pleaaazzzz >w<!!! I want vol2

Nice work! ^w^

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PhyOS Aug 22 2009 replied:

-Comment error, not for you-

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ZiZaNie Aug 20 2009 says:

Does this one has the part 1 in it?????

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PhyOS Aug 22 2009 replied:

Yes it does.

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sautamizer Aug 20 2009 says:

Super creative! Man I loved it.

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sautamizer Aug 20 2009 says:

Dude super creative keep up this epic work!

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tap_corbu Sep 17 2009 says:

good stuff. i always fail horribly on the first try, then i have to buckle down and see what i'm supposed to do.

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ddvniek Sep 20 2009 says:

Does this mod need Steam to run?

-3 votes     reply to comment
VEpP Oct 14 2009 replied:

The only reason you would want to not use Steam is if you pirated it. For this one time, I'd say HL2 is worth the buy.

+3 votes     reply to comment
Kievn° Oct 15 2009 replied:

Did you ever think that maybe he never had steam or HL2 to begin with?

+2 votes     reply to comment
sudoku424 Feb 28 2010 replied:

The word 'mod' implies that it is a modification of something else, but not completely different, i.e. it still uses the original something(in this case HL2). HL2 requires Steam. Therefore, yes, this very obviously requires Steam.

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freejrs Mar 21 2010 says:

Nice version of "where is my mind" on the piano. :-)

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CaptainTobbi Jun 2 2010 says:

sorry man, that was ****** up.. wicked though d:

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Cremat0r Jun 10 2010 says:

To some ignorant people, what is so wrong on playing a queer?
The only gay people I saw in other games were stereotype gays (that's funny, yes, but something else like here is better), so only prejudiced idiots wouldn't play this because the hero is a queer.

And this is a very good mod, which is thoughful, has an awesome storytelling, etc. not many people manage to do this on Source Engine *claps hands*

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B10H4Z@RD Jun 22 2010 says:

the couples names are DYLAN AND JAMES are they gay? I thought i was the only one who noticed but id rather them not be gay and be two buddys or the other person was a woman u know?

-1 votes     reply to comment
SteveZombie Sep 7 2010 replied:

Well then it's a shame your homophobia isn't going to change a thing. The mod is great the way it is.

+5 votes     reply to comment
bobsbarricades Jul 1 2010 says:

anyway we could get a .zip for us Mac users? =)

+2 votes     reply to comment
paladinx829 Aug 28 2011 says:

oh great i havent got to choke someone vigorously in a while

+1 vote     reply to comment
Skullurker Mar 9 2013 says:

Ah, Great! I can´t download this, the infamous "no mirrors" problem came up again ... »:(

+1 vote     reply to comment
Skullurker Mar 9 2013 replied: +1 vote     reply to comment
Guest Jul 10 2013 says:

it says "cant find backround image materials/console/startup_loading.vtf" every time i try and open the game :/

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goforbrokehub Jul 11 2013 says:

getting error
Cant find background image

i recently installed Ep.2, do i need to re-download HL2 too?

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goforbrokehub Jul 21 2013 replied:


Open the gameinfo.txt in Steam\steamapps\sourcemods\morematter and replace everything with this: Pastebin.com

+3 votes     reply to comment
goforbrokehub Jul 21 2013 replied:

Now to get missing models/textures working download GCFScape and open program. THIS WILL REQUIRE ADDITIONAL HARD DRIVE SPACE.

1. Go to steamapps\common\Half-Life 2\ep2 and open up ep2_pak_dir.vpk to get the list.

2. Highlight the materials/models/particle folders and extract (right click) into steamapps\sourcemods\morematter

all models and textures should now work properly

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goforbrokehub Jul 21 2013 replied:

1-2 uses textures from Ep.1, extract the materials folder in steamapps\common\Half-Life 2\episodic (ep1_pak_dir.vpk)

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goforbrokehub Jul 21 2013 replied:

^ and models!

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