Project: White is an Unreal Tournament 3 Mod that focuses on team play. It is set in a star system on the verge of destruction, as its sun is caught up in the throes of a chain of supernovae. The colonies of this system have months till exodus, but which colonies will be included? It is an Unreal Tournament 3 Modification with the express purpose of trying to successfully build out the White universe. The focus of this project is to bring a couple new game types to the Unreal Franchise and at the same time network the team with the rest of the unreal community. Our project’s heart is in multiplayer interaction over the internet or LAN, but we are going to include some extensions of the AI to allow it to make playing alone more interesting.

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Release number three is here. Some eagle eyed users may notice a gap between our previous release and this one, that is because we decided to keep it as an internal release...

Release number three is here. Some eagle eyed users may notice a gap between our previous release and this one, that is because we decided to keep it as an internal release.
What use is a mod without a server to play it on ? Over the past few weeks we have got a couple of servers up and running, one in the us and one in the EU. It would be handy to have more but it's a start. You can find the servers in the server browser by searching under a whitemod gametype.
A lot has changed since V 0.3, most noticeably the player speed. We have reduced the player speed in order to slow down the gameplay, which will lend itself to use of the cover system. Weapon tweaking is ongoing and most of the fire rates have been changed. As well as the tweaks to the weapons our sound designer, Roland has cooked up some awesome weapon sound effects which are now in game.

John, our Level Design Lead has been working hard on a scene for the main menu and I must say it looks quite sexy :) it utilises some nifty post processing effects. It would make a perfect desktop background ;) We have also added a new Territorial map called Tunnel Vision, It is a medium sized map with underground tunnels and passageways below city buildings. We have implemented much more stuff than i have spoken about, to see a full list of changes see the changelog below. Please checkout the mod and leave a comment to let us know your thoughts.

Project: White Changelog

Latest Updater: Michael Newall
Update Date : 05/03/2009

= INFO ========================================================================

Below is a running listing of our releases and their noteworthy changes. The
key that follows will also be of use to you. If there are any questions please
feel free to send an email to .

= KEY =========================================================================

Version - CodeName - Date of Release
Listing of changes
+ Addition/Expansion
- Removal/Implosion
# Commentary and detail
* Minor change or tweak

= CHANGELOG =================================================================== Public Alpha - Gwendolyn - 05/03/2009 - Mike Newall
+ New Frontend Map
* Front end supports post processing (bloom and such)
+ Added new territorial map "Tunnel Vision"
# Detailing work still remains
+ Implemented weapon sounds
+ Fixed netplay
# Servers running White now display in the server list and are joinable
+ Added Localized death messages
+ Added gametype preview images to the ui
+ Demos are now working
+ Numerous Misc. Models Private Alpha - Felicia - 04/01/2009 John Ingato
* Updated to support 2.0 Mod Switch
# includes many changes to config and paths
* Correcting for new Mod Switch Paths
# Fixed Numerous Collision issues on Govannon and Cronus
* Added a new FrontEnd Menu
# Finished Various Prop models
* Slowed the player movement down
* Weapon fire rate tweaks
* Fixed clan tag not showing on the scoreboard Public Beta - Elizabeth - 03/01/2009 Bob Chatman
# No longer need to include CDKey when playing as a mod
# Maps and Game Configuration is now being read in correctly
# Localization is working fine, r.368
+ Implemented a number of the weapons
# KL35, Longbow, Forktongue, Viper, Fenrir
+ Numerous Misc. Models
+ KL75 Spread Updated
+ Cronus, Govannon, Mythras Preview images
* Improved Aiming Control
* Updated the bot paths for Mythras
* Corrected Frontend Map Name
* Numerous tweaks to Cronus
# Blocking Volumes, Bot Pathing, Misc. Mapping issues,
* Moved Description around on Main Menu, so 4:3 resolutions dont have text cut off.
+ Updated Installer
* Localized
* Expanded on files
* Reverted back to sections, localized
* Only installs to My Games directory
+ Supports Steam Directory Paths. Internal Alpha
+ Added Camera movement whilst in cover
+ Added both teams resource values to the hud
* Fixed the flawless victory bug
* Fixed the Blown from cover bug
* Fixed the Jump into cover bug Public Alpha - Diana - 02/01/2009 Bob Chatman
+ Localization of mod-switch
# Themed UI
+ Title Screen
+ Login Screen
* Added Exit button
+ Main Menu
+ Code Package Standards Implemented
+ Update Installer Script with LM keys
# Should not matter if you are the user who installed the game any more
+ New Push Gameplay Maps
+ CodeName LightDrive Renamed to Gavannon
+ CodeName Urban Renamed to Cronus
+ New Territorial Map
+ CodeName UTTest Renamed to Mythras
+ KL75 Implemented
# Includes model, texture, audio and code
+ P88 Implemented
# Includes model, texture, audio and code Beta - Cynthia - 01/01/2009 Bob Chatman
+ Initial compilation of Installer Script
+ Initial creation of Changelog, Readme, Release License
+ Initial development of -mod switch
+ Added Compass Object to mappers arsenal
+ Correct XP installer issues
+ Team Resource Counter is on hud as expected
+ Run custom gametypes in editor
+ Numerous Misc. Models
+ First draft of LightDrive
+ First draft of Urban
+ PUSH and TERR maps now show up in browser
+ Added Cover to player
+ Added Sprint to player
+ First draft of weapons
+ Camera Bobbing implemented

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Project-White v.0.5 Alpha
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hideinlight May 6 2009 says:

How does the cover system work, what button must you press. I can't seem to figure it out.

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n9986 May 6 2009 replied:

Middle Mouse Button will put you in cover (when against a wall). Pressing it again when in cover will release cover mode.

+1 vote     reply to comment
hideinlight May 7 2009 replied:

Ah that explains it, programmable mouse...

+1 vote     reply to comment
drummerofsummer Jul 22 2009 says:

Game Hosting Will Take Place on July 28 ( a 4 v 4 ) at 10:00 EST. Thanks to GTDTBP! For more information and In-Game screenshots go to this link.

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Viper-27-33 Aug 4 2009 says:

it's the first UT3 mod im downloading, i hope it's ginna be allright.

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