Project Sawafi is in its infancy at the moment and the story line we're fleshing out takes place in the current to near future time line within the middle east. We've been leaning towards this Story line:

Present Day Iraq:

Coalition and Iraqi National Guard Forces have been fighting the insurgent threat for the past 3 years or so now. Slowly getting footholds here only to loose them elsewheres within the country. Forces are spread thin as the insurgency continues to grow. The whisperings of Civil War are heard throughout the old corridors of the cities such as Basrah and Baghdad. The United States and her Coalition Of The Willing has been involved in combat daily with these radical factions all the while trying to stabilize the fledgling Democratically elected government of Iraq. However, after seeing over the past years the insurgency growing, and getting better and more advanced in regards to logistics. and training, and weaponry. The United States and her Allies begin to look elsewhere for this upswing in lethality. All of this has to be coming from some place.

Meanwhile the United States has ordered a troop surge to the region and have sent another Carrier Task Force to the region. Amidst this they have been applying Pressure on Iran to be forthcoming with their Nuclear Program. However Iran fails to comply. Iran being the lone power of the region has a vested interest in Iraq. Not only is she a neighboring state but her Oil reserves are vast and her populations religious sects are similar to her own. Iran uses her influence amongst them and this is the tie that binds them. Iran sends members of the IRGC (Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps) across the border to liaison with members of the insurgency and to provide them with the funding,training, and logistics. Iraq's other neighboring state, Syria also has vested interests in Iraq and since it and Iran were labeled by President Bush as members of the Axis of Evil they feel threatened as well. With increasing troop numbers and more verbal threats being thrown at Iran for its undercover Nuclear Program. Iran and Syria decide to act. Iran with their influence in the insurgency and with the help of the Qods forces implanted within the insurgency begin to ratchet up the number of attacks on the Iraqi populace and military and police units and bases of operation. Insurgency forces have begun to take their toll on Iraqi National Guard units and Coalition forces within Iraq and have forced them back into their bases of operations. Iran and Syria strike. Iran invades from the East and Syria from the West with hopes of rolling up the Coalition forces in between both their armies.

The United States and her allies are in a fight for their lives and their honor. The whole middle east has now been thrown into a regional war. Who will come to whose aid? Will the US and her Allies be able to regain control of Iraq and defend it for the Iraqis and destroy the aggressors. Or will Iran with her master plan finally take over the middle east and assert her dominance as the sole regional power and show to the world that the Mighty Lion that the United States is, is no more than a paper tiger.

What side will you choose? Decide how it all ends.

Welcome to Project Sawafi, where the players build the game. Straight out of the world of what ifs. What if this occurred? What would happen? What shape would the world be in? Who would win? Would their be a nuclear war if this scenario were to take place?

Join us as we prepare a scenario like no other. Where the players get to help decide the fate of the battle.

Project Sawafi is taking a totally different approach to development. Brought to you by the same Core Team that brought you Desert-Conflict for Bf2 the talented team is back for round 2 on Frontlines: Fuel of War powered by the Unreal 3 engine.

So hows this work?

We look to build a game inspired by the fans ability to help influence how the Project Sawafi story line will progress. Meaning the fans get their hands dirty helping us develop the plot line that the missions will be based off of.

So how does it all end?

We dont know.. Thats the great thing about it.. The fans will decide that on their own. We are trying a whole new scheme of development where we let the battles shape how the story line flows. Imagine this as one of those books you used to read as a kid. The kind where you had choices, and you had to turn to this page for this action or this page for this action. This is sort of how Sawafi will be played out.

So is this some online MMO?

No not exactly.. Its a FPS actually. However we have the ability to run the modification as a tournament of sorts. Well tournament is a bad word to use because this isnt what it is. Its a System thats Interactively Fan Driven, or SFID. We dont even know where the plots going to go.

So its episodic?

Well yes to a degree it sure is, Were fleshing out the details right now on how we're going to go about this.

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