Project Sawafi is in its infancy at the moment and the story line we're fleshing out takes place in the current to near future time line within the middle east. We've been leaning towards this Story line: Present Day Iraq: Coalition and Iraqi National Guard Forces have been fighting the insurgent threat for the past 3 years or so now. Slowly getting footholds here only to loose them elsewheres within the country. Forces are spread thin as the insurgency continues to grow. The whisperings of Civil War are heard throughout the old corridors of the cities such as Basrah and Baghdad. The United States and her Coalition Of The Willing has been involved in combat daily with these radical factions all the while trying to stabilize the fledgling Democratically elected government of Iraq. However, after seeing over the past years the insurgency growing, and getting better and more advanced in regards to logistics. and training, and weaponry. The United States and her Allies begin to look...

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