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From the modder who brought you Item Mini-mod, XRS Debug Tools, Various AI, AI Tweaks, co-developed Misery 2.0 and Massive Simulation Overhaul, and has had his work featured in great mods like Call of Pripyat Complete, Swartz mod, Ceano's mod, Misery and I Work Alone. Alundaio presents Call of Pripyat Reborn, a compilation of A.I. improvements, additions and bug fixes to the script-side X-Ray engine with the goal to improve the quality of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Call of Pripyat. The mod is the spiritual successor to A.I. Tweaks by Alundaio, which is featured in Misery 2, by MDT and Massive Simulation Overhaul by Trojanuch. It is intended to be a standalone or a base for other mods, not recommended for merging as almost every script file included was drastically altered from vanilla.

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I'm surprised I hadn't seen this mod until a couple weeks ago (December 2013), it is really something. There aren't any modified weapons or character models, you won't find a marked increase in difficulty or a new, interesting storyline.

But, don't let that fool you one bit, because this mod really is revolutionary in a sense. It has taken nearly all of the horrible AI-related bugs and smoothed them out, and added many features and actions that left me going "oh, duh, why didn't I think of that?". Gameplay is not only made less frustrating, it is much more immersive and interesting, and for this reason I think that all existing and future CoP mods need this as a base.

The best base for any personal merge, with nice features known from Misery 2, and it has compatibility with almost every important modification there is, like Call of Pripyat Original Weapons Renewal & addon, AtmosFear 3, Call of Pripyat Variation Mod, Absolute Nature 3.01 and some smaller mods.

As LoNer1 already said: This mod is the way Call of Pripyat should be.

This mod has only one drawback - when you try it, you won't be able to play Stalker COP without it anymore.

New quality of playing



It's what CoP should've been back in the day. I feel like I've installed a patch for the game!

Definitely a must as base for each and every mod. Well done Alundaio.

This mod is what stalker should be on it's release :

there is no alteration of the original story and quest but
the AI is demoniac, the weapons/armors have been rebalanced not to say finely tuned, all the minor and major bugs cleared, the behaviors and spawns of mutant overhauled, the sublime 'atmosfear' included for weather and events ... and much more !

You just can't pass by this awesome mod :)

Аxyeнчик !


gut jerb

Works like a charm. Makes the game fluid and beautiful. Great work!


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