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6 comments by pac0master on Jun 18th, 2014

Hi there, it's been almost two months since the last Update/news of the current development situation.
I wanted to take a step ahead and let you know more about the storyline.
I will try to keep it spoiler free as much as possible. I do not attempt to hype the mod either.

Since the storyline is almost non linear ( Almost in a way where it's all scripted and give you alternate choices. The Stanley parable is a good example )

This alternated ending offer more flexibility of storyline and I want everyone to be able to play one or an other without having either repetitive information or lacking informations.  It would become almost pointless to play if it's always the same thing no matter what you do.

First of all, I plan on making a special Easter eggs dedicated as an homage to everyone who's helped me out. or who's inspired me a lot for the Mod. These might also be part of the storyline without you even notice them!

Talking about Easter eggs. I have a lots of ideas. I don't know how many I will be able to make or how many there will be per maps.  I want at least 1 or 2 per maps.  I don't know how many maps I plan on making yet. Sometime it is better to create smaller map with greater details than one Large one with less details and crappy lots of time of compiling. ( sometime the engine just gave up which is frustrating me )

You remember when I said I wanted to make 6 chapter right? ( In the little forum section )
At the time I made this statement, I didn't planned to actually make multiple choices until the end.

Now that I have been thinking more about them, I can make a more accurate representation of the Storyline itself.

Background Storyline, I have said several time that we are simply a civilians stuck at the end of the 7 hours war. Nothing much is know about the character right now, And I might try to make some sequence which will lead us to more details.

The main problem about our character is that I really do need a modeller to have a new playermodel, else we will walk around as Chell and I do not want this. I was thinking about a Male character who's in relation with the new coming resistance against the combine. ( note that it is at least 10-15 years before Hl2. It is also in a different Universe, Aperture Science isn't exactly the same as it is in Portal 2. I wanted to make a more realistic and more accurate ( according to me ) version of a large science facility. Yet I will try to keep most of the humour behind it. (depend on which way you go)

The game start after a short cinematic of the main character being chases by the combine near large valleys. after a few shots, you lose control of the vehicle and end up in a violent car crash ejecting you out and start falling from the hill.

First Chapter 

You wake up near your wreaked car, it is torn apart due to the violent accident and surprisingly, the combine haven't found you yet. It is just a matter of time, they are maybe scanning the area or simply left you behind thinking you are dead. No, that's not possible.  We all know the combine though, they won't take time before confirming their kill.

You are lost in a confined space with abrupt hills and trees all around you.  near by, you see some of the destruction the combines created,  lots and lots of debris all around you. you feel the urge, you must go forward to survive. 

Then you see what's look like a facility, There is Warehouses, there is trucks, and it seems abandoned since a very long time, vegetation has taken over the entire area. growing and destroying it little bit per bits.

Taking a look inside should't be such a problem right?

Second Chapter 

There are three ways of starting the Second Chapter.
The first is to follow the "normal" pathway, it is the one that seems obvious, I design the levels so this choice stand in your face almost all the time.
The first way is known as the Fun/Normal Storyline.
In this storyline, I will design the levels the best I can to bright the portal 2 mood to every of my maps. It will mainly focus on exploration, you are there because you are stuck there so why not visiting?.  At the same time, you will learn more about the place

The Second way is the Creepy storyline. Do not worry, by creepy, I do not mean Scare jumps or anything like this at all
It is simply a version of the storyline I once though of pointing out every bad point of Aperture science with a more dark and serious look to it.
Seriously? What kind of government would allow a company  to mix human Dna and Mantis? 
To access this part of the story, you must be looking for the dark side of the maps.

The Third way to start the second Chapter, is the puzzle part. If you feel like melting down your brain and I dear you to find everything in this storyline, It is the right place for you. Little bit of different informations will be spread around each storyline in a way where you can understand what is going on but you won't know perfectly everything unless you try as much endings as you can.
To access this area, you will require to puzzle the first Chapter meaning that you are most likely in the mood for that kind of challenge anyway.

Chapter 3 

This is where the path of the chapters are going very far apart of each others. 
In the normal story, you will discover new ground and way more explanation for the growth of their facility and explore some places that might even surprise you.

In the Creepy story, you will get deeper in the abyss of the Aperture Science, You will learn about different projects that were buried for a reason.

The Puzzle story though is more focused on different type of puzzles. No, you won't make test chambers until the game end. you will be free in the Bts areas for the entire chapter but you will need to think a lot.

Chapter 4 

In this fourth Chapter, you will be measuring yourself to the infinitely vast Aperture Science Facility.
If you started with the normal Story, you will see new ground and end up finding that everything has a price. You will discover the Intelligence Cores,

In the Creepy Storyline, you end up facing some rude consequences, you are trap in the basement of a never ending facility, There seems to have no ways to get out.

The Puzzle Storyline will lead you to a new testing facility, The desire of exploration is getting suppressed by the danger seamlessly taking over.

Chapter 5

This is a difficult chapter to talk about without giving away any spoilers.
The normal chapter will lead you to making different choices but these choices will determine if you play the next chapter or if you end the game there. ( these choices will be noticeable and you will know what I mean. 

The creepy Storyline Might also end here, going further will make the game more repetitive and I want to avoid it.

The Puzzle ending will be continuing but things are going weird around here. you are tired and you don't feel like fighting. it feels like you have been there for weeks.

Chapter 6 - Final
This is the finale of every chapters, if you reach this far it mean that you were dedicated because a lot of alternated ending are possible through Easter eggs.  The normal Ending might be very interesting for different fans, I don't want to say too much about it. Let's say it is something I will put a lot of effort into it.

If I ever continue the creepy story, it surely end here. 

The puzzle ending might be as fun to watch if you like the multitudes reference I will spread around during the entire time of the story. 

Final though

I also wanted to say that there will be a lot of reference to the Portal 2 community. Since I am quite a big fan of Portal and I love watching people's work over the internet. 
I don't mean that I will copy design, but It mean that if you see a reference, this is an Easter Egg dedicated as an Homage to thank that person for the inspiration or the help.

Since Aperture Science ( the workshop map random story ) were able to access or interact with different Universes, I though that by adding reference of people's works would be an original idea.

My school schedule end on July, I will have 4 weeks of free time to work on the mod. I will try to dedicate almost my full time on it.
I will post more about my vacations once they started for real. 

Thank you for your support.

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Introduction to the Abyss: WIP

Introduction to the Abyss: WIP

Oct 1, 2013 Demo 9 comments

Uploaded only so you can play around in the map. the map is not finished and has no goal at the moment. just walk around and look at it.

Testing Subject's Resting Area.  Alpha 2.1

Testing Subject's Resting Area. Alpha 2.1

Jul 22, 2013 Demo 2 comments

Alpha 2.1 of the TSRA. This is still an alpha release, you may experiment issues.

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nmoyd Mar 22 2014, 8:09am says: Online

I can really relate to the protagonist falling down a cliff, I always fall down cliffs when running from our alien over loads.

+4 votes     reply to comment
pac0master Apr 1 2014, 11:46pm replied:

Aha, well I changed it because its more a small valley than a cliff

+1 vote     reply to comment
ReflexF.N. Jan 28 2014, 2:55pm says:

The mod's level design looks beautiful and it's story seems awesome, I am really looking forward to playing this mod.

+2 votes     reply to comment
pac0master Jan 20 2014, 1:50pm says:

The mod has been added to the concept page of Steam Greenlight.

+2 votes     reply to comment
pac0master Nov 27 2013, 4:02pm says:

hey everyone, just wanted to tell you i am going fine now, better than i though. I should start working on the project soon.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Malvodion Nov 8 2013, 10:07pm says:

I like the idea. Just a thing: remember that HL2's story takes place few years after portal 1. It shouldn't look like there was any recent activity, but it shouldn't be completly in ruins either.

+3 votes     reply to comment
pac0master Nov 9 2013, 5:00am replied:

well my story happen around 2015-2025. It is not following perfectly the event of the other games since I will make some changes myself. I made quite a lot of studies on both story and I think i could make this happening just before Hl2. I estimated Hl2 and Portal 2 to be happening around the same time ( mostly talking about how destroyed the facility is comparative to the time it has been left over)

+3 votes     reply to comment
therupertbob Jan 7 2014, 4:13pm replied:

Well, in the Final Hours of Portal 2, it says that Portal is set at least 50,000 years before its sequel.

+2 votes     reply to comment
pac0master Jan 7 2014, 7:41pm replied:

I know but a realistic 50,000 years after portal 1 the facility would have gone to dust a large empty hole on the surface of the earth. by looking on the destruction in portal 2 Any realistic time line would go around 30 years not more. The entire facility is made out of easy to craft materials all of it would be destroyed in a very long time period. ( A good idea would be watching the documentary "Life after people") Also look how the Old aperture look way older and destroyed than the New aperture. if it was really 50,000 years later there wouldn't have any much of a difference.

I personally set the Timeline of Portal 2 around 2020.

In the Final hours they go with the Idea of a very long time like 50,000 years as a theme. giving the player more the feeling of being the only human alive on earth. I don't think they really mean it.

Thanks for showing your thought.

+2 votes     reply to comment
tile Feb 7 2014, 6:43pm replied:

...yes, but in the game informer magazine (april 2010 i think) it said that portal 2 was to be set well after hl2.

+4 votes     reply to comment
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