This mod has as goal to recapture the atmosphere and story of SMAC, but create an improved gameplay with the tools offered by Civ4.

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Great mod, really amazing work. I bought Civ4 complete just so I could play this mod, and I'm not disappointed. Was bummed that I couldn't get my original SMAC/SMACX to play on linux with Wine, but Civ4/BTS with this mod plays fine. Happily wasting many hours with this, Thanks

Feels much closer to the original Alpha Centaury than the recent Beyond Earth games. All in all, a really great mod!


An excellent mod! If you liked Alpha Centauri or Civ:Beyond Earth but want something deeper then BE this is a must try. The creators even managed to implement PSY combat from alpha centauri and it's really cool that some units change appearance based on what promotions you pick for them.


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Extremely well done. One of the best Civ Mods.


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it os very cool mod of civ 4 it s cool thomas war.

Planet fall does not work i played it and wont start up.Please Help!


An awing retake & renewal of Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri on a modern engine.


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