Perfect Dark ... This game had an incredible success, but you already know that. This game would deserve one minute of silence, in order to let us remember all the good moments spent in its company. We're trying to recreate all what we loved with using all the power we need provided by the Source Engine. We all dream to make revive this game, with physics and graphics up to date, with keyboard and mouse, with all the weapons and game mod we loved. An incrediblibly old-school gameplay meeting the next-generation requierements! Questions?

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Joanna Dark V2
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AJ_Quick Nov 15 2006 says:

The cleavage area of her suit is not taut enough, given how....uh, sizeable the knockers on either side of it are.
Additionally she's got a case of scarecrow hair on the back of her head.

try to render without the weirdass FOV fishbowl effect next time, it's difficult to get any sense of her proportions.

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Natace25 Nov 15 2006 says:

personally I thought she was a reneck in a tight suit :|
I reckon everything looks great except for the face :S
The face looks terrible, sorry.

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IggyFrance Author
IggyFrance Nov 15 2006 says:

Looks really better ingame. And as I always have seen, mens are always more critic on girl models than on men models. Don't be betrayed by your gusts and try to stay a bit more formal, because this model is far more proportion/face-aware than our Shock Trooper and NSA Agent models. We already had the same stuff said with the first Joanna, made by another modeler.
Too sad it's almost impossible to make a girl look good with Valve's rig.

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InAction Nov 15 2006 says:

I give thumbs up on the model myself. She doesn't look... Well... Incredibly stupid like Joanna does in Perfect Dark Zero.

What's so wrong being more "normal" anyway?

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methy Nov 15 2006 says:

She looks good, just her shirt should be tauter in between her titties.

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vampiric05 Nov 15 2006 says:

personally i think it looks good

my only gripe is her hair, is a bit frizzy, but not knowing a thing about modelling i dont know how controllable that is


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mavman Nov 16 2006 says:

Well, it' so bad you don't like her, I've done all I could do with my skill. It's not a professional work, we are not pay, so I don't understand, you can wait for a work better than big compagnies of dev can do...
In all case, this render show an old version of Joanna, some modifications have be done after on the face:
else, her face expression is neutral, I don't see wath wrong on her face. Of course if you can do something better(so a woman caracter that everyone love), give it to the team....

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Mischa_Silden Nov 16 2006 says:

That is one ugly b*tch!
She looks like 40 year old single mother!!!

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Thestjester Nov 16 2006 says:

As much as i hate to agree with the guy above me....ya

its not a bad player model at all, and some people really think they know it all when it comes to this. I certainly dont, but I have to say that the head is a strong annoyance to the rest of the body. Like Kadish stated way at the top, the effect really doesnt allow people to critique as the proportions could vary. Not bad though, keep at it!

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TwinBeast Nov 16 2006 says:

I think she looks good. If that face looks ugly... then this world is full of ugly people. Let's see your faces and we'll find out you're much uglier than she. She's hot :D

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Mischa_Silden Nov 16 2006 says:

So.. You like.. well.. how you say that.. other men?

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scratch Nov 16 2006 says:

Looks good, but does have anyone noticed that she's cross-eyed? That's the only thing which looks completely ridiculous. Other than that, fine model!

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Sajomir Nov 17 2006 says:

The textures are awesome and the poses are flawless!
However, I have to agree, I don't care for the hair or the face... All your concept art and wallpapers posted here looked dead-on! Please stylize her a bit more instead of being dead-on realistic. :)

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JonathanPL Nov 17 2006 says:

Wooo, I like the pose.

Face reminds me Kate Archer. Good actress, tho.

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mystery8 Nov 17 2006 says:

Very nice model and skin. Though I agree the face is a bit.. awkward.

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DarK-ForcE Nov 23 2006 says:

Lets just say i wouldnt tap that hahaha

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RaNd0m Nov 26 2006 says:

i think a camel lost its toe

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D@rson07 Nov 27 2006 says:

I dont see whats wrong with her face, I would do her, and I know any guy who had the chance to would lol

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BobbyB420 Nov 29 2006 says:

everything looks great other then the face
she looks like she has make up on, plz remove the make up
and her hair looks to frail, try to thickin the hair alittle pls

good luck with the mod

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Flabernat Nov 30 2006 says:

I think Joanna looks best on the Perfect Dark Source home page. That cartoon figure of her with that Falcon 2 is perfect. The hair, the face, and even her suite looks right out of PD for N64.

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the_refridginator Dec 10 2006 says:

i wouldnt care if it was or wasnt based on the same model of N64, its just the face needs to be more round and alot less gaunt, it gives the impression of a male facial structure. hairline needs to be moved forward, nose less beaky, and generally shrink the head and grow hair, because facial features seem a little too... either compressed or small. (the implied suggestion is that roundness is an attraction to the human, more specifically male humans. there was a theory on that but i cant recall the name offhand.)

im not saying there arent women IRL who look like that, but bygolly i sure wouldnt want to look at them.

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Gespenst Jan 28 2007 says:

Face needs work IMO... The rest looks fine though, good luck!

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Marx777 Mar 19 2007 says:

Those still reading this let me say this
IMO I believe this is better looking :
It's the first version of Joanna Dark,
the body looks nice in it while this new one seems lacking in comparision.

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RaptorXL Dec 25 2009 says:

you should get a girl to work on her..

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colda Jan 24 2010 says:


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LeonardKevinMoberg® Apr 16 2010 says:

Looking back at all of my PerfectDark MISSION'S, now knowing that the one's I wanted to Show, I can't and are the Future, and are still CLASSIFIED.

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Minervacantdie Jul 10 2010 says:

The face looks weird...

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Nov 15th, 2006
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