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KILLER89(FIN) Dec 18 2007 says:

Notice this, smartass.
I have 35 hours of school every week, i leave from home to school
at 5:50 a.m and i`m home at 4 p.m (in worst case (quite often) at 7 p.m)

This is the "crappy excuse", why i haven`t been able to make mod
for "people" like you, who play games/mods only to grow their virtual balls.

I apologize my "lazy" working progress, that is caused by school, homeworks and other "not useful" things.

- Mikael

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KILLER89(FIN) Sep 7 2007 says:

Geez.... you really like acing, eh? XD

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spoo Jan 23 2007 says:

"If this doesnt make sense at all, please excuse me, I have finished a long hard day of labouring work, and i'm absolutely buggered... "

When I'm reading your comments in the other forums, I just think that you should make a change in your life to get a little bit seems that you have a negative critic to all mods and that no idea or work is good enough for you.
So I give you that one advice:

A door won't open, if you stand infront of it and scream "get open" !

- just think about it....

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Nacho Jan 4 2007 says:

your post here:

It's informative but not something for my mods profile. I don't want to delete it in case you want to move it to say, the forum where it belongs.

One comment I will make since fo the most part I do agree with you there is one thing I do not. Releasing media. You see as a mod we work for the people to see our work, I would love surprises and not release anything untill release as you say but it would cause the mod to die. You see mod teams only work if they know there work is getting recognition so without releasing some media as it's made they will be wondering what they're doing here. It's the way the human mind works, and I've seen mods fall because of no media releases.

However, I do think that after a mod or two with the same team that then they can live without media releases.

Though I do think keeping some ideas secret should be done for safety reasons. That's why everyone should first start off with a Mod they don't care that will be stolen if they are just starting out.

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DianWei Nov 20 2006 says:

Those images are the interpretations of the descriptions given to our concept artist, and as such are his versions of the creatures within The Diary story.

I can also assure you that The Diary is not a Resident Evil clone. Whilst it does include zombies and powerfull creatures, its main objective is your own survival and eventual escape of the city not the collapse of a global corperation. If you are interested in learning more about the story behind the mod please join us at our forum where the entire first series of The Diary is availble to download.

Dian Wei
(Mod Leader)

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JoeX111 Aug 24 2006 says:

In regards to your Killing Floor comments, are you sure you are playing the right version? If you have a single player option, then you aren't playiong version 2.0.

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Bjorneo Apr 25 2006 says:

Sorry it's like that, happy birthday.

"ANZAC day is a day to remember the sacrifices of the people and the horrors they endured, not to glorify war."
I agree 100%, and to those saying that the ANZACS do not deserve to be commemorated, honored for their courage and bravey, against all odds, go to hell, and burn for eternity! You have no respect to give, and you shall recieve no respect.

I agree with the original quote too, but on a personal level ' against all odds, go to hell, and burn for eternity!' seems like a really too strong thing to say.

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Lord_Draco Mar 25 2006 says:

I replied, but I noticed your comment is a week or so old. So I thought I'd post it here too.

"oh, and in regards to installing without the NSIS installer

download the svn repository of the mod, it's completely up to date, and as far as I can tell, completely compatable. If not, send me a PM and I'll upload the client and server .dll files, you can use them, that will fix it."

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howief Feb 22 2006 says:

Your comments belittling the football mod look even more stupid when I read the idiotic **** you talk about in the forums. Let's see your mod, or you haven't even started yet, because you're too busy spamming the forums with weird ideas and questions that Google can answer for you. Learn how to do things for yourself, and how much work goes into a mod, THEN be a blind, annoying dickhead for no reason

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Katori Feb 9 2006 says:

You are STUPID!
A ninja was a spy for Japan! And they had a big job for prince Shotoku!
they helped him to get Japan in one Kingdom!
And you can also explain me why Ninjutsu exist?!
Because the ninjaes used it!
They trained to climp on walls and trees and they trained to use all kind of weapons!

Well you have right when you say a "Myth" The myth tells that the God Susanowo was the first who trained the ninjaes. But the ninjaes exist like Japans spys!

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