Painkeep v2 - Smash your opponents with all the Pain you can dish out. Deathmatch mod - make other players "die." Disclaimer - this is a free product with no warranty - see disclaimer.txt for details. Codename - Cataboligne - programmer and proud shovel owner.

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RSS feed Report content Where have all the bots gone?

interesting, so they understand that they are near explosive boxes and wont use ranged weapons. but why they cant hit each other ?!

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numbersix Author

It isn't that I coded them to avoid range weps around barrels & exploders. Its the culmination of some odd bot code and resultant bugs.

There seems to be a bug between pk*bots and frikbots using axes. Of all the code I'm least familiar with is the bot AI stuff.

So far as I understand if a bot runs out of ammo and starts attacking with an axe, once they have the target even if they pick up ammo for a ranged wep. - they keep the axe until they get shot by another bot (acquiring another target). As to why the axe damage fails I suspect its in the way the pk*bots do movement. Frikbots use player physics movement, but pk*bots have a custom routine I haven't looked at closely. So the pk*bots cheat a bit on movement (and they do - I've watched them) thus staying just beyond axe strike range.

This (bot on bot axe dmg.) will prob. be one of the last bugs I fix.

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Running a stress test of new code with my usual 3v3 bots. And the map is real quiet... Start looking around, no blasts, no rockets, no nails, nothing. A few revisions back I put in the respawning boom box code from chaos - somehow a large number of bots are stuck in a corner behind 3 boxes! Heh heh. Apparently they have sense not to shoot and seem to be using axes. Damn, looks like the latest bot update has made a mess of viswep again.

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