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Sep 18 2011 Anchor

Running painkeep:

I would recommend the latest darkplaces build for win or linux (only 1 file to download, it contains all versions and the source):

Direct link:
web page:

You could just unzip that in your quake folder - it will be a bit messy as it contains linux, win and mac files.

Do you use win or linux?
(console commands are in blue - menu selections in purple - shell commands in red)

Either way this would be the easiest method:

1. Launch darkplaces
2. Activate mod (hit till you have the main menu):
---- select: Main menu -> Options -> Browse mods
---- up and down arrow select mods, right and left arrow turn them on and off
---- hit to leave the selection menu - the mod will load
3. Start a multiplayer server from the multiplayer menu if you want bots (coop or deathmatch)
---- select: Main menu -> Multiplayer -> New Game -> ok -> begin game
---- open the console (~ [tilda] key - below the key) and enter:
---- botmatch
-*** for deathmatch just start playing, the bots will soon join you
-*** for coop (bots helping you in single player) also enter:
---- deathmatch 0
---- coop 1
---- map qstart
4. For regular single player you can just start from the menu
---- select: Main menu -> Singleplayer -> New Game

Sounds so easy. I tried it on the latest darkplaces I moded for the new game I'm making. It didnt work.
Your darkplaces might do ok. Just in case, the next method has never failed me.

This is the command line method:
Open a linux shell or (dos style) command window.

Take the needed steps to set the directory (depends entirely on file structure & drive config) to quake:

linux (change to your quake dir):
cd /home/Quake
cd /Quake
win (choose the drive quake is on then cd into the dir):
cd "program files\Quake"

now enter the command to run darkplaces (make sure the exe is in the quake folder, or in your exec path):

darkplaces -game painkeep

If you want to play with bots:

darkplaces -listen 16 -game painkeep

If you want to use the in game admin menus (for fine tuning or controlling bots - really unnecessary though):
Edit admin.cfg in painkeep folder and change this line:

alias float1 "saved2 -1"

to something like:

alias float1 "saved2 1337"

After sending the admin impulse (bound to "\" key by default) you enter 1337 as the password. You can put any numeric sequence as a password.

Just for you I setup the single player mode so that painkeep items will automatically spawn (randomly here and there - the console will contain messages about item location) in that mode. All you have to do is start a single player game and you should see these messages:

*** Dynamic items will spawn on this map - keep an eye out
*** Dynamic item spawned: item_painkeep_beartrap near: weapon_nailgun
*** Dynamic item spawned: item_pkplus_tomb near: item_health

Entering version at the console should show something like (I just tested the single player on my install of this version):
Version: DarkPlaces-Quake build 02:42:11 Sep 18 2011 - release
quake-c: painkeep 2.2.1 (release)

I tried a few things (like making sure the re-entry to the start map with the sigils works) and believe it should play all the way through but I have NOT actually done that. If you play single player and discover something wonky - just let me know. I'll send a patch right away.

If it all works great and you want to try the other hubs (in deathmatch of course) from the convenience pack:
~ (open console)

or enter:

*** Remember to play against (or with) bots you MUST start a multiplayer server. Just entering deathmatch 1 in the console wont make it happen.
Do this either with the -listen command line switch or from the Multiplayer menu option.

I'll put a pk_coop alias in the next version to make that earlier. I just threw one in the autoexec.cfg file.

This is your guide to play painkeep with darkplaces.
If it works well, I'll release it as a tutorial.

Good luck!

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