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Feb 28 2011 Anchor

Mr. Cataboligne

cataboligne [at]

current project: chaos mod - Archon

tech: quake hybrid project using advanced quake 1 engine
test engine(s): darkplaces (not modded),

(cat list: items closer to current date {descending this list} are higher priority)

TDO: doom map & goggles + beta mdls / code
TDO: shit load of testing on all new code

IDEA: q3 bsp models (plants, etc)
WIP: !mod, !dpc codify for various map ents
TDO: more visage mix tracks (for muscon ?)
-- wad q1 test fails in conv code for pkitems.qc - placeitem
FIX: bigtree skinnage - md2 skin is not overriding with tga properly
TDO: colored light for doom torches ?
TDO: hook cvar in pr_edict.c - check rest + all new stuff
TDO: find hook ranges
TDO: frame (recent) grap gun activity
ISSUE: manually setting sv_cam_def between 1 & 2 mucks def 1 cam vars with def 2 ones
ISSUE: x lvlchg may no play nice with all x weps - saw this again in 2 player test
ISSUE: multple stain problems
ISSUE: crazy deal with leftover bfg ball, green lazer traces & pk throwables on altarbeta
ISSUE: bsp map rotate ent (chaos sym) is affected by - portals, other mover

ISSUE: doom xlt to q3 - holdables not selectable
issue?: with mega health rot protection (can only have 1 rot) a player that grabs a second mega causes that mega to respawn faster - could be abused
--- the obvious solution (if this is indeed a problem) is to make all megas this player collected wait on the rot to finish
--- a second choice is to make it so a player can only grab another mega once (or not at all) while under rot
seen!: 2nd player test hand some lag issue that adversly affected viswep appearances
botmatch - still seeing some odd wep conversions in packs
FIX: rune rules 2 dont eject on death
TDO: throw out runes under rule 2 (include arts ?)
TDO: q3 shot balls (trying sprites) - use fimg to make better base spirtes for these
TDO: remove deadthrew bprints - after testing
TDO: hold objects
TDO: q3 audio goodies (3 frags left)
WIP: q3 jump pads
TDO: adjust q3 shell colors
IDEA: if a floor is detected (on gravity plane) & portal too low - lift portal up appr. height for player ?

FIX: returning to hub ignores x_wep xlvl --- still happening - going to hub prob. clears parms
TDO: if *100 set clear morph states - restore if mode goes back

TDO: for holdable tele & med viswep_ld will have to add a hidden ent for morphs - holdables work, just hard to tell in 1pv what you have selected
TDO: shubs interaction with grav well
TDO: tweak vore lightning -- dont remember what for
ISSUE: cam ent stolen by cube thrower -- havent seen this in some time
FIX: not annihilating heads - seemed to taker forever - may be because of bodyque
FIX: pk bot sucked by sphere never came back - think sub_null
FIX: morphy 94.0000 -- correct, but didnt respawn as morph --- havent seen this again
- but did a second time after grabbing a 2nd cube
ISSUE: pkbot got morphic cube - neither bot has vwepents --- morphy 94.0000 - explains lack of vwepent

CHECK: make sure q3 rot doesnt rot builtin armors
CHECK: best wep really is such

TDO: enforcer gettable weps & armor
TDO: haste effect for morph shots
FIX: saw cthunder v_model on vore 1pv -- this may have been a cycle issue (and fixed already)
FIX: respawn vore & health wrong again
FIX: frikbots stuck in shal_death7()
TDO: random monster count limit - requires random monsters to decr count when they die

CHECK: morphs with builtin should throw nothing
throw loop check:
live thr wep: Axe

FIX: level chg & lost weps
FIX: monster wakey not effective
???: q red armor blasts armor > 200, but not in every case - has to do with type * value


WIP: x mode, morphic
FIXED: *** Random monster spawned: near: q3_ammo_cells -- was replacing self & loosing cnt
DONE: doom special heals not additive beyond max - only q2
FIXED: when morphed any health box clips to morph max -- seems to be healable armor morph only (scourge, etc)
TWEAK: q2 mega bound to 250 max
FIXED: e.nextthink = time + t - 1; //POW_TIME - 1;
FIXED: mega sphere gets collected when values are > max, has no effect
DONE: pork & beens & hold med adjust for morphs - should do mega smd deal
FIXED: cube make portal gun tried to open a portal (firing just like bfg 10K)
*** firing eweap (Painkeep Cube) --- from PK_Attack
*** cube rearm (worldspawn)
--- e_weap_Attack still has a pointer to the cube - which is now a weap with an _fr_attack
--- " " - checks for cube now, goes back if so
FIXED: defaults borked -- set_def must have mask_x val when called
FIXED: crazy deal with leftover bfg ball, green lazer traces & pk throwables on altarbeta
--- was bfg ball not getting into touch fn and leaving think behind after fuse out - added fuse out code to remove it

CHECKED: this again - scourge touched what should have been 15 and 25 health
health boost scale: 30, total: 45
You receive 45 health
health boost scale: 47.222221, total: 72.222221
You receive 72.222221 health
-- tho this could be right at very low health (< 50%)


WIP: x mode, morphic

FIXED: on monster kill, chase_active is 0
chase_active <- 0 :dead cam set
TWEAK: changed all chase_active modifiers to stuffcmd
FIXED: level switch dp cam off - had v_model of shotgun -- was setcurrentammo in putclientin being before morph call
FIXED: scourge nails not splashing ? --- fire_missile did not call addtosplash
DONE: coop alias in autoexec
FIXED: some ents sucked by sphere have null touch - restore issue? --- FIX-FIX-FIX: no happening on this code set!
DONE : move suck to origin up to center of sphere - stuff heads to bottom -- in set_annihilate
FIXED: threw pk item and weaponmodel stayed - also in 1pv and swapping with sphere select left v_model
FIXED: (!other.mask_x & CB_HUMAN)
TWEAK: bot waypoints added to dyn_rndloc
FIXED: missing scourge sounds
DONE: random monster live control

FIXED: bizzare bot deadcam stuff on e1m7 test - grenade blow stealing player view to deadcam for bot ? --- got video of this (72) !
-- frik sets ishuman on disconnect, and body left behind is player ent so it can get splash damage - set_viewport, having nothing to set hijacks the players view
FIXED: found a frikbot in deadcam (how?!)
--- this should be fixed. but it will be bugger all testing it
-- cam toggle, dp cam
-- cam toggle, alb cam
-- cams on, monster kill, level chg
-- cams off, level chg


WIP: x mode, morphic
WIP: anode_X
FIXED: all heal & megaheal && morph stuff
TWEAK: pk items gettable for all
TWEAK: morph selection of pk items
FIXED: morph pk select & vored launched & freed sphere - You have selected the AirFist --- didnt have an airfist
-- was a cycle weps issue
DONE: || !IS_SARMOR(p)) --- in m-scourge.qc
DONE: morph hook specials
DONE: monsters in dm (call and map spawns)
CLEAR: touch health wrong, had 347, grabbed doom heals & went to 300 - saw this happen again, some healths arent done right
--- could not duplicate
DONE: enforcer morph


WIP: x mode, morphic
WIP: anode_X
- base model, firing, music, multi directional firing
- darkplaces mod to prevent cam shift on wallbanging

DONE: T_Heal cfg for morphs


WIP: x mode, morphic
FIX: holdable in cube - was set quake_item
CLEARED: didnt hear holdable tele sounds -- hear one sound, code says it plays the other, hard to tell they mush together
DONE: .dest2_z = 0; // what is this?! --- cam_z
FIXED: switch morph sphere bork -- no cubes with sphere
TWEAK: admin / user gamma exit so it restores r_ambient
TWEAK: start with cam default to dpcam on
FIXED: reg cam teleport / portal across room flight -- for those short hops
FIXED: reg. wep dyn_items (rl, gl, ng, sng, ssg, etc) --- these were all fail!
FIXED: pkbot got morphic cube - neither bot has vwepents --- testing self in touch instead of other
FIXED: shalrath death frames end seq - not in right frames -- player_diec15()
WIP: T_Heal cfg for morphs, no worky yet


WIP: x mode
FIXED: died in water - dcam fsck up (was chthunder v model) reg cam was off -- see next item
FIXED: PK_SetCurrentAmmoOnly(self.owner); -- in chasecam
DONE: char con code
TWEAK: some teleshpere adjusts
FIXED: tele sphere sound wrong again
DONE: scourge setup
WIP: morphic

--- happening from selecting the same morph
You already merged with an Evolution Cube - you must use it or change weapons.
Host_Error: NULL function in server
QuakeC crash report for server:
s70297: FIELD_F (=entity 51), attack_finished (=.attack_finished), GLOBAL18023
s70298: ADD_F time (= 203.4780), GLOBAL18023, GLOBAL18023
s70299: STOREP_F GLOBAL18023, GLOBAL18024
s70300: FIELD_FNC (=entity 51), _attack (=._attack), GLOBAL18024
s70301: NE_FNC GLOBAL18024, SUB_Null (=SUB_Null()), GLOBAL18024
s70302: IFNOT GLOBAL18024, statement 70313
s70303: FIELD_FNC (=entity 51), _attack (=._attack), GLOBAL18024
s70304: CALL0 GLOBAL18024
: e_weap_Attack : statement 35
: PK_Attack : statement 14
: W_Attack : statement 1
: W_WeaponFrame : statement 27
: PlayerPostThink : statement 138
DONE: swap out weps (any really) cant be got by morphs
FIXED: bork in morph_cube touch
classname Backpack
netname Morphic Cube
FIXED: ton of issues w/wep select
FIXED: when first taking cube, impulse 1 wep gets borked - could be cube code (abandon) --- wep select
FIXED: dumb global modelindex_player deal


WIP: x mode
TWEAK: chaos teleport code
FIXED: regular cam in solids issue
ISSUE: on level fall out - if cam stays in level grace code does not fire
TWEAK: cam - moved these to Chase_cam_setweapon - always paired anyway and dpcam has no think
--- stuffcmd( cam_owner, CAM_FOV );
TWEAK: dpcam and admin mode

FIXED: all 3 were faulty x_chglvl code that could sub off axe & shotgun
---: changing levels with portal & we lose axe
---: testing on pk12 chase cam swap - lost axe bit in items --- set going back to hub, no axe -> items 1048834.0000
FIXED: ammo: -1 cells --- didnt have power armor this time, might be portal gun
--- seems to have been portal gun ammo usage being set to 1 and it being lg tag
---: had power armor, got hit by grenade - cells = -1 --- saw this again - dont think there was a grenade
FIXED: tele-sphere sound issues
WIP: morphic
WIP: map + tex for crossfire - anode


WIP: x mode
DONE: pack time cvar + stdev // remove after 2 minutes (pkitems.qc) --- contants only
DONE: do we want to check dynamics in this case? (pkpitems.qc) --- option 1 removed items
DONE: fix where rndize once made pkplus and they got turned off - re-rndize them (pkpitems.qc)
DONE: special door code compares x_items, --- still need doom closeable key doors
DONE: map mode setting on door
DONE: doom multi use key doors
FIXED: You got the Barrel --- from pk cube
FIXED: cube made barrels need to blow
FIXED: corpse moveable while waiting for dcam start
DONE: new corpse fn for morphing - new bodyque
TWEAK: added telesphere to pk_cube, moved over some sphere stuff (annihilation, etc.)


WIP: x mode
DONE: q3 "shells" -- for now - tight to model surface seems to worky
FIXED: q3 regen not passing max health
VETTED: since bots use .movetarget, the hook use must be validated --- only hook sets this
DONE: portals flat on surface if poss.
DONE: when going thru a portal - turn off hooks
DONE: portal gun mcodes

--- *** TEST
TWEAK: mode 3 portal, use map tele dest or start
DONE: add item location randomizer when chaos teleport done (in chaos.qc)
DONE: admin *limit set might want to know about noexit code + DONE: setting when under noexit default - turn off noexit & make setting

--- *** TEST
DONE: mode for non wep portals?
DONE: get doom value, this is q1 - doom sg - (dooments.qc)

previously on .plan Cat ---
DONE: include hip_item & x_item when xlates are available --- this was done at some point


WIP: x mode
DONE: portal gun map mdl & vw mdl (from mdo's)
TWEAK: portal saver for when player is dumped in solids
TWEAK: hook speed for laser hook ga
DONE: q2 rune ident
WIP: q3 jump pads --- temp measure - insta-jump (really wind tunnel sound tele)
WIP: q3 "shells"
DONE: sv_c_fallen, sv_c_holding
unTWEAK: damskin.qc for q3 shells


WIP: x mode
WIP: portal remodel & update --- red exit portal


WIP: x mode
FIXED: wierd brush that came with pk_cube
DONE: gauntlet as q3 default
FIXED: valid_wep_mcode - didnt have q3 guantlet
FIXED: xwep_fakeload now calls x_wep_store --- had a var copy issue
FIXED: def init not setting eweap - going to axe on fire --- just had to set eweapon with vchk
FIX: this pk cube issue: touch x_weapon_touch() - pk_touch painkeep_touch()
FIXED: still have multi rot between genres (q1 / q2 / q3)
TWEAK: q3 regen artifact to 200 health max
FIXED: in q2 room - grav well didnt grab all q2 items - see screen shot --- visible issue
--- visible test is not true for all objects in this room
FIXED: in wolf room - air cannon didnt move all wolf items
-- both these issues had items with an origin just in the floor - thus failing trace fraction tests
-- the fix while simple (checking content solid and trace fraction > 0.65) is not ideal
TESTED: q3 grap (in ioq3) - no default damage to enemy avatar
CHECKED: if hook dmg is right (functionally) --- looks good
FIXED: localcmd("exec hook_control.cfg\n"); -- doesnt work for net players
FIXED: hook (visible ones) size issue with setsize to v0, v0
CLEARED: holding grav, opened cube, fired grav: : e_weap_Attack : statement 35 --- seems to be fixed, have to keep an eye on this one
DONE: if no exit trigger is on a level & no limits, set a default time limit - cvar to control this
SCRATCH: nextlevel and renamed qstart.bsp for q1 & Q_100 - Nextmap (client.qc) -- relates to e1m7 etc. that need to return to start.bsp
--- just tested this, seems to work fine, must have fixed it at some point
DONE: when tossing out inf. turrets and pent exists, respawn it asap if its been waiting for a bit for a respawn
-- code settable parm to reduce respawn time on any inv if inf turrets exist - default 80 secs.
NULL: cube is making q2 bfg, but avatar is getting hammer w/ -1 cells --- seems ok now
WIP: portal gun 1.0


WIP: x mode
TWEAK: default give away hook back to original ctf models mode (vore bomb & spike)
DONE: cfg for mousewheel hook reeling
FIX: pk100 all health were going over 100
DONE: hook timeouts
DONE: PK Cube item
DONE: hook speed limit
DONE: haste run fast !!
DONE: armor suit & flag for x
DONE: pk_cube random list
DONE: can only own one cube


WIP: x mode
DONE: laser cannon vw -- new code
WIP: deepsleep gun
FIXED: dead threw regular weps have no vw model set
--- switched to using pack touch code
SCRATCH: ltn grap wobble in stand frames --- this is a pitch issue as view is rotate on the Y axis - gets worse as you look further down. prob, not fixable.
DONE: touch sounds for dead throw retrieve
FIXED: inventory doesnt see hook (thinks its a grapgun)
NON-ISSUE: pack is still converting holdable to pki --- fixed by new method where holds are treated as xwep inventory
DONE: init xweapon load - still needs char code --- morph mode to chars just needs to set char mode
---: level change converts x weps to q1 weps - not any more
SCRATCH: * ents, weps, armors, items (q3ents.qc, q2ents.qc, dooments.qc) --- just noted doom items left
FIXED: holdable not in inventory
FIXED: holdable issues
FIXED: bork between hold tele & phone, hold med & canpab
DONE:--- animate list:
R: laser cannon, q3 range vars
M: shovel, q3 holds, q3g, grapples
waiting on new vw code decisions --- done
FIXED: can & mega health rot conflict + q3 rot conflict
DONE: q3 health - fix doom bottle rot for q3, max for other heals, check override - blur coloring
--- far as I know, not sure what the coloring is

previously on .plan Cat ---
TESTED: try upgrade cycles -- did a small one, need a bigger one with multiple lists
TESTED: major cycle test with .cfg file setup
- check health names --- was done right?


WIP: x mode
DONE: dead throw
FIXED: You get the Rocket LauncherYou got the Rocket Launcher
DONE: xweap touch handle standard items for dead threw
FIXED: non xweap spawn cross after touch -- was mcode deal
FIXED: weapon_hook turning into grapgun on deadthrow
FIXED: pk1 back pack bug


WIP: x mode
DONE: ctf techs - models
DONE: translate & dynamid updates from new stuff (graps, wolf items)

Code TDO: previously finished
DONE: plate of food (item translate)
DONE: dog food (item translate)
DONE: pk var later (hipnoticents) - laser_fly
DONE: remove when not needed (q3 ents when the hold tele was a phone)
DONE: special q3 rot - isnt this done ?? CHECK (q3ents)
DONE: total laser bounce - IDEA: pk var?


WIP: x mode
DONE: remove ignore shotgun test is x_wep_touch - all should use IGN_INV flag
DONE: recode hook with less logic testing at every step - detect on initiate & store in ent
DONE: ctf runes, set 2
DONE: q3 rail impact mark + plasma --- some issue that makse no sense exists with makin stains


WIP: x mode
WIP: med & tel op (no longer use pk vws)
NOTE: --- q3 wait respawn code is commented out - why?
TWEAK: q3 wait respawn override enabled --- TEST


WIP: x mode
FIXED: hook issues - item hook faults, etc
FIXED: ltn grap not locked down --- at least I think - was wild swings at end of travel
WIP: q1 / q2 / q3 hook - map items
FIXED: q2 key grab sounds
FIXED: xweap in packs grow ammo
DONE: green laser for q2 bfg
DONE: tween level xwep --- tweaked for pkbot. we think so anyways
TWEAK: adjusted for grap items


WIP: x mode
TWEAK: redid the newish pk cube (small)
FIXED: baron & pinky func_model position issue
TWEAK: put velocity additive in q3 railbeam
RESEARCH: back pack is thrown before vw are unloaded
-- pack loaded
-- viswep unload - dcam set
-- viswep unload - vwp
DONE: q1 pack xwep fix
FIXED: pack doesnt handle hammer
DONE: .pal files all in q1lab/tex


WIP: x mode
WIP: q1 / q2 / q3 hook
--- q2 /q3 snds, q3 op, q3 item


WIP: x mode
WIP: q1 / q2 / q3 hook
DONE: checked laser hook sounds
WIP: q3 railbeam laser effect
DONE: lazer hook sound breaks


WIP: x mode
DONE: gauntlet
FIXED: q2 fake barrel after boom (dont always see this!)
--- q2 barrel explode frames dorky - removed
WIP: q1 / q2 / q3 hook


WIP: x mode
FIXED: switching out of dpcam doesnt always set weapon view model
FIXED: power armor deal - needs fixed --- BFG 10000 -> 187.829056 cells
FIXED: silencer giving invisibility -- need to check all non-x translations
FIXED: bug where inv wasnt appearing on altarbeta for regen
SCRATCH: already works correctly, but add wad q1 stuff --- !mod for fact3 stuff on non mod run - check it


DONE: dpcam alternate - cam control selection via sv_cam_def - add mode 2
WIP: gauntlet animation code
WIIP: Archon news & plan


WIP: dpcam alternate


WIP: x mode
FIXED: dang player model spaz when using harpoon
--- fubu setting frame of rope
OK: when holding axe and harp is out ___harp pnt vw - out of current bounds: 59
--- code is doing right thing


WIP: removing gen stuff
FIXED: issue where disambig was scuppering non x mode


WIP: removing gen stuff
DONE: generations moddb grave marker & epitaph


WIP: conversion of d2m7 - exit door + trigger done
WIP: wepeqcy release
FIXED: de1m1 has sv_q100 issues (duplicate ents when true)
--- added worldtype check
ACK: generations pulled from moddb...crap. have to remove all that stuff now.


WIP: conversion of d2m7 - exit door + trigger done
--- need switch trigger


WIP: conversion of d2m7


DONE: .qc quake c coders group
WIP: conversion of d2m7


WIP: q3 gauntlet mdl
WIP .qc group


WIP: features, images, videos
FIXED: keys removed on xlate to q3 --- keys stay
WIP: colored light for doom torches --- dp .glow_* no worky


WIP: features, images, videos
TWEAKED: r_ambient on fact3 to 25

FIXED!: Builtin 437 not implemented.
Mod is not compatible.
Server ended


WIP: q3 gauntlet mdl * code
DONE: moddb section updates & bug reports
DONE: copied old dcd & qcd to HD under fps
TISK: searched backups for old .plan


WIP: compile glquake for ___64
--- added -L/usr/lib32 to GLLDFLAGS in makefile
--- done for fteqw - may have helped
apt-get install libxxf86vm-dev libxxf86dga-dev libxext-dev libx11-dev
apt-get install libasound2-dev
apt-get install libspeexdsp-dev
apt-get install libvorbis-dev
apt-get install libc6-dev-i386
copied libXxf86dga.a from morphix (couldnt find it as a lib32)

TESTED: grap rope seg. 1 --- ACK! this got dorked. need to see pk2.x code again
TESTED: sv_c_nodecor - good

FIXED!: Error: Texture 0_telepad is not 16 aligne --- redid .wad texs, .tga overs & rebuilt maps

FIXED!: this was stinking test code (fire power counting) that wasnt if thened !
You have selected the Rocket Launcher
assignment to read-only entity in e_weap_Attack
stripped : e_weap_Attack
stripped : PK_Attack
stripped : W_Attack
stripped : W_WeaponFrame
stripped : PlayerPostThink

COM_WriteFile: ssqccore.txt
SV_Error: assignment to read-only entity in e_weap_Attack (fts.cnt)
Server ended

FIXED!: rail had newmis code left from old trail / beam - removed
You have selected the Rail Gun
COM_WriteFile: ssqccore.txt
SV_Error: SV_ModelIndex: model progs/v_q3_rail.mdl not precached
Server ended

FOUND! - prev .plan from 03
DONE: more moddb section updates


WIP: gen release
TWEAK: q2 (fact3) portal now a telepad with tall particles
TWEAK: added lights to q2 area of ghub - was too dim without r_amb that fact3 gets
TWEAK: added sparker to doom hall
FIXED: lit with arghlight to eliminate hmap2s wierd light spuz in doom area of ghub
DONE: compiled glquake on morphix
DONE: pkg built & loaded
DONE: installed buku stuff to compile engines, compile fteqw - works where 32 bit wont
DONE: moddb section updates


WIP: gen release
FIXED: ghub does not loop --- hub_control must have map key set when using custom or alternate hubs
TWEAK: expanded message triggers
FIXED: q2 tele has no fountain on ghub -- func_q2_telepart for special maps that cant have q2.wad match
FIXED: altarbeta has no q3 defaults
DONE: exit buttons for we1m1
TWEAK: "broke" some map stuff, decor
TWEAK: motd.qc update for new web site
DONE: pkg built & loaded


WIP: gen release
WIP: hub map hash out
TWEAK: included entities.def for map editing with gtk-radiant
TESTED: wolf & doom decors --- for now


WIP: gen release
DIONE: moddb page, images
DONE: converted some viddy


WIP: gen release
DONE: fin barrel fire
FIX: tree / bigtree issues


WIP: gen release
DONE: included wad2map + config
DONE: prelim barrel fire


WIP: gen release
DONE: most doom _hang ents, pcx for md2 (including tree & stalac)


WIP: gen release


WIP: gen release
DONE: pillar (md2) size fix - for now
DONE: expand test_c
- vars decore + cross
FIXED: woodbarrel skinage


xfer from ext + bkp
WIP: gen release - wolf & doom decors (expand test_c)


WIP: gen release
- looking for winquake mdl skin width not 4 multiple - not found
WIP: chalice mdl -- needs skin, tga


WIP: gen release
DONE: sv_c_nodecor - control decore for dm
DONE: grap rope seg 1 spacing --- mdl change
WIP: wolf food plate (needs skin work)


WIP: gen release
WIP: sink mdl -- needs skin, tga
WIP: dog food (bluvase) -- needs brown stuff


WIP: gen release
FIXED: Error: model progs/v_q3_plg.mdl has a skin taller than 480
--- reskin deal from multi anim, tho glquake now fails load
DONE: blue vase mdl -- still need tga
WIP: table no chairs mdl -- needs skin, tga


WIP: gen release
- doom decors based on md2


WIP: gen release
DONE: update precache for non dp
--- fails model skin width not multiple of 4 - winquake
DONE: doom flame stick mdl (colors)


WIP: gen release


WIP: gen release


WIP: gen release
DONE: button bi-direct sounds - doom


WIP: gen release
DONE: door / button sounds - wolf doom


WIP: gen release
DONE: pk_cyc.cfg
WIP: d2m1 - gen version
FIXED: doom1_e1 has gen issues (wad q1 deal) --- check release maps for this with gens


WIP: gen release
DONE: q1_cyc.cfg, readme.txt, cvar.txt


WIP: gen release
WIP: docs & testing with rothrin


WIP: gen release
FIXED: missing tex overrides
UPDATE: more gen map configs
UPDATE: bindings in autoexec.cfg
FIXED: door link in we1m1 - secret by exit


WIP: gen release
FIXED: q3 +5 heal sphere flashing --- .tga override issue
DONE: remove bfg bit traces, monster model duplicate on death
FIXED: shovel_tx.pcx must be in mod root dir


WIP: gen release


WIP: expand wolf map items --- entities.def done
WIP: we1m1
TWEAK: doom map decor items


WIP: we1m1


UPDATE: de1m1q1 - added .tga's, generations support to download
WIP: we1m1


WIP: generations alpha release


DONE: vsg scene intro, real px


DONE: visage mix tracks (11 first)
--- found track11.ogg already mixed
DONE: visage release !


WIP: visage pkg
FIXED: Sound - sound/ambience/lava1.wav not found --- for pack


DONE: visage truss rework


WIP: visage id file


DONE: finish - release point 1
--- for now
FIXED: harpoon rope point spawning unlinked rope segments
-- removed this code - adjusting first rope seg out of gun - needs spacing adjust at some angles


WIP: finish
WIP: effect_item_fall


WIP: finish


WIP: !mod, !dpc codify for various map ents
DONE: added triggers to notmod
WIP: finish


WIP: finish


WIP: finish


DONE: final compile ah_2_0
DONE: 2.2.1 update, code &
DONE: chv2, pk 2.2.1 uploaded


DONE: adding bots to saver


DONE: chv update - mod map saver


WIP: chv update
DONE: archon arena blocks (basic mode)


WIP: chv update
WIP: !mod, !dpc codify for various map ents


DONE: pk 2.2 package build
WIP: pk2.0 stress test
DONE: pk 2.2 upload


WIP: pk 2.2 package build
WIP: pk2.0 stress test


WIP: pk 2.2 package build
DONE: added more info strings to server alias set
DONE: txt file updates with various info including general bot notes
DONE: added func_model to 2.2 to support chv 8 ray and visage decor
DONE: altarbeta support in 2.2
FIXED: issues with harpoon rope point and bot level changes


DONE: port harpoon rope start vw to 2.x codebase


WIP: pk 2.2 package build
FIXED: pk*bots lost on level changes in 2.x codebase --- implement gen code fixes for pk*bots


WIP: pk 2.2 package build
FIX: bot level change issues --- port back from gens base


WIP: vis12k5 - func_model decor
--- map will need reconfig for !mod
WIP: pk 2.2 package build


WIP: vis12k5 - func_model decor


WIP: pk 2.2 package build


WIP: new paradigm of vw animation, new vw_ models


DONE: c_weapon_shovel --- need hit range in vars, new sounds
WIP: new paradigm of vw animation, new vw_ models
FIXED: melee weap pitch fix 2 values for + / - pitch


WIP: new paradigm of vw animation, new vw_ models
DONE: vector rotation about player center - vw point has to move
--- used v_forward deal, from angles with -x pitch correction
WIP: pitch correction extras for a_x and a_x in data sets - part way thru range
--- put in vv_x_000_x,z, vv_x_000_y is frame (since a_y needs no correction...yet)


WIP: new paradigm of vw animation, new vw_ models
--- need vector rotation about player center - vw point has to move


WIP: new paradigm of vw animation, new vw_ models


WIP: new paradigm of vw animation, new vw_ models
DONE: model base for shovel (in mdl)


WIP: new paradigm of vw animation, new vw_ models
ADD: vw_seq.qc - sequence vw animations in code
DONE: shovel.md3 (from shovel mdl)


WIP: new paradigm of vw animation, new vw_ models


WIP: new paradigm of vw animation, new vw_ models
WIP: de1m1 special ents


FIXED: firing q2 chg seems like vw barrel does not rotate during fire / spindown
DONE: de1m1 special (not coded) ents
WIP: use doomsday md2 directly if darkplaces


WIP: melee vw base
WIP: de1m1 final ents --- add extras


TWEAK: improved no*cide rules - added pk ffws


DONE: touch & q3 rot must handle armor save correctly --- anything else that deals with armorvalue (pk_client.qc, pkitems.qc, runes.qc, q3_ents.qc)
WIP: next melee vw
TWEAK: multiple switch hurt for moving lava (fact3)
TWEAK: button wait to protect trigger / moving lava seq (fact3)
FIXED: pk movers move 8 ray bsp model via func_model --- use movetype 8 for func_model


CHECKED: q2 grenades go beyond rocket max they are collected on
--- they are, for some reason, being bound by q1 ammo limit and not x ammo touch limit - this might be ammo test (ammo_grenade) and not ammo_rockets
DONE: armor amount on hud swaps main armor & power armor (cell count) when power armors on (pk_client.qc)
DONE: lava pain sounds for swtch hurt trigger (player.qc)
FIXED: xparent window tex deal on fact3 --- internal edge bleed thru - moved all window edges 1 unit from surrounding brush
DONE: q2 stuff rotates ! - weps, specials --- far as we know


DONE: q2 - floorsw0 tex pulses - 4 set


TWEAK: fact3 moving lava hurt effects
FIXED: fact3 leaks
DONE: compiled test_c under q2 - realized q2 spawns have been changed --- need converter?
TWEAK: pk art player info print improved - condition on art items
DONE: decide on PK || custom_hub --- changing to !q100
DONE: q2 tele sounds, particle fountain


DONE: fixing fact3 lava --- sort of (chaos.qc)


WIP: fixing fact3 lava
CHECKED: q2 adren mdl - seems inside out or xparent skin ovrrd --- on fact3 - seems ubu fine now
DONE: see if hip water level trick can be triggered (chaos.qc)
DONE: switch hurt trigger, fact3 dm pads (chaos.qc)
DONE: need a triggered hurt brush with lava kill message too (chaos.qc)


XXX: hub2 didnt stay on hub2 -- custom maps were on - fails to start map with no alias set
TWEAK: improved admin menu 24 & status print (admin.qc)
DONE: include pk*bot hub fixes from 3.2.11
DONE: q2 tele pad brush --- need sound & sparks


FIXED: 3 pk*bots & remaining to vote is 0 - player count & remaining correct when frikbots added? (hub.qc)
--- all pk*s & single player has become an observer after voting
--- ISSUE: vote player count wrong again - should be fixed now
FIXED: pk*bots not voting ? (do they even have bot code) (hub.qc) -- was checking netname instead of classname
TWEAK: blocked bots from voting status msg if they happen to hit a portal (hub.qc)
FIXED: forced last bot vote - hub should exit (hub.qc)
CHECKED: do pk*bot (& frik) use x weaps ? --- some of them at least


WIP: pk*bot sv_ vars, bot manage & level changes
FIXED: sv_bot_pk wierdness on admin adding bots (bot.qc, botspawn.qc)
FIXED: level chg problem with sv_bot_pk - init bots was updating this from unstable data (bot.qc, botspawn.qc)
ISSUE: lost pk*bots on some lvl chg -- losing on pk levels due to funky parm update code - non dp/c engine will have to be tested, dont remv. warning msgs yet (bot.qc, botspawn.qc)
FIXED: pk*bot cnt wrong (spawning 1 few) on pk levels? --- because non pk levels dont have num from serverflags & BOTS - used different logic (bot.qc, botspawn.qc)
FIXED: duplicate bot name when a test is done... (botspawn.qc) --- original code was way borky
FIXED: on chv_hub & pk*bots did not follow to e1m5 (vote winner) --- THIS IS CRITICAL for release - has to be right with pk 2.2 as well ---------- prehaps, bears much further testing and constant watch
FIXED: hub seemed to ignore vote - .map var cleared while waiting in dead cam --- done by admin code!
TWEAK: admin code changed to self.path for admin controls (admin.qc)


DONE: after wasting an hour of good coding time, the 06-08 .plan archive in the worldspawn() formun is complete
TWEAK: control of custom map bit from console & live update
FIXED: pk custom maps via pknextmap alias failed for non pk maps (pk_client.qc)
FIXED: normal GotoNextMap changelevel was overriding pknextmap alias (client.qc)
--- applied to pk2.1 codebase
FIXED: x items and x ammos not cleared on respawn (pk_client.qc)
FIXED: power screen fail -- think so anyway, need to test more and pay attention


DONE: use tomb_time as counter for spindown instead of att_fin (x_firecode.qc)
FIXED: stop firing q2 chg - if button is pressed during spindown, wierdness occurs (x_firecode.qc)
--- we think - redid code not to use attack_finished so a continuing state cannot happen with a return button press
TWEAK: laser dmg test print behind saved1 == -777 code
FIXED: frikbot spawn-frag bork on de1m1_pk (frik/bot_ai.qc)
TWEAK: using all frames of q2 barrel
TWEAK: doom pistol in axe stand - in hand better
TDO: q2 barrel bounding box - seems overly large (FL_ITEM flag set ?) -- has got to be bounds on the model itself... (check all frames) - was case
-- fixed with setsize (mcode.qc)


FIXED: holdable tele was not working with pk100 -- it was phone based, which pk100 does not have (q3ents.qc)
DONE: change out viswep models to qgun (viswep.qc, painkeep.qc)
FIXED: VW = 0 & in cam - rotate weps has issues (weapons.qc)
--- hitting # twice selects flamer in test (1st select says GL)
--- if not in cam code works right
--- took !WV out of test with pk100
DONE: add sv_vw_holster & func (viswep.qc, painkeep.qc)
TWEAK: q2 hand grenades ignores !vw rules (viswep.qc)
TWEAK: treat all axe replacesments like axe for !vw - moved code into x_wep_touch (viswep.qc, x_firecode.qc)
DONE: turn vw on/off on fly - reload vw ents for carried xweps
FIXED: no q3 item bob if not q3 map mode | *100 set
DONE: xweaps when _VW is off --- code is fail as is


FIXED: *100 has same barrel issues as xlate (pkitems.qc, mcode.qc)
-- because barrels on init dont go thru placeitem
FIXED: *100 - using x_weapon_touch which did wierd things (x_firecode.qc)
FIXED: doom pistol xlate to nailgun on test_c (holy crap !) (painkeep.qc)
--- was precache setting PK when detecting a pk model - which happens on map load before default translate
FIXED: translate rmv items (under pk100) were still touchable (pkitems.qc)
FIXED: pk100 code has same touch issues as xlate --- think to it (pk_itm_translate.qc)
FIXED: no rune touch under q100 --- runes dont have solid set (runes.qc) - because of *100 effect in item_call


FIXED: hyperblaster fire fails silencer (x_firecode.qc)
FIXED: q100 translate inf place item loop (pkitems.qc)
: de1m1_cm - in pk100, q100 mode, barrels (& doom stuff) showed up !
DONE: set chaos stuff as *_item, where * is a new designator --- cant use chaos_item, thats special
--- these are now x_item - need translates / etc
DONE: q3 translate - shard & +5 heal, doom tr: (q100) barrel, spirit arm, bottle, q2 (q100) shard, +2 heal, barrel (pkitems.qc, pk_itm_translate.qc)
-- bit of touch pointer trickery
DONE: remove anything that cant translate on *_100 & q1tr def --- it should be done...perhaps


DONE: trying to replace axe as default - no worky --- see hodgepodge (chaosents.qc, mcode.qc)
--- issues were in viswep.qc & vars pk_currentitem conditionals
--- axe replace on map item touch & init con
FIXED: viswep_ld had bug for testing pk_currenitem in a vwepent (viswep.qc)
FIXED: 0 init* & 0 def* was setting axe as default (chaosents.qc)
FIXED: inventory does not see replacement axes (chaosents.qc)
RIXED: axe replace while inventory has pki (x_firecode.qc) --- was x_wep_touch
FIXED: - because of mjolnir code + not put in ammo_con (pk_itm_dynamic.qc, pk_weapons.qc)
Hyper Blaster -> -78 cells
(fired q2 bfg)
Hyper Blaster -> -128 cells
CHECKED: every weapons spawn .items (*ents.qc, mcode.qc)


CHECKED: +*tekwall overrides - didnt see them in overrider dir - maybe decided not to include them ?
--- in update build dir & run dir - from */Q3*/tex*/doom/override
DONE: base 25 ammo for .weapon by defaults if not set --- done for all weps (chaosents.qc, mcode.qc)


FIXED: barrel explode - killed barrel (the one exploding) null fn result
-- this was the hidden wad == "q1" explode box special to that map - hide fn was bufing th_stand
-- fixed by making T_Damage not hit wad q1 hidden stuff
FIXED: doom1_e1 (de1m1_pk) has wad = q1 with no doom ents !
--- new release with wad q1 stuff removed
DONE: different ammo amounts for init weps --- default of 25 has different factors for diff wep ammo types
--- not done for q1 weps yet


DONE: obit for this - nocide (splash.qc, pk_client.qc)
-- bot fell out of level, added possible player intercept too
TWEAK: fall out of level now checks sv_maxvelocity as well (splash.qc)
DONE: init xweapon load (chaosents.qc, mcode,qc) -- for now
TWEAK: q2 blaster now IT_EXTRA_WEAPON (bit 128) (mcode.qc, q2ents.qc)
FIXED: hubX maps with no .wad that load q3 stuff (hub.qc, mc_disambig.qc)
TWEAK: q3 grap gun loads pk harpoon for now


DONE: undo or dont do for failed call - i.e. not a valid classname (pk_itm_dynamic.qc)
-- this removes the stand in ent, that replaces or makes a boom box, on a failed make - item_call
DONE: no pk for q_99 (pk_itm_dynamic.qc)
-- got implemented in ammo_by_bit fn
--- TDO: finish item call --- finished as far as we know, comment removed
--- TDO: q2 silencer for wep channel stuff --- looks pretty well done atp
DONE: cvar for x ammo (painkeep.qc)
DONE: default to rune values once determined - ammo rune (chaosents.qc)
FIXED: ammo rune code override when loading pack ammo max bumps
--- DONE: q_99 should not have pki on cvar item menu controls - fixed somewhere along
DONE: pkplus radiant tex dir needs a few texs RGB'ed
-- wont work as tga, even after q2cv, left as jpg with tga in ./nowork
FIXED: grenade kill: Clan LOLZ [d(_)(_)fy] chewed on _-=*Cataboligne's boomstick
-- really needs tested for all free (kill after firing and player can switch weaps) kill devices
-- whats more a future mandate must always be to check all projectiles and kill items


WIP: default weapons (chaosents.qc, pk.defs.qc, chaos.qc)
DONE: new fn to select first bit in a given direction from a value and mask (chaos.qc)
-- moved all bit fn to chaos.qc (rest from admin.qc)
FIXED: x item bit values now provided by bit_mcode (mcode.qc)
FIXED: mjolnir not on inventory (chaosents.qc)
FIXED: extra items inventory list (chaosents.qc)
--- FIXED: energy armors (q2) not in inventory list


DONE: ctf ffa rules in chaosmod.txt
FIXED: prox mine bounce out of level (proxmine.qc)
-- was re-entry into touch fn setting movetype to TOSS after mine was stopped
FIXED: changelevel not loading mjolnir (painkeep.qc, viswep.qc, pk.defs.qc)
WIP: picking up xweps when vw is off (chaosents.qc, viswep.qc, x_firecode.qc, pk.defs.qc)
-- TEST, still fail
DONE: doom, q2 invulnerable codes (turret.qc)
DONE: get q2 value, this is q1 - bullet spread on sg & ssg (0.05 0.05 & 0.10 0.05) (q2ents.qc)
-- interpreted from q2 game source code
DONE: q2 snd - rg_hum.wav (q2ents.qc)
DONE: hand grenade frames (q2ents.qc)
--- what does "throw control?" mean??
DONT: power armors use .noise3 (q2ents.qc)
--- there is no way to do this now as power armors are only x_items bits and have no vwepent to store this value
scratch - no idea what this was about -- DO: ammo type fn in x_weapon_touch (x_firecode.qc)
DONE: remove once q3 art are done - via item_sigil call (runes.qc, q3ents.qc)
DONE: remove from code - skip from q1 - pk (mcode.qc)
DONE: handle native q3 & converted q2 maps that use disambig code (mcode.qc, mc_disambig.qc)
-- at least it seems this is now handled, correct classnames are set by disambig code
FIXED: fn_make was spawning a new self beyond restore & return pts (mcode.qc)
DONE: expand fn - handle chaos items, non respawnables, provide location area (mcode.qc)
-- seems to be done, a genernal area is provided - does this ever need to be silent?


DONE: doom alpha 0.4 heal kits (pk_itm_translate.qc)
DONE: cell ammo alpha + shield generator (pk_itm_translate.qc)
FIXED: cell pack & cell box mixup in mcode.qc, pk_itm_translate.qc


DONE: proxmine
FIXED: vw skin code
FIXED: g_rock.mdl with skins


DONE: mjolnir ammo_con (hammer.qc, pk_itm_dynamic.qc)
FIXED: (again!) mjolnir select with no cells
FIXED: mjolnir - more ammo_con tests
DONE: hip laser cannon - some tweaks


DONE: added mjolnir - special tweaks (pk_weaons.qc - hammer.qc, hipdefs.qc, hipnoticents.qc, mcode.qc, pk_player.qc, pk.defs.qc)


WIP: shovel mdl


WIP: take pk2.0 to pre-final

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