Painkeep v3 - Blast your opponents with 3 times the Pain. Deathmatch mod - make other players "die." Disclaimer - this is a free product with no warranty - see disclaimer.txt for details. Number Six - welcome to the village.

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May 31 2010 Anchor


FIXED: pk*bots not on hub after reload - still appear on next level tho
FIXED: frik bots - saved1 var removed
FIXED: custom hub map vote info mangle
TESTED: bots reconnec on custom hub reload
DONE: preliminary q3 items support


NOT: respawn & still have stuff - pk items?
- this seems to come from setting dm to 1 & loading maps - it doesnt happen in MP (true DM)

FOUND: different method for dp? maybe other eng? - alias up hub to reload - stop using hubmap
FIXED: bots lost on custom hub reload - another way to reload?
- using hubmap = changelevel now instead of map, seems ok for players?!
\\ "TEST" - bots + multiplayer reconnec on custom hub reload


More moddb updates

FIXED: hub reload issues - now works like v1.1x with compile option to work like v1.2


Updated moddb stuff - tuts, download, features
DONE: make custom hub maps PK maps so pk mode can be map mode


DONE: meld to pk - dyn items, item override, custom hub
DONE: release dynamic msgs


DONE: custom hub portal model - skins (8) & frames (5) - pillar, obelisk, pyramid, cube added


DONE: convert to q1 (radiant edited)
- the more awesome q2 map
DONE: c.wad needs vis12 texs
-- put in c2.wad


FIXED: dynamic items tendency to spawn around grenade launchers


WIP: terrain gen pgm tests


WIP: terrain gen proggy - random terrain?!


scrap: hub override
- you would have to quark the bsp or edit a .ent - why not just do a straight edit instead of adding ents to override existing ones?
DONE: remove thump when harpoon pulled item is collected
- was sv_sound_land "demon/dland2.wav" - played when some movetypes hit ground above certain velocity
- solution is to null var - no way to control with qc


DONE: custom hub maps via .ent file or quark edit of bsp
DONE: custom hub reload via alias
TESTED: pk: chain lgun does not implement inf ammo
- good


FIXED: dyn spawn - no model set, not refreshing
FIXED: chain lgun does not implement inf ammo
FIXED: dyn mods messed item override model set


DONE: added new maps for hub2 & hub3 to PK_mapmode, controlled by compile PK_ADHUB
- just an aesthetic - those maps set PK mode on load anyway because of items
DONE: dynamic pkitems when in PK & no pk items


DONE: more complete pkitems on admin items - only & cycle


DONE: infinite ammo, pkitems in place of ammo when inf & PK


DONE: new map load for admin
--- setting hub flags - need reload cmd
--- hub2 has some load unstability, some maps ahve no exit
WIP: hub remap - hub info list


WIP: item admin function, cyclical items, restore items to map load
DONE: fix restore not putting back all changed items
WIP: new map load for admin


WIP: item admin function, only these items


DONE: artifact painkeep qc conversion all qc files complete
NOTE: pk artifact qc incomplete - support not possible


WIP: artifact painkeep qc conversion


WIP: item override code
FIXED: issues with admintimer and switch from user menu to admin mode
TWEAK: password * echo now "sees" 0 entry
WIP: code pretty for release
TWEAK: bot_kill simplified
TWEAK: randomized pk*bot names


FIXED: axe weap bug when admin map changes goes from non pk map to pk map
TWEAK: redid PK_SetNewParms
DONE: installed test base for pk update from convenience pack
TWEAK: saved3 in admin cfg is saved2 now so saved3 can be itemovr storage
WIP: item override code


WIP: vw_pk


DONE: obscured alias in admin.cfg
FIXED: remove pk*bot does not clear scoreboard


WIP: vw_pk
FIXED: lost pk*bots on admin 5 cmd - returned with return to hub via exit
FIXED: pk hub - player count wrong (pk*bots)
DONE: pk*bots led to hub portals to vote
FIXED: pk hub - turn cl_bob off after vote - turn on with client in
FIXED: hub level change - pk*bots lost skill


WIP: vw_pk
FIXED: leave observer as live admin - light turned off when observer
DONE: update v106 bot code carefully - some frik adapt stuff cant be melded
FIXED: sv_gravity menu wrong
FIXED: add pk*bot crashes server - check max_players
DONE: removed old score code
FIXED: pk*bot not affected by intermission
FIXED: player score slot lost on level change with pk*bots
--- delayed bot start for pk*bots


WIP: vw_pk
FIXED: *bots not aiming pulse nailgun - botaim issue
FIXED: pk*bots now take over frik slots --- slot protect variable different
DONE: PK spot select for PutBotInServer
FIXED: *bot isnt penalized for suicide ?
-- suicide is counted - score just doesnt update on board

FIXED: SV_ModelIndex("progs/s_light.spr"): not precached (fix your code), precaching anyway
FIXED: player.qc run - stand velocity loop


DONE: vw_base for pk weps +
DONE: unrestricted for frikbots
DONE: painkeep gravity change might need to call setbotgrav code


WIP: vw_pk
FIXED: admin changelevel, pk axe gone, cant select impulse 1 items w/o user menu
DONE: menus merged back into pk


DONE: user menu
FIXED: cant touch items in 97 mode


merged new pk code back to pure source


DONE: respawn from admin
DONE: admin timeout
DONE: grav & friction items
DONE: pk_flags handles all pk server flags, stored in savedgamecfg
TWEAK: *bot - changed restrited to unrestricted - if not set only admin can control bots


DONE: bot menu - 1/2 *bot, 1/2 frik
DONE: oddball impulse items that req. admin moved to admin menu
DONE: new pk_mode menu
DONE: restrict observer, time limit too
DONE: pk handle flag storage saved?
--- scrapped dp vars


DONE: replace admin impulses with code entry (2 digit for now)
DONE: zero out limits


DONE: extract pk*bot from pk_bot_qc - adaptive code
DONE: v106_bot
TWEAK: compressed pk item parm levelchange storage so *bot can have parms
CHECKED: make sure non team bots have 99 for team
DONE: pk*bot is supposed to save thru levels accd to initbotlevel - untuned qbot code
DONE: for dp, replace temp1 usage with sv_{var}
\\ "TEST"
TWEAK: admin beefup - 5 digit code + time out


DONE: all pk code that dups v106 must have bot support in same places
--- pretty sure about this
FIXED: beartraps not claimping pk*bot, and it being the painkeep bot and all
FIXED: PK_CIS for pk*bots


DONE: bot_touched divert from items
DONE: item touch all rerouted - & classname = "player" for all touches
FIXED: no frag for killing a pk*bot & no score in pk mode --- custom obit deal
FIXED: bots stopped after touch - W_SetCurrentAmmo was setting think to player_run
DONE: bot_touched item moved to master_touch fn()


DONE: pk centerprint[2-7] to bots fixed
DONE: item code diverts, & code cleanup


FIXED: addbot doesnt work ?
DONE: merge bot code back into client fns
DONE: cleaned code - "( ( {code frag} ) )" all extra parens removed, logic check performed
DONE: *print, stuffcmd redone - removing classname == player checks


DONE: pk_rp_meld to native pk
--- some pk stuff is old & needs updates
WIP: pk_rp_qc to pk adaptive - extract pk*bot code
DONE: painkeep / frikbot sound takeover deal


WIP: pk_rp_meld to native pk - extract pk*bot code


DONE: dectran v2.0
DONE: dectran_sed --- space before = subs
WIP: pk_rp_meld to native pk


WIP: dectran v2.0


WIP: dectran v2.0
--- added dectran_sed to build the sed substitute script


DONE: decompile cleanup script
WIP: dectran v2.0


DONE: painkeep via adaptive source add in to v106 level code
--- improvements - backpacks grabbed by harpoon, code merge simplified in many areas, deathmatch mode 4 extrapolation from code fragments
FIXED: issue with impulse 1 cycle --- original code was borked my mod change back & forth


WIP: painkeep via adaptive source add in to v106 level code


WIP: painkeep via adaptive source add in to v106 level code


DONE: pk_reap update to qbot
DONE: pk_reap update to xreaper
DONE: xreaper code now compilable
--- some stuff not added due to regular code conflicts - ranking.qc, spawn.qc, properties.qc, control.qc
DONE: added frikbot to pk_rp_meld
TEST: 3v3 pk*bots vs. frikbots on dm4, skill 3 *bot won


DONE: decompiled code restore script
WIP: pk_reap update to qbot


DONE: syncing rest of hipnotic code base - installed meld
\\ "TEST"
WIP: decompiled code restore script


WIP: horn o conjure
TWEAK: hammer to lightning damage
\\ "TEST"
DONE: wetsuit
CHECKED: make sure skin is changed back when dead with suit ? - might be kind of cool to keep it tho
--- not changed & it is cool = leaving this way
TWEAK: wetsuit skin, skin control
CHECKED: problems with de-stating powerups - re: status bar icons
--- should be fixed, all de-stat is done with thing = thing - (thing & BITS), maybe make sure nothing else clears these bits with ( - ) oper
TWEAK: dm4 r_amb to 15 in code
DONE: painkeep damage skin support
DONE: fix rad suit skin borks on morphs
--- but morphs dont have suit skins
DONE: laser target sprite mdl
--- but does not work good, has many issues including 1 sided sprite not always displaying depending on angle settings


DONE: can o beans, empathy shield, air gun
WIP: horn o conjure
TWEAK: infront improvement - affects monster ai, sentry, cthbolt, airfist
\\ "TEST"
TWEAK: ammo max for grav well
TWEAK: viswep_load pre tests for items with no visible wep model, that cant use default
\\ "TEST"
DONE: adjust can o beans, empathy, horn setsize vs. mdl position
--- done with code, models are the same
TWEAK: decode parms to handle recent mode_y weps
TWEAK: FL_RANGE & FL_MELEE to test all bits in .mode
\\ "TEST"
TWEAK: airgun ops --- eliminating reduntant .vars
TWEAK: horn fans flames
DONE: fix hammer skin on handle
\\ "TEST"


FIXED: too many dynamic spawns for dm4 ?
-- needed think to setup - call from map_precache doesnt have full map load done
FIXED: using hammer with no cells
-- prethink check for ammo < 1 - doesnt handle hammer 0 cells condition
\\ "TEST"
TWEAK: laser target think replaced by post think call
FIXED: explosions ripping rubble from mid air


TWEAK: vector added to drop rnd for lightning penetrating lava thats not a horizontal pool surface
TWEAK: lava_shot() implementation + spikes, wiz spike, knight spike, imp / arach plasma, explosive spikes & plasmas
TWEAK: rain of nails always has touch now
TWEAK: pulse spike velocity coded in ent (.speed)
TWEAK: seen serious issues with inventory ammo (lasercan / hammer) & upgrade sound overflows
--- added clear section to load_item
\\ "TEST"
DONE: remove .old_velocity from hip laser


DONE: railgun needs to call rubble debris, & limit vibe to smaller rubbles
TWEAK: const for monster drown damage (currently false, till monsters can swin, float & get out of the pool)
FIXED: health precache bork - precache fn() was wrong
TWEAK: ominous hum sound cancel op
DONE: rubble hit sounds, menhir rise sound (rock scrape + rumble)
TWEAK: lightning strike lava effects


TWEAK: no longer melting into open space -- note: only takes care of items entering opens, rubble & others melting could still look bad depending on origin in model
\\ "TEST"
DONE: rubble more generic + menhirs
TWEAK: menhir size setting for movement block
TWEAK: menhirs shatter at time limit -- IDEA: th_die will go here too
TWEAK: viswep size v0, v0
DONE: teleport fluid should not be treated as liquid - its really as semi material astral gaseous substance
--- done for watermove, float & content check - need to search for other possible areas
\\ "TEST"
FIXED: railgun rubble issues


FIXED: in sp too many zombies are submerged - make a lot of noise w/ drowning damage
-- for now zombies in 1p take no drown damage - it wont kill them anyway
DONE: sky_touch recode
TWEAK: sky_touch now handles vector origin and surface string test
TWEAK: rubble debris checks every rubble point for sky touch
TWEAK: quake distance & rubble vibe
TWEAK: drop touch no longer sets .solid, better melt detection
FIXED: drop retouch reset melt think time issue
NO FIX: some rubble does not content check properly
--- because of velocity thru liquid (lava) check doesnt happen in a frame
DONE: check all holdent flag tests & add enemy check - all's well for now
TWEAK: laser target does not go in lava unless your view is submerged
TWEAK: shots stop on top of lava & sometimes shoot mini / micro lava balls
TWEAK: all med to large rubble does damage


DONE: wraith solid back to immaterial - checked noises
FIXED: string from last_texture not surviving think, even when copied
--- cheated - got rid of global & use separate checks with local value
TWEAK: re-ordered pre think, moved stuff to framecount & 3 == 3 for 1 in 4
FIXED: couldnt water jump while in chasecam -- waterlevel computation was wrong because cam changes .view_ofs
TWEAK: init code - INCARNATE, init viswep changes
TWEAK: re-order post think, moved stuff to framecount & 3 == 3 for 1 in 4
TWEAK: fires use floaty code for floating on slime pools
DONE: floating slime flares
TWEAK: entire content check -> slime_flare code set
TWEAK: in sp too many zombies are submerged - make a lot of noise w/ drowning damage
--- monster_zombie now ignores drowning - it cant kill them anyway


FIXED: wraith native attacks set frame - cant do this
FIXED: wraith .alpha not set because frames arent called in other forms
FIXED: changelevel ignored wraith status - made human
TWEAK: added players to teleport debounce
TWEAK: dyn ball lightning resistance for some morph
\\ "TEST"
DONE: lightning damage to wraith - 2x for solid, 4x for gasesous
DONE: T_LightningDamage - move wraith stuff out of LightningDamage
DONE: def lightning damage & for guns via eweapon.dmg
TWEAK: enhanced lightning code - T_LightningDamage to handle wraith, dynamo, particles
\\ "TEST" --- need to dest multi ent strike code (now recursive)
TWEAK: slight recode of chain_bolt (loopblow deal), dynamo
\\ "TEST"
TWEAK: new uber a'a' lava rubble


TWEAK: removed monster float -- monsters now die badly in water
TWEAK: railgun rubble no particles melting deal
WIP: wraith
TWEAK: health boxes have limited chance to put out fire or heal plague
TWEAK: var to keep wraith away from chasecam
TWEAK: beartrap 1 model set
TWEAK: wraith cant get health & gets nothing if alpha < .5
\\ "TEST"
FIXED: attack finish w/ wraith weps - some weps still dont fire


FIXED: grounded lavaballs dont shake - redid move_check values
DONE: more frames in ashcloud.spr
TWEAK: ash column gray particles
TWEAK: gremlin corpse is dp SOLID_CORPSE now
\\ "TEST"?
TWEAK: drop held tweak for quake & gravity
FIXED: 2nd drop held quake test foulup
FIXED: items & rubble float during quake
FIXED: flyers being quaked - added more exclsion tests
TWEAK: volano mdl / ops
FIXED: hot tarbaby shoot right code
\\ "TEST"
TWEAK: no missiles can fakeload if sub removed from solids
FIXED: rubble causes damage during quake if stationary
FIXED: monsters floating small amounts - restored previous code


FIXED: sniper zoom still has start & control issues - imp 156 cant always control & doesnt always start
-- was entirely issue with setting engine detect to dp
DONE: ash column for volcano
DONE: grayscale explode sprite for volcano ash
TWEAK: volcano napalm is ashcloud
TWEAK: volcano in non lava liquid makes bubbles
FIXED: cano over solid goes down into solid - de-lit model issue
TWEAK: volcano rises thru liquids now to main erupt height
TWEAK: shortened timer on fireballwep so they can clinker when shot close
FIXED: volcano had wrong frames - saved4 was set in dt2 to 3275
TWEAK: gravity can get bear traps now
\\ "TEST"
FIXED: quake still shakes holdents, deadcam, lavapuddles
FIXED: move_check failures - op was invalidated by T_AIR & T_GROUND tests
DONE: armor for ogre
TESTED: TE_EXPLOSION sound - generates explode sound


undone - TWEAK: how cold firelys are handled - no chance to mirv (we hope) - see next note
TWEAK: snowball skins match lavaball skins
FIXED: lavapuddles in water not cooling or doing anything - prob content clear in lavapud_ground - not only no
TWEAK: lavapuddles in water wont float
DONE: flamer on fire check same as plague
TWEAK: dead & on fire - corpse on fire, cleared spirit fire
DONE: ogre - really slow super grenade (cluster bomb)
TWEAK: chaos_bomb to handle above
FIXED: drop solidify scudging content control think time - detection attempt
\\ "TEST"
FIXED: lavapuddles in water - stuck in infinite ground attempt
DONE: framecount tests in pre/post think before calling fns - for all fns that only need once per frame, add frameran var
\\ "seems ok, need to keep watching"
TWEAK: lavapuddles now spawn from a thrown lavaball
TWEAK: fire fly cooling, floating - some flys dont float, scrapped - all flys will cool in time
TWEAK: ash column removes on sky


TWEAK: v_model gauge code qualified in post-think
FIXED: demon boom - flesh chunks are blast moved - moved after blash, still not sure about this
TWEAK: FL_PLAGUE flag for gib morph
TWEAK: redid morgue
FIXED: demon enraged blast leaves body
FIXED: damn eweap .th_walk crashes - qualified in post think
FIXED: things tossed in lava dont seem to behave correctly (cool lavaballs, rubble) - drop solidify resets think time
-- ISSUE: rubble floats strangely, takes long time to melt in lava
FIXED: lavabomb explode die - body sinks into solid - changed solid flag effect in morph die
FIXED: sometimes dead cam cant move? - set movetype? (anyway) - really because BecomeExpl tried to sub_rem player
TWEAK: axe death frames should now play out with human corpse
\\ "TEST"
FIXED: ogre morph pain frames have flaw - pain_finish not tested, now tested
TWEAK: explode rubble throw
TWEAK: fixed all pain frame bufus
FIXED: toss wep - eweap .th_walk crashes - eweap to world in device inv if none left
DONE: stop explode shell blasts on top of lava
TWEAK: randomize lg & sm rubble damages
DONE: tex like rubble for dp eng - need texture list
DONE: explosions make rubble (> 60 pts dmg small, > 100 pts large)


FIXED: dead bodies dont float right away - could have been monster flag
TWEAK: rubble_m.mdl changes
TWEAK: gibmorph gib test now defaults to -40% of max health (-40 for 100 health) - NOTE no code uses this yet
TWEAK: E_HEALTH flag in ent_copy: added health_modifier
TWEAK: plague touch for dead stuff
\\ "TEST"
IDEA: corpse killed by plague can transmit it - sort of, random for all gibs / corpse
TWEAK: T_AIR test for move_check now only checks velocity_z
TWEAK: clamped move mult passed to blast move as rint(damage / 30) |
\\ "TEST"
TWEAK: removed dp check on precip ents relying on dp code
FIXED: precached enforcer gun models
FIXED: altarbeta pk3 sky tex update - refreshed c1_ sky too - no more stretch
TWEAK: explode shell shotgun always blows limited by max range + sky fix - old mode shot & ejected, but didnt do explosions if beyond range
TWEAK: explode shell shotgun uses Explode()
TWEAK: Explode() now passed parm for direct damage to other ent - not good to modify .dmg
TWEAK: demon boom throws plagued meat
TWEAK: post think eweapon.th_walk checks against current map code for prot


TWEAK: steam.mdl from grenade smoke to rocket smoke - and back, rocket smoke looks odd
TWEAK: new volcano steam cloud
TWEAK: volcano bbox top - failed
TWEAK: monsters, players float - player float is just not doable - messes up exit water, does not float right
\\ monsters still dont float right
TWEAK: volcanic ash burst
TWEAK: TraceEffect for gunshots & quake debris on sky tex
TWEAK: content checking rubble, re timed, updated hip rubble, rail rubble
FIXED: hip rubble bufus
DONE: earthquake rubble
FIXED: weapons dont sink all the way
FIXED: no floaty in slime - item content flags wrong


TWEAK: bubble spawner - Q1_MODE setting
TWEAK: func_command - proper think
TWEAK: fire_fall - proper think
FIXED: floating items dissappear
FIXED: double float at init
-- drop solidify saw .style set by floater & turned on think - which led to placeitem, if droptoground() failed it removed - also caused double splash, etc
-- changed solidfy to check .think for re-thinkers
IFIDTCI: blast move moves floaters? works as is... -- waterfriction
TWEAK: uneven bob, no bubble items, water friction for avelocity, lg lavaball tricks
FIXED: large lavaballs making more large lavaballs in mirv()
TWEAK: earthquake & liquid
TWEAK: lavapuddle & pointcontents
TWEAK: bubbles for lg lavaball
TWEAK: cooled lavaballs no longer have smoke trail or light
FIXED: float dead bodies - was FL_MONSTER flag on monster corpse


FIXED: eweapon ref problems for morphs
TWEAK: changeing all builtin codes to 255, built in mapcode id's down to 4
TWEAK: positron blast on skytex = wasted ammo
TWEAK: grav getting stuck items
TWEAK: .currentammo = in morph code
TWEAK: out of ammo setwep -1 - removed, done by pre-think
TWEAK: removed Set_CurrentAmmo from become_* fn()s
FIXED: eweapon bug for ogre | enforcer
DONE: simple floating for: items, lavaballs, gibs, shells, dead bodies
TWEAK: lavapuddle grounding


TWEAK: no dynamic fire flys when volcano is active
FIXED: ogre firing pause when button held down - attack finished sequencing
TWEAK: hook hitting sky texs
TWEAK: bunch of new sky checks on many things
TWEAK: added sky_touch_pointer for fn() parameter redirects - does remove if sky touch true
TWEAK: weps & utils wont target sky (lasertarg, positron)
FIXED: harpoon fakeloading at sub_remove
TWEAK: ogre grenade fire pos - v_model view is off a bit for nailguns
TWEAK: all shot velocitys are constants
REMOVED - TWEAK: gunnery grenade fire now button loop
TWEAK: enforcer / trap laser fire code - FL_CTHONF
TWEAK: shalrath launch - FL_CTHONF
\\ "TEST"
TWEAK: tarbaby explosion
TWEAK: blast move moved to expode()
TWEAK: explode box to use Explode()


FIXED: lavaball tarbaby angles on spawn (_x _y _z = 0)
FIXED: tarbaby env checks are not quite right... (doesnt convert to hot, just melts out?)
FIXED: eweaps not hurting spawned gremlins? (morph_ffchk?)
-- foundtarget was overriding think to walkmonster_go which sets takedamage & FL_MONSTER
FIXED: ogre shoot nailguns from GL - nails fired frames only, needed direct call
FIXED: volcanic eruption slower lavaballs - min vel - FL_VELRND2 op changed
TWEAK: fire_burst parm vel overrides newmis vel for fn() that create a newmis
FIXED: item melt loop - safety var
TWEAK: burst_rnd_size for lavaball sizes on fireburst (also work for snowballs)
FIXED: large lavaballs mirv but still exist
TWEAK: volcano quake lockout timing
DONE: volcano plug tex matches flow
DONE: sky_touch fn, uses darkplaces builtin


TWEAK: ceiling dust from earth quakes
FIXED: morph heal scale was reversed
FIXED: gremlin frames & mjolnir frames dont match always
TEST: sound stutter for large lavaball launched by volcano
DONE: large lava balls have chance to puddle on the world
TWEAK: tarbaby now IS_LAVA & can convert to lavablob in lava (or come from large lavaball)
\\ "TEST"
TWEAK: tarbaby has slimeflare check if hot
TWEAK: ogre can get nailguns
NO-FIX: slowdown?! - test vmware - vmware bogs dp way down


TWEAK: altarbeta map load - sky fix, bkg sound, ambient light
DONE: scale morph heal
DONE: map load items prot from th_die if on spot
\\ "TEST" - not possible till th_die is implemented for items
DONE: slow down mirv fireballs
TWEAK: melting stuff in lava w/o particles will not spawn fires
DONE: chaos item - set explosive damages randomly (esp chaos bomb multi grenade)
+ upper limit on damage from chaos bomb explosives
\\ "TEST"
DONE: include health in inventory system & find_tdest


TWEAK: restored large lavaball launch sound on volcano
DONE: q3 map ents - shooters, target_position, target_sound
\\ "TEST" - sound


FIXED: gremlin cant get mjolnir because of builtins - removed builtin inventory bits to mode_x
FIXED: monsters not throwing packs
FIXED: whole bunch of obit msg misdirects - monster obits cleared to q1 stnd
TWEAK: zombie stench cloud limit
FIXED: gremlin to flight spawn uncurl issue
FIXED: m-gremlin gets stuck locked out of weaponframe code - bad .weapon setting on init
DONE: think fn for chaos teleports using trigger touch
DONE: q3 map ents - tele dest


DONE: speed up monster drown & lava damage - tone down slime for some?
-- removed
DONE: monster ai_run stuck code
\\ "TEST"
FIXED: dead monsters dont melt in lava - content check done
FIXED: watermove speed up has some issue? - multiple thinks spawned
-- removed
DONE: clear up item & monster oldorigin
DONE: map load items oldorigin restore on set_respawn
TWEAK: .cnt content test to watertype
TWEAK: melt code & content check for dead bodies
TWEAK: dyn alt fire using can damage
TWEAK: house of cthon lightning for 1 prong / no prong / unlevel operation in non q1 mode
TWEAK: monster cthon - health is now state, has 20K health to no point - he's DAMAGE_NO
FIXED: cthon issue
DONE: ents in solid with PF_SOLID handling
TWEAK: no longer change held ent ownership
DONE: original hold item code now works admirably
FIXED: poss. dyn spawner issues at respawns - wasnt really issue at all, see item below
NOISSUE: server reset on first re-spawn everytime - deathmatch is not 1 despite what console says
-- changes to 1 after respawn
TWEAK: jump in lava while holding - held item slips away & melts...gollum anyone


TWEAK: morph death code - centralized some stuff from human_die that needs done for all morphs
FIX: eject battery cont fire loop - check ammo limits for all weps
TWEAK: removed ammo perm & inf
TWEAK: positron shake code
FIXED: eweapon ref when ok to delete a dynamic
DONE: scale quakes - max vibe changeable - random for now
TWEAK: fixed lava / water discharge
DONE: monster Watermove
WIP: speed up monster drown & lava damage - tone down slime for some?


TWEAK: upgrade code - easier for dynamic code
TWEAK: 50% of time test for wep having no ammo on map
TWEAK: dynamic adds health too
FIXED: eject battery float roundoff bug


OLD:fix volcano, chaos_bolt slowdown issue (dynamic lights?)
-- think this was tight earthquake loop
FIXED: place item & chaos items
FIXED: removing dynamically spawned weps from map (chaos items, tossed weps, lava melt - any non respawn)
-- handled in sub remove - all such ents MUST route removal to this fn()
FIXED: turn last dynamic wep into fake_load wep
DONE: ogre weps done as enf
CHECKED: ogre weps - other special weps (lightning) - has none such as of now
DONE: debounce non living things in teleport
-- should be fixed by above ISSUE: dead threw into teleport & caused recursive tele-loop
FIXED: enf laser once picked up as map wep is infinite ammo


FIXED: respawns all borked w/o upgrade?
-- just a case of deathmatch not being set despite console stating it is
FIXED: held stuff is mussed by earthquake code (set_respawn + oldorigin) - held lavabombs flicking to origin, restored when dropped
FIXED: keep dynamic spawn points further apart
DONE: when returning to chaos | morphing - toss out armor, pent, quad, ring - with time left
TWEAK: polymorph code
FIXED: auto toss armor on morph prob doesnt work anymore


FIXED: code borks upgrade wep chain
TWEAK: upgrade adjusted to preserve .chain
DONE: item_spawnpoint, dynamic items
TWEAK: health touch now uses item_touch


TWEAK: chaos health effects
FIXED: invuln not expiring (mod to client code for spawn prot)
FIXED: lavapuddles 1/2 in walls - still sort of dorky depending on the hit & wall angles - leaving it this way tho
TWEAK: chaos fly sizes
RETESTED: bomb, gas blow up melting in lava, calling these good. or at least ok
TWEAK: beam quake properly epicentered
TWEAK: multi quake enabled!
FIXED: real map items now impact chaos level for chaos items
CHECKED: sentry stands grabbing non turret items? how does this even happen?
FIXED: setorg modify a free ent after some csbs - this is turret stand issue - just removing stand for now
\\ "TEST"


TWEAK: set dropped monsters back to FL_MONSTER - does not fix problem
TWEAK: water gremlins spawn awake - works
FIXED: beartraps not snapping - || in logic test
TWEAK: flame2.mdl chaos item adjusts
DONE: earthquake content check
TWEAK: flying things dont quake shake
TWEAK: chaos health effects


FIXED: viewpoint bork - possible use of .aiment in several places when its used by deathcam
TWEAK: dthrow in liquid spreads around body
FIXED: hold turret stand & toss bork
TWEAK: chaos item flame2.mdl adjusts
FIXED: clamped beartraps in lava - now shatter
FIXED: carryables clearing morph_ffchk because gremlin or human was holding no weapon
-- hope it fixes gravity death bork - seems to have worked


TWEAK: cleaned up chaos beam ent affect code
FIXED: chaos beam teleported targeter - locked rnd_list selection down to move_checked stuff
FIXED: sentry stand loop issue - stand takes no damage now
TWEAK: redid chaos_health to react quicker to low health since chaos cant get health
TWEAK: chaos constant - now need to recover BEAM_MIN to fire again
FIXED: massive tele splash when restored from solids
TWEAK: removed fire_burst compiler warnings
FIXED: chaos items hurting chaos again - move effect summoned items & chaos burst
-- unneeded FL_OWNOWN
FIXED: earthquake monster drift up


FAILED: lasertarget .viewmodelclient has some bad issue
FIXED: melt particle field bufu - melt spray for dead bodies / toss weps
TWEAK: chaos item plasma bolt model now has effects
TWEAK: some chaos items are now explodboxes - major tweak to misc code for this
TWEAK: sentry fire pos v_up
TWEAK: changed way content_cycle set flags - made additive
CHECKED: exploboxes cant be moved, blast moved or quaked - movetype none
TWEAK: melting now handles more explosives
TWEAK: gravity floats on lava & pulls in material
FIXED: melting explosives didnt respawn if items - when did this get borked?
TWEAK: heavy tweaks to firefly code
TWEAK: if < 4 fireflys on level they generate at melt points in lava


FIX: chaos reflect laser issues - must use HIP_LaunchLaser
TWEAK: teleport restore now done in watermove for players
TWEAK: how lavacthon & out of lava / in solid action goes
FAILED: laser target is treated with dp .viewmodelforclient
FIXED: harpoon should not pull lavacthon - right now just drop harpoon
-- need better fix - should pull player to cthon
TWEAK: hold position code done with darkplaces MOVETYPE_FOLLOW
TWEAK: earthquake sound
TWEAK: louder quake & gremling flying
TWEAK: monsters now have class_monster - mostly for earthquakes by the by
TWEAK: major earthquake code up
FIXED: quakes have bad effects on stationary monsters & corpses


FIXED: can sometimes see a frame before gremlin spawn - dont always see this entire sequence on a respawn?
FIXED: no firing after selecting morph - trying debounce code
FIXED: earthquakes dont shake norespawn(2) items
FIXED: darkplaces rain & snow issue
TWEAK: chaos & wraith dont get health boxes
TWEAK: chaos can now fire (& chaos_item) pulse spikes & reflecting lasers, plus hold times for these are longer
TWEAK: client or monster with movetype fly fails blast move ground check
FIXED: earthquake starts for player in chasecam or fpv - only if moving?! & doesnt trip flag
-- test bork, player ent was exactly at epicenter


FIXED: harpoon & annihilation bork
FIXED: zombie frozen after 2nd cloud
-- run was stealing think from paine
ISSUE: cant toss away axe sometimes (see screens)
- load_item may be called with bad mapcode, is called after axe toss? mc = 1
DONE: less elex dmg when dynamo spun up
\\ "TEST"
DONE: dead toss weps need resized for proper floor-age
DONE: vw_ dthrow refocus
FIXED: gremlin spawn - movement stops frameset
DONE: gremlin flying "flap" sounds
TWEAK: no fire spawn when lava melted ent passes into solid
DONE: fire cures - tele, health
TWEAK: harpoon retract does not bob view (stuffcmd cl_bob implementation)
NOT FIXED: can sometimes see a frame before gremlin spawn


FIXED: no reverse telefrag | spawnfrag for SP_IMMUNE timer - spawn_tsaver code in triggers
TWEAK: new gremlin special spawn indicator
FIXED: item move during spawn? spawn_tsaver? - tsaver directly using teleport_touch
WIP: wraith code
FIXED: gremlin spawn - run frames are accessible


TWEAK: qrack engine code to allow mod load w/o gremlin models
\\ FAILED - still has too big image
FIXED: enforcer wep change notification if chasecam
DONE: gremlin spawning animations
TWEAK: level change indicator
DONE: gremlin flyer skin change (green wing retex)
CHECKED: see if VWZ_ need adjusted for gremlins - seems fine
FIXED: enforcer laser dead throw floats above floor alot
TWEAK: flame touch doesnt try to relight a burning ent - for static flames
DONE: fire toss throws a held ent
FIXED: gremlin spawning - shouldnt go into run frames (special movestop 2)
FIXED: newlines during explosions (blast move)


DONE: re-redo v_ adjusts on - rl, gl, rg, prx, harp, lc
DONE: pulse nail gun
TWEAK: qualified other == self.owner in touch fns with if (other) due to way world touch is treated
TWEAK: beartrap can get monsters
TEST: missle surface strike tex, succesful
FIXED: enf laser inventory item not having fire sound


FIXED: grap pulling item should not leave hover harpoon in air if alt fired
DONE: vw_hammer
TWEAK: enforcers laser done, death throw added, no more elaser deal
TWEAK: enforcer can fire eweapon stuff - no vwep involved
TWEAK: dead bodies falling out of level


TWEAK: projectile spawns now inventory constants
WIP: align v_model & fired projectile positions on viswep positions
FIXED: dynamo freeze state
TWEAK: vw_grap adjusted for fired state & run / stand frames
FIXED: ammo load inv issue where ammo got reset to a lower value instead of added
-- happened if slot loading was previous to held ammo slots (hammer)
DONE: sounds for hip code
FIXED: protect all grap while loops
DONE: grap rope relocate to vw_harp locations


FIXED: no wep frames were not melee frames
WIP: gremlin spawn frames
TWEAK: melee damage sound seq + fixes
WIP: align v_model & fired projectile positions on viswep positions
FIXED: mjolnir sometimes screws cell guns ammo
FIXED: mjoltap.wav repeating
DONE: imp sounds - slash sound when hitting bleeder, clink on solid
DONE: imp immune to slime
TWEAK: dynamo & chainthunder have another fire mode, fixed dynamo op in chasecam & charge freeze
TWEAK: backed shotgun eject off some
TWEAK: '0 0 16' in fire viswep stuff to v_up * 16


TWEAK: added classname select to find_tdest for poss unique morph starts
TWEAK: .gatling now .firecontrol
DONE: redoing flyer code - reduce fn calls in frame loop, improve flow, added impulse 155 to control mode
FIXED: imp armor bork
CHECKED: super damage sound play
DONE: code optimization in pre & post think
FIXED: hammer bloodies walls
FIXED: accessing cyber morph - defs was borked
TWEAK: melee code to play a "miss" sound
FIXED: new freeze code screwed zombie during gas attack


FIXED: picking up a monster can be fuxored - .th_melee issue?
TWEAK: picking up telesphere has a limited chance of success
FIXED: - threw harpoon - null fn - due to inv list pointing at an upgraded(ing) wep
DONE: rain of telesphere


DONE: hip laser & hammer
FIXED: when leaving exit, vw_ were left hanging
+ FIXED - exit & if carrying viswp, they freeze in last spot
FIXED: downgraded stuff never returns after 1st visit
DONE: sort c_inventory weps - all out of wack
FIXED: downgrade doesnt seem to get rid of anything
-- works as of couple days ago


DONE: map load stats
TWEAK: tele sphere hum volume v 0.9
FIXED: vw_bomb skinnage issue - width was not multiple of 8!
DONE: items prot from SOLID
DONE: removing most objerrors resulting from bad map design
\\ ISSUE - some of this stuff (plats, doors, rots) may not work out too well, all needs tested
TWEAK: dp snow / rain
DONE: teleport check for: chaos beam, telesphere - make sure extents of ent isnt stuck in a solid


TWEAK: updated laser targ to "know" axe again
TESTED: holding explodbox & drop causing respawn makes it non solid to player?
-- sort of, can no longer pick up explodeboxes - need to see if they quake & blast move
FIXED: cant always get start pos when dp loads q3 maps - non q1 mode will pick a new random spot
DONE: hipnotic code - sort of - mostly all that were ready for
DONE: monster scourge
FIXED: infinite teleport with lavablob & chaos_teleport issue
-- think this was 1.5 time on chaos_teleport_restore


TESTED - loop play via telesphere
FIXED: teleport to item, way rnd tele gets dest
CHECKED: chance of fires & x angle in lava


FIXED: random loc for upgrade_ammo not too random - cnt_ent parms wrong
FIXED: throwing bomb doesnt clear viswp? or inventory, no ammo issue (should be carryable deal - look at inv removal)
FIXED: bomb snuff now no longer works
TWEAK: further random spot code
TWEAK: heavy tweak of teleport code for protection of ending up outside level &| stuck
FIXED: demo frames come up if last charge... call to player_demo17


DONE: vw_bomb, code
DONE: bomb drop needs to handle sequence thru frames to snuff fuse before starting drop frames
REDID: gremlin spawn now in water move


WIP: vw_ for grap, bomb
FIXED: grap frames issues (we hope) - FL_VANM fixed one issue, other was reel in on fire button going to fire frames
DONE: vw_grap
FIXED: vw_grap not going to fire pos - visawep FL_RANGE test


FIXED: tweak tank, supertank weapon firing projectile positions
ISSUE: engine failed after changes - mdl override tga made with layer->colors->levels tool was not good for dp
TWEAK: changed d_plasma_sht a bit (skin override tga now fails?)
FIXED: bleeding doors & other non bleeders
DONE: general melee damage fn
FIXED - arachnotron plasma is weak
- brainscan & slower firing large explosive plasma blob


DONE: arachn melee attack = brainscan
- T_ConeDamage basis
DONE: super tank morph


FIXED: rubble chunks no longer do damage when they are motionless
DONE:- chaos mod flamer 2 mdl, v_ anim & viswp anim, minimize skin
DONE: flamer 2 tga overrides
REDONE: gauge needle for vanim


DONE: v_flamer2, vw_flamer2, vw_gascyl
DONE: flamer2 code
DONE: gauge needle


WIP: v_flamer2, vw_flamer2
FIXED: chaos not exploding on ' was due to change of impulse 186 to 156
DONE: v_flamer2


DONE: blast proof test for things that take less blast damage
-- moved built in splash check from morph_ff


DONE: cyber, shambler morphs take 1/2 dmg from rockets
DONE: dud explosive handling
DONE: fix arachs sprite colors (somehow...) - mdl with tex override now


WIP: q2 tank implementation - death, repair mode, tweaking proj.
TEST: playtest with randy - prognosis "its a fun game"
TEST: chaos weps back in, firebolt out
FIX: tarbaby separate from lavabomb - fixes tarbaby smoke trail issue
FIX: tank able to stomp in air
Warning LINK(0): numpr_globals exceeds SHRT_MAX by 1
fqcc -allownest /O2
-- only needs /O2


WIP: q2 tank implementation - mgun, stomp, blaster


FIX: morph_ff logic error "|" test in FL_CLIENT - FL_CLIENT if statement
FIX: ogre no longer gets GL's
WIP: q2 tank implementation - incarnate, walk, fire


WIP: arachnotron implementation - die, pain, fire
DONE: base archnotron
DONE: morph friendly fire code
-- TDO: cyber inv. to blast damages
-- TDO: vore inv to own blast damage
-- handled by morph_ff for now
DONE: reduce morph damage from builtin explosives (ogre, vore, cyber)
- handled my morph_ff code - still need reduction if morph_ff is true


WIP: cyber implementation - smash animation, coding
DONE: base cyber demon
WIP: arachnotron implementation - incarnate, move

FIX: IMP_MFIREL, IMP_MFIREM 186, 187 were causing problems with same morph select #s
- changed to 156, 157


mvprg & qbkp in .ulb for admin
WIP: cyber implementation - die, pain


started doomer morphs - cyber, arachnotron
WIP: cyber implementation - move, fire


tested tt override + mdl - override has issues


WIP: turntable, tonearm re-map skin
rebuilt cube boxmap for template


WIP: turntable, tonearm re-map skin


WIP: turntable, tonearm skin


WIP: turntable
DONE: tonearm model 2


DONE: spkr remodel base, spherical & cylindrical spkrs


WIP: speakers, rec crate frames, general empty crate (hollow box) - milk crate, cardboard box
DONE: spkr remodel for new skin / accesorys


platform move to andLinux
WIP: speakers, rec crate frames, general empty crate (hollow box) - milk crate, cardboard box
DONE: spkr base override


WIP: speakers, rec crate frames, general empty crate (hollow box) - milk crate, cardboard box
DONE: Single record (2.3d2)


WIP: speakers, rec crate frames, general empty crate (hollow box) - milk crate, cardboard box
DONE: neon crates, wood crate 1, material pics, single record redo


WIP: speakers, rec crate frames, general empty crate (hollow box) - milk crate, cardboard box


WIP: speakers, rec crate frames, general empty crate (hollow box) - milk crate, cardboard box
WIP: shell casing override


WIP: speakers, rec crate frames


DONE: q2, d, melee model - added land mine
WIP: melee animation
WIP: club doom models - tt, recs, sleeves, crates
WIP: mdl sort, perhaps reload old archives


WIP: q2, d, melee model - added bsword, bardiche, max melee
WIP: club doom models - tt, recs, sleeves
LOOK: stlk


DONE: q2w viswp animation framing
WIP: q2, d, melee model set for animation


DONE: reskins - rail_swx, flamer2, gas cyl
DONE: anim for qw2 done, incl flamer2, cyl, rail_swz
DONE: rec pix for new materials


DONE: rail swz to viswp, g_, plans for tex anim for ops


WIP: doom, wolf melee weps, q2 range weps
DONE: set radiant q1 to use q3 shaders


FIXED: linux 8600 driver issues
FIXED: func_rubble bug on sth1_93 map
WIP: doom, wolf viswp models
DONE: doom, wolf all ranged weps - map to template data
LEFT: melee animated: pistols, chainsaw, mjolnir, q2 blaster


WIP: doom, wolf viswp models
DONE: consolidate railgun rubble? to rg_rubble.mdl
DONE: implemented some hip qc code - rotates, rubble, func_breakwall
DONE: geforce 8600GT install / driver upgrade

WIP: doom, wolf viswp models
FIXED: darkplaces - altarbeta sky cube issues - all cube map gfx must be square!
FIXED: short corner of big slime pool, bunker top edge issues
DONE: smaller barrel top lip
DONE: upscaled some doom texs - need checked (brown door, 2 tlights, compwall, planet1*)
DONE: re-compile of sth1_93 for testing skyboxes
DONE: test map area (de1m1_q1 outside)


DONE: bfg, plasma map entries, skull keys
WIP: q2 models & morphs
WIP: non override mdl texs
DONE: gas cylinders single model, tightened tex, override tga w/solid cyl tex


WIP: more wep conversion - wolf weps from q2gen
UPDATE: 4shell, shellbox, ammobox, clip, cellbox, cellpack, rockbox, d_shotgun, d_chaingun, d_rocket, heal_medkit, heal_stimpak
WIP: plasma, bfg, test map area


WIP: v_, viswp_, d_ weapon models for clubdoom
WIP: skull keys - issue: wrong mdl version?
DONE: d1 sky1 improvement from q2gen
DONE: gremlin randomly gets default human weps


DONE: ent that specifies restart default weapon
- default wep per map func_command
- pistol mod 1, code for clubdoom
- q2 chaingun in q1 mode
- q2 tank in q1 mode
FIXED: issue causing mdl freeze while run firing pistol
- many causes for def_weapon override not working
- ammo limit issue with bullets
- problem with fire in frames causing v_ frameborks (waiting till frame 2 was too long)
WIP: s4.mdo - moving lights...


DONE: doom door / plat sounds
FIXED: 5, 6 door sounds
DONE: r_ambient, loadsky on map load - d1e1 sky for d1 maps!
FIXED: uncrossable line on map (clip gone bad?)
DONE: r_ambient 15 needed for this map to be less than mostly dark in dp07
WIP: command entites - call things into action, play songs, set weaps, upgrade ents, etc


TWEAK: +0tekwall tex align & orient, outer court wall top & edges


FIXED: tweaked two corners outside exit room - stupid leak is back...and stupid leak is gone
FIX(ISH): +0tekwal - overrides missing +1, wrong images used (tekwall3), linux qbsp, wbsp165 do not animate
FIXED: +0tekwall in doomtex.wad & override tga's. still not scrolling so well
updated mc (mapcompile) script a bit
TWEAKS: tlite6_5, ltcol, gremlin skin (q1 pal) to override tga
DONE: 3 more lights in s4.mdo, skin retouch


clubdoom mod...
DONE: gatling map mdl, shotgun map mdl
TESTED: inv, invis, mega
FIXED: soul & mega limited to 200 non rotting health
FIXED: megasphere ops


-- lit up tech room monitors, tweaked more lights, added more lights
-- fred lights near end (complete base)


DONE: new flamer map mdl
WIP: abomb model, s4+ lights
FIXED: exit door lit


DONE: candelabra. lighting adjust

WIP: speakers


FIXED: all player starts got sunk in floor brush causing [hard to find] leaks
FIXED: player start stuff...again!
FIXED: planet img fixes (created mirror - planet1b)
WIP: candelabra as brush

clubdoom mod...
WIP: gremlins water code
DONE: additional time on doom powerups
DONE: radsuit code, doom armor oper.


major tex align / fix
comp2 aligns

FIXED: RL sits to low... - triangle mount dealy - seems ok for now (could make really smallish)
DONE: doom respawn sounds (.noise4)


clubdoom mod...
WIP: (aw) speakers, ttables
DONE: big cell box, keycards, skull keys
some texture tweaks - shell box text, rocket box text
more aliases

screwed the map...again -
2412 mergefaces
writing tmp.prt
************ ERROR ************
CanonicalVector: degenerate


clubdoom mod...
DONE: cellbox
model convert: (aw) bunch of stuff - rest of ammo, some creatures

cut more corners, fixed some edges
took more d screens - gibs & corpses
FIXED: secret door lip


cutting all corners
had dreaded ibpf after bkp p, had to redo corners -> caused leeks

clubdoom mod...


still tweaking item positions (near end, 2 heal pots)
all mod ents done

clubdoom mod...
DONE: medkit, stimpak, ammo box, blue / green armor, barrel, 4 shell, shell box, rocket box, clip
FIXED: barrel / explodbox loop in dm...original barrel ent was not set no damage, just spawned exploder


ibpf seems to be a radiant issue when 0 0 0 is missing from eol in brushes
adjusted lower walkway tex for internal slime pool
windows are now player clip - missiles should penetrate them
leeks are gone (wtf was going on last night? forgot to check for prt file?)
nuke24 tiling fix (issue with miptex, override tga looks good - fix it in mip?)
spirit armor, health bottle repositions
DONE: doom sign support door needs adjusted

clubdoom mod...
grabbed model skins from ypod with correct palette (made ypod.pal - didnt need it)
DONE: health bottle, spirit armor
FIXED: health bottle rotting


wip club doom mod:

general brush cleanup, [trying] to eliminate ibpf errors
got all slime pools slime filled


got de1m1_q2 convert compiling editing under q1

q3 map loader:
healths, small is blue bottle!


q3 map loader - mods to support q3 ents native

ammo_shells (cells, rockets) -> _ammo_*
(this didnt work - became q3_ammo_)


wip club doom mod:

refreshed memory on q1 map compiles, radiant editing, locations etc

trying to q1 compile q3 d1-e1m1 map - fails with
*** ERROR 03: line 34: Invalid brush plane format
out of (wine ../kit/Q161.EXE - linux qbsp just fails
spent lots of spare time on this

tried dtod3 map converter - seems to have fixed some of the quakedm issues.
(but not enough - edge issues)

Your current selection = a chief Enforcer..
CALL0 18432(???)
player.qc : player_stand1
chaos.qc : incarnation
cwep/chasecam.qc : cam_deathmove

NULL function
Host_Error: Program error

CALL2 449(setmodel)setmodel()
chaos_inventory.qc : load_item
chaos_map_code.qc : item_artifact_invulnerability

no precache: progs/invulner.mdl

Host_Error: NULL function
QuakeC crash report:
INDIRECT 28(self)entity 1 1221(_stand)._stand 18430(?)
NE_FNC 18430(?) 517(SUB_Null)SUB_Null() 18431(?)
IFNOT 18431(?) branch 4
INDIRECT 28(self)entity 1 1221(_stand)._stand 18432(?)
CALL0 18432(?)
player.qc : player_stand1 : statement 35
chaos.qc : incarnation : statement 86
cwep/chasecam.qc : cam_deathmove : statement 101

*** club doom ***


ability in tenebrae / darkplaces to play mp3 / ogg / wav from playlist, some kind of ingame control
map artifacts / models - speakers, spot lights, colored effect lighting, moving lights, fog / smoke
lower general light levels (tenebrae = sh_lightmapbright setting)
dm map rotation for engines (check into this - thought we already had this)
complete maps - visage, de1m1, d2m1, club shub, dragon, qend, qstart


recompile of under q3 - attempting q1 engine run


attemps to port q3 de1m1 to q1 are failing to compile after converting texs

outputfile: de1m1.0.bsp
************ ERROR ************
Parse error on line 467


mod to scite for qc files, all source and cpp detection
decision to complete club doom levels


chaos mod

FIXED: cam qc (respawn | start state)
--- not set at right point in respawn - using .dest2_x to set
FIXED: brightfield black bits
--- was setting color code from gl_brcol


chaos mod

FIXED: some internal chase cam position issues
--- fixed in chase.c, added some tweakers
FIXED: cam pitch fix (where player mdl is fully horizontal - already fixed for shadow)
--- fixed in view.c PITCH setting for viewentity
DONE: brightfield color choice (cvar...gl_brcol)


chaos mod

DONE: fog_slimefog, fog_lavafog added
DONE: fog_onlylava -> doesnt work as planned
FIXED: viswep model shade issue
--- needed viswp check here: R_DrawAliasObjectLight


chaos mod

DONE: r_wateralpha override


chaos mod

DONE: brightfield effect script color set
DONE: endcolor calc from startcolor if eff min end color is -
DONE: particle code to handle multi frame bolt mdl effects
DONE: script extension for multi frame bolt
DONE: gl_watershader override


chaos mod

DONE: tenebrae upgrades - q1 style (glowing) particles


chaos mod

WIP: tenebrae upgrades - particles
DONE: palette numeric code for array conv.


chaos mod

WIP: tenebrae upgrades - particles


chaos mod

WIP: tenebrae upgrades

DONE: brightfield effect script
DONE: chasecam fix (deadcam has to work) - tbr cvar


chaos mod

WIP: chaos beam, effect
DONE: upgrading tenebrae to chaos engine
DONE: instant, findfile & packfile msg ignores - cvars


chaos mod

WIP: chaos beam, effect
WIP: upgrading tenebrae to chaos engine


chaos mod

WIP: chaos beam, effect
WIP: upgrading tenebrae / glqbjp to chaos engine

DONE: quake src engine mod docs
FIXED: chaos change form thinks when dead
--- check for null.mdl that gets set when dead
FIX: tenebrae dyn lights issue - limit to 5 or so

FIXED: glq - SZ_GetSpace: overflow
--- fixed by glqbjp engine & tenebrae - bjp has other issues tho


chaos mod

WIP: chaos beam, effect
WIP: upgrading tenebrae to chaos engine
WIP: SZ_GetSpace: overflow

DONE: port & compile - see notes for details


chaos mod

WIP: chaos beam, effect
WIP: upgrading tenebrae to chaos engine
WIP: SZ_GetSpace: overflow

DONE: chaos beam summoning
DONE: better bounds checking on monsters (in wall, on floor)
DONE: get rid to self.trigger_field -> use newmis for proc_dropitem


chaos mod

WIP: chaos beam, effect
WIP: upgrading tenebrae to chaos engine

FIXED: TE_L...4 issue with non chaos engines
--- TE_L...4 set to 19 only for chaos, otherwise TE_L...2
FIXED: proxmine overblow
--- think fn call may have had huge val passed, rocket blow in lava also had big val
ISSUE: chaos hurt by random self gen. explosives - except proxys
FIXED: chaos self dmg on chaos_item explosives
FIXED: chaos morph setsize issue


chaos mod

WIP: chaos beam, effect

DONE: powerup recoded for new inventory -> chaos_items
DONE: chaos_item dropping usefull map items
DONE: particle field, lights, field move code
DONE: inv. when chaos_item fires explosives


chaos mod

WIP: chaos beam, effect
DONE: chaos transform 2 (polymorph)
DONE: chaos return to natural state if > 50% damage taken
DONE: chaos effect teleport


chaos mod

WIP: chaos beam, effect
DONE: chaos transform 1 (inanimates)
DONE: chaos sentry fire lightning


chaos mod

WIP: chaos beam
FIXED: beartrap uses newmis to intergrate w/ chaos beam
FIXED: lava burst on explosion could happen anywhere
--- put in contents check


chaos mod

WIP: chaos beam
DONE: chaos_item, chaos_burst


chaos mod

DONE: volcano lava flow when not over lava


chaos mod

WIP: volcano start condition - lava bomb & explosions done


chaos mod
current task: visible weapons

CHECKED: volcanoquake code slowing down game? not the case - optimized code anyway
CHECKED: regular ';' pickup code for anything in view, works - somewhat sensitive
CHECKED: bodies dont blast move - fixed with non solid findradius deal
?FIX: 1 slot issue as well - drop 1 shotgun when holding 2 - seems to work ok
FIXED: when 2 slots have same ammo, inv drop doesnt get ammo right on single slot gun toss
--- needed check_slot call, handle ammo_none carryables
FIXED: some weap frames are borked with new viswep code (gat...)
--- gat removed, all others fixed
FIXED: elec guns drop/pull framing & code, flicker - gauge anim?
--- gauge anim didnt check drop state
FIXED: wep select works for morphs, but v_model not set right (because dropull not used?)
--- temp solution - morph_wepmdl, really needs to use dropull code


chaos mod
current task: visible weapons

WIP: explosive sticks
DONE: big electric guns, 1st cut - need batterys for live fire frames
DONE: big electric guns drop pull frames


chaos mod
current task: visible weapons

WIP: explosive sticks
WIP: big electric guns


chaos mod
current task: visible weapons

WIP: explosive sticks


chaos mod
current task: visible weapons

WIP: big electric guns


chaos mod
current task: volcano code
current task: visible weapons

DONE: moved burned match into shell casings model
WIP: big electric guns
DONE: volcano sizer


chaos mod
current task: volcano code
current task: visible weapons

DONE: shell casing single model
DONE: gravity uses move_check
DONE: gravity single model cube.mdl (removed cubel.mdl)
DONE: engine mod so findradius finds non solids - uses cvar, may fail with large search radius


chaos mod
current task: gremlin code
current task: visible weapons

DONE: GibMorph - morph_die shoot gibs & throw head - gibs / morph sizes
DONE: GibMorph for human, scourge, gremlin morphs
DONE: gremlin pain frames code
CHECK: morphs (scourge) use of udeath sound - Removed with incept of GibMorph code
CHECK: GibPlayer sounds used by other morphs in those cases - now handled by GibMorph flags
DONE: chaos die frames
CHECK: snail gun 1 unit ammo & firing - this was ok with gremlin
DONE: gremlin drinking slime


chaos mod
current task: gremlin code
current task: visible weapons

DONE: generic player gib model, gibs melt in lava
FIXED: cthon to lava bomb framed out, made silent on bomb side


chaos mod
current task: gremlin code
current task: visible weapons

DONE: theft code & logic
DONE: gremlin_die


chaos mod
current task: gremlin code
current task: visible weapons

DONE: operating sentry, single model
FIXED: ammunition load box not melting in lava?
--- this was already set to melt and lava call to meltdown was failing
FIXED: supernail gun weapon frame runon issue
--- best wep not able to select internals issue - fixed in setwep when op < 0


chaos mod
current task: gremlin code
current task: visible weapons

DONE: gremlin theft method
FIXED: gremlin not starting with claw 202 in inventory
--- IS_SCOURGE test in armor post_think & failure to really give armor on 1st init


chaos mod
current task: gremlin code
current task: visible weapons

DONE: gremlin head
DONE: claw, bite attacks
DONE: sound research (1st movie)
CHECKED: sentry drop frame holster pos wrong?, looks ok
FIXED: gremlin axe & throw weps - no axatt(b,c,d)
--- chaos_weps, firecode
FIXED: scourge starting armor issue
FIXED: gremlin cant get human armor


chaos mod
current task: gremlin animation
current task: visible weapons

DONE: dropull, shotatt, axrun, axpain, axatta, axdeth, deatha
WIP: gremlin morph code
FIXED: gremlin melee holster pos
--- didnt have self
FIXED: gremlin wasnt dropulling
--- set weap test


chaos mod
current task: gremlin animation
current task: visible weapons

DONE: stand, run, pain, nailatt, rockatt, axstnd
DONE: viswep code for gremlin gun positioning
DONE: added center-mass, spike-center
FIXED: shell casings failing lava action
--- movetype none restored in move_stop


chaos mod
current task: gremlin
current task: visible weapons

DONE: gremlin mdl restore & fix
DONE: gremlin skeleton


chaos mod
current task: gremlin
current task: visible weapons

WIP: gremlin mdl restore & fix


chaos mod
current task: gremlin
current task: visible weapons

DONE: gremlin mdl


chaos mod
current task: gremlin
current task: visible weapons

WIP: gremlin mdl


chaos mod
current task: gremlin
current task: visible weapons

WIP: gremlin mdl


chaos mod
current task: HD install
current task: visible weapons

DONE: redo grab code with new move_check fn
FIXED: shell casings arent blast moved properly
--- onground flag - cleared in blast_move for everything


chaos mod
current task: mini volcano
current task: visible weapons

DONE: explosion blast movers - from radiusdamage
DONE: caldera blast, tweaked shards, shards remove with volcano death
DONE: blast_move env fn, for caldera and other blast explosions
DONE: move_check - testing to see if something can be moved
DONE: vis weps railg, chainthunder
FIXED: held ents not quaked or blasted
FIXED: morph pain sound not cleared switching to lavabomb
--- all cleared in clear new parms


chaos mod
current task: mini volcano
current task: visible weapons

DONE: custom engine id code
DONE: caldera model & code
FIXED: launch height set with plught, tweaked for caldera frames


chaos mod
current task: mini volcano
current task: visible weapons

DONE: implemented all new states except caldera
DONE: slow down volcano expansion above a certain frame
FIXED: lava path frame issues


chaos mod
current task: mini volcano
current task: visible weapons

DONE: more cone shaped cone, extended frames
DONE: lava plug better size to first volcano frame
DONE: dark & red cooling skin


chaos mod
current task: code fixes, spawn cleanup
current task: visible weapons

DONE: mdl cleanup (crate skins), archive
DONE: new hold code, hold by touch, tweak grab vectors, hold_dist for size 0 stuff
DONE: deadcam fov lock at 130
FIXED: flame frame stuck in lava from player douse
--- bad bubble spawner deal
FIXED: held lavapuddle vibes
--- check for held ent
FIXED: *** on death player still has control of org model
--- modelindex was getting restored from modelindex_morph
FIXED: no move after 0 modelindex (need + modelindex to move?)
--- set model to cam model
CHECKED: morph action with impulse 11 on builtin, no effect


chaos mod
current task: mini volcano
current task: visible weapons

DONE: *** no weapon selected & touch needs smaller radius, but maybe want something diff
CHECKED: launcher ball size - normal only over lava, small & mini elsewhere, yes
CHECKED: skin size impact on mdl (vmodel vs g, vw), resolved - save as quake mdl
FIXED: more things that should not stop thinking when picked up - missiles, explosives
--- should be fixed by grab.th_melee stuff
FIXED: **** steam column appearancem but still needs work
FIXED: any *lava texture is not affected by r_wateralpha

FIXED: couldnt select weapons after chaos morph state
FIXED: sometimes enforcer cant fire..
--- FL_DROP flag left set
FIXED: skin blank on death?
--- reset skin on clearnewparms - prob a multiskin pro issue


chaos mod
current task: mini volcano
current task: visible weapons

DONE: volcano model
DONE: model code in


chaos mod
current task: resaving new models as q models
current task: visible weapons

DONE: removed blulaser.mdl, laser.mdl is multiskin
DONE: engine TE_LIGHTNING2 extend with .mdl, (.skin does not work)
DONE: chaos model skin remaps
DONE: save as quake model(s)
FIXED: meltdown was clearing content fns, causing lavaball failures
FIXED: new melt code wasnt passing on FL_NOPART on ejected carts
FIXED: charge exploder didnt clear content
FIXED: frame lightning code broke reg quake mods
--- added TE_LIGHTNING4 protocol - the only one to read the frame float


chaos mod
current task: resaving new models as q models
current task: visible weapons

WIP: new lightning bolt model frames deal
DONE: lightning bolt model code
DONE: bolt2.mdl


chaos mod
current task: mini volcano
current task: visible weapons

WIP: volcano quake code
DONE: chaos env code for damage
FIXED: lrg lavaball sound length and mix


chaos mod
current task: lava flare blast, lg lavaballs
current task: visible weapons

DONE: modeling for puddle blob
DONE: mirv smaller lava balls
DONE: lava fire flare blast enhance
FIXED: launcher balls were changing size at random times after launch
--- .frame = code was borked
FIXED: (on start map)
Host_Error: no precache: defs.qc

QuakeC crash report:
STORE_V 1515(?) 7(?)
CALL2 448(setorigin)setorigin()
STORE_V 1489(chaos)entity 117 4(?)
STORE_V 1455(md)defs.qc 7(?)
CALL2 449(setmodel)setmodel()
chaos.qc : chaos_spawn : statement 69
chaos_env.qc : chaos_fire_fly : statement 20

--- misc_fireball was sending garbage string data to chaos_fire_fly


chaos mod
current task: lava fire flare blast
current task: visible weapons

WIP: gremlin mdl mk 2

DONE: generic burst code, and enhanced w/ many new features
DONE: lava fire flare burst using gen burst code
CHECK: lavapud launcher launch extend, lavapud time extend
--- seems to work...may be infinit extend issue, master time out?


chaos mod
current task: generic spawn code
current task: lava fire flare blast
pending task: visible weapons

DONE: many more spawns
DONE: new sentry logic - shutdown / touch / expl when no ammo
DONE: viswep called from postthink - no more flicker
DONE: generic particle code
DONE: need to handle everything that could explode in lava - generic spawn & fire_missile fix

FIXED: lavapud launched balls could hurt owner
--- owner set in counter decr code
FIXED: viswep when invisible (2ndary clients)
--- permanent fix in quake-c, imagine that


chaos mod
current task: generic spawn code
current task: lava fire flare blast
pending task: visible weapons

WIP: gremlin mdl mk 2
DONE: ptron beam, railgun beam
FIXED: grenade bounce not good
--- if (flg * FL_CTHONF) vfw = vdr; // ur?
FIXED: lava puddles not floating on lava
--- content_clear was stopping this


chaos mod
current task: generic missile fire
current task: lava fire flare blast
pending task: visible weapons

WIP: gremlin mdl mk 2

DONE: lava bomb shots, chaos weps, scourge nails
FIXING: lava puddle launcher landing problems

// fn(fn_sv_self) - save self & call fn
void(void() fn, entity sl) fn_sv_self =
local entity sv;
local void() callme;

callme = fn;
sv = self;
self = sl;
if (sl != world) callme();
self = sv;


chaos mod
current current task: generic missile fire
current task: lava fire flare blast
current task: visible weapons

DONE: generic missle fire code
DONE: remap of fire rocket, grenade, proxmine, chaos laser, scourge laser


chaos mod
current task: visible weapons
current task: lava fire flare blast

FIXED: cthon lava float
--- current method tweeks self.mins_z based on house of cthon level
FIXED: lavapud float * z adj
--- set to only do content cycle for 3 secs - after which float dealy ends
FIXED: item melt center calc - use hold method
--- done, but some models are wrong (demo crate)
--- demo crate fixed - its a wep, not an ammo


chaos mod
current task: visible weapons
current task: lava fire flare blast

DONE: add message clues for det anims in cc, safety lite, detonating
DONE: lava bomb explode shoots out ejecta
FIXED: lava bomb puddles more on ground (sometimes fall thru -
--- aux think fn lowers puddles till not above content empty
FIXED: ejecta lavaballs making launchers


chaos mod
current task: visible weapons
pending task: lava fire flare blast

WIP: melee viswep mdl

DONE: viswep melee frame data
DONE: axe, beartrap, gravity, det, demo, sentry
DONE: demo code sync with fire_toss, viswp stuff
DONE: add message clues for det anims in cc - whats selected as it changes
FIXED: separate expl shot restore_shotgun bork (dont throw out gun, just make it a MC_SHOTGUN)
--- turns exploding shotgun into regular one
FIXED: viswp fooled by IV_DEMO == IV_THUNDER
--- FL_MELEE, FL_RANGE fns, FL_MELEE must test first


chaos mod
current task: visible weapons
pending task: lava fire flare blast

WIP: viswep melee frames

DONE: gas cylinder inventory message reset for lbs gas pressure, drop msg gas cylinders
still a hack tho
FIXED: exploding shot & inventory drop
--- now handles drop expl shot ammo, drop shotgun w/exp ammo & other shell ammo wep | not
FIXED: picking up explode shot borks dbl if in primary slot
--- exploding shot code smarter about where shotgun is and restore op


chaos mod
current task: visible weapons
pending task: lava fire flare blast

WIP: viswep melee frames
DONE: q1 wep vmodel drop framing
FIXED: sync v_model wep frames to current drop | pull code
--- drop pull code in player.qc checks .pull, calls with frame ref 0-6
FIXED: viswep when invisible
--- but only for main client - engine checks items * IT_INV - which means you must use that


chaos mod
current task: visible weapons
pending task: lava fire flare blast

FIXED: dthrow weps ending up in ground
--- set size to player ent size
FIXED: zombie pain frame stuck issues, was drown pain_finished reset
--- reset air with pain
DONE: improved zombie pain, includes lay down, get up deal, better healing


chaos mod
current task: visible weapons
pending task: lava fire flare blast

DONE: lava bomb nail shooter sound change
--- short lava hiss, gets clipped slightly by full fire
FIXED: need to block doors, plats, triggers from holdent. (tho it would be a good boobytrap skill)
--- can only get solid_trigger for now


chaos mod
current task: visible weapons
pending task: lava fire flare blast

DONE: slight recode of misc_explobox for better code flow
DONE: ent_copy bprint conditional on constant
DONE: general hold ent follow improvement

FIXED: inventory problems with morph builtins
--- fake_load in W_SetWeapon
FIXED: drop explode box problems (this is set respawn and null ._stand issue
--- default respawn fn, handles explodboxes
FIXED: can pickup doors and plats...causes problems
--- fixed null think fn problem for this item - there are other problems
FIXED: eweapon bork for humans on incarnate
--- humans get fake_load, morphs find
FIXED: dp fails in 3
--- more heapmem seems to fix this, need more tests


chaos mod
current task: visible weapons
pending task: lava fire flare blast

WIP: viswep models

IDEA: split morph precache down to _become fns
--- can only be done in worldspawn or map spawn fns


chaos mod
current task: visible weapons
pending task: lava fire flare blast

WIP: removing duplicate precache calls

FIXED: *** level chg viswp problems
--- much new code
DONE: moved initial armor reload to viswep_chk due to convenience
FIXED: init has no weapon in hands, but self.wep is 2
--- setwep called from init level fns needed fake_load to get eweap
--- still have problem with _become


chaos mod
current task: visible weapons
current task: throw inventory recode
pending task: lava fire flare blast

FIXED: *** bad drop inventory failures
DONE: linked list drop inventory
FIXED: ammo factory
--- ammunition load toss was not 0ing the slot
FIXED: viswep slot issues when primary was dropped
--- had to reassing viswep .impulse
FIXED: dropping ammo when another wep used it
--- test for weaponframe was bad

bprint("unload wep ");
bprint(ftos(fl ));
bprint(", w ");
bprint(ftos(w ));
bprint(", a ");
bprint(ftos(a ));
bprint(", test ");
bprint(ftos( (fl && w != a) || (le.flags & FL_INVAMMO) ));



chaos mod
current task: visible weapons
current task: throw inventory recode
pending task: lava fire flare blast

WIP: throw inventory item code

DONE: gren, prox vw - skin support for g_rock.mdl, vw_gren.mdl includes prox skin
DONE: gren, rocket, shotgun, lightning fire run framing
DONE: rocket, lightning vw
DONE: more generic light & nail frame code (light fire frames not needed)
DONE: rest of q1 guns viswep

FIXED: rocket viswp can get stuck in run/fire frames?
--- ur? it is fixed
FIXED: run fire got wrong walkframe
--- walkframe == 6 changed to >= 6, should prob also test < 0?
FIXED: lightning beam problem
--- cl_beams_relative 0
FIXED: misc_fireball expiring?
--- nextthink was buried in player code
FIXED: bork in drop cycle
--- when reaching end, need to print first item again and set cnt = 0


chaos mod
current task: throw inventory recode
current task: visible weapons
pending task: lava fire flare blast

DONE: inv_list, disp_list, inv_ent, unload_list

Drop your Shotgun
Host_Error: NULL function
QuakeC crash report:
STORE_V 2804(oself)entity 1 4(?)
STORE_V 28(self)entity 103 7(?)
CALL2 2745(dropinview)dropinview()
INDIRECT 28(self)entity 103 148(think).think 2824(?)
CALL0 2824(?)
chaos_items.qc : drop_item : statement 42
chaos_weapons.qc : proc_dropitem : statement 323
chaos_weapons.qc : proc_dropitem : statement 499
chaos_weapons.qc : wep_impulse_check : statement 59
weapons.qc : ImpulseCommands : statement 20
weapons.qc : W_WeaponFrame : statement 24
chaos.qc : PlayerPostThink : statement 15


chaos mod
current task: visible weapons
pending task: lava fire flare blast

WIP: viswep modeling
FIXED: nailgun skin bitch
--- had to redo whole .mdl
DONE: supernailgun code animates all 4 frames
DONE: nailgun run fire framing code
FIXED: vmodel was locking up in run fire
--- FL_VANM must be set in self.flags
FIX: can no longer drop inventory (imp 246)
--- bugged this if stmt: if (self.impulse == 13)
DONE: check zombie die... zombie kibbles


chaos mod
current task: visible weapons
pending task: lava fire flare blast

WIP: viswep modeling
DONE: prone frame gun position
DONE: q1 guns master framing model
FIXED: rebuild shotgun, axe, qgun viswp models from base
--- rebuilt axe separate from vw_axe, added others to *5.2-q1


chaos mod
current task: visible weapons
pending task: lava fire flare blast

WIP: viswep modeling
DONE: prone frames
DONE: crouch frame gun position


chaos mod
current task: visible weapons
pending task: lava fire flare blast

WIP: viswep modeling
DONE: crouch frames

FIXED: self.items flags not cleared on morph_impulse
--- if if if in set weapon no getting to sca


chaos mod
current task: scourge extended weps
current task: visible weapons
pending task: lava fire flare blast

DONE: dynamo parts, scourge lasers
FIXED: issues with morphs getting map weps
--- drop pull was called, restricted to human
FIXED: map weapons over write builtins
--- real issue was drop pull problem, not allowing selection of any other wep, incl. builtins
FIXED: lava melt is blue/spark sound
--- change caused it - self.cnt = pco = pointcontents at start of fn
FIXED: when rotor toss goes away, postthink can fail with null fn on eweap call (SUB_Nop regen)
--- rotors _stand will be SUB_Nop (wont go away - does this need a better sol?)


chaos mod
current task: lava blob morph
current task: visible weapons
pending task: lava fire flare blast

DONE: lava bomb fires lava nails
DONE: lava bomb shoots smaller lavaballs which mirv into smaller lavaballs
DONE: generic morph weapon inventory slots & impulse code
DONE: morph built ins all need similar access & storage, scourge & other upgrades need handled
--- upgrades handled as map weps, or internally on builtins
DONE: reg. health boxes add heal * healmod if .health < max - 100;

FIXED: wep select - shambler, hknight
--- better morph impulse generic code, even better select code than that
FIXED: .currentammo being changed for perm slot weps
--- check for eweapon before setting


chaos mod
current task: lava blob morph
current task: visible weapons
pending task: lava fire flare blast

DONE: lavablob cthon form

FIXED: spinning puddle launcher
--- avelocity 0
FIXED: fire fly null fn
--- nixed spawner, worked on puddle settle
FIXED: hk_lesser issue (w key, impulse 13...)
--- put in eweapon ent check
FIXED: cthon attack vector
--- added +80 z
FIXED: cthon view ofs 1pv
--- really set here: morph_chasecam_fpv, still doesnt go high enough


chaos mod
current task: lava blob morph
current task: visible weapons
pending task: lava fire flare blast

DONE: gat viswep modeling
DONE: lavablob die frames, slime flare, fireball spurts

FIXED: primary weap in pack issues
--- commented out primary code, still have carryables ending up in pack
FIXED: skin death issues
--- added skin field to E_MODEL of ent copy


chaos mod
current task: lava blob morph
current task: visible weapons
pending task: lava fire flare blast

DONE: limited lava bombs water damage when jumping
DONE: lava leftbehind
DONE: T_FireDamage added, heals lavablobs, hurts everyone else for damage
FIXED: lavablob jump is faulty!
--- put in 5 sec timer with .lefty
FIXED: drop back was removing player
--- looks like this was meant to remove the pack if it would be empty.
FIXED: temp item null think fn issues
--- where code leads to SUB_Remove, set _stand to same think code incase drop_solidify call set_respawn
--- spawner used to do solidify
FIXED: lavaballs shot by lavablob if picked up and dropped in lava explode?!
--- had rocket_think in _stand
KNOWN: set respawn gets called by itemmelt for all temp items dropped in lava because of FL_ITEM


chaos mod
current task: visible weapons
pending task: lava fire flare blast

FIXED: morphs having visweps for now (switch to enf & get wep - try start as enf)
--- just test for human for now
*** TDO: firing from run frames (requires viswep mdl frames) do models before mass job done
--- modeling done, need support code
FIXED: enforcer skip walk
--- used $walk1 instead of run

DONE: enforcer morph now uses walk and run frames based on player speed vlen
DONE: using rest of morphs walk frames
DONE: base lavablob code, in lava & water stuff, fire code

float t;
if (self.walkframe == 1) // player move speed
t = cvar("cl_fowardspeed");
bprint("speed, avg: ");
bprint(", ");
vector sp;
if (self.walkframe == 1) // player move speed improved
sp = self.velocity
sp_z = 0;
bprint("speed, avg: ");
bprint(", ");


chaos mod
current task: visible weapons
pending task: lava fire flare blast

DONE: global compile CHSCAM_NO_WATER to determine if cam allowed in liquid

*** FIXED: deadcam no longer moves!
--- this is a darkplaces engine problem, current code works with glq
--- changed .enemy to .aiment incase the ever popular enemy is ever jacked
FIXED: logic tests that fail: if (CHSCAM_NO_WATER & self.owner.waterlevel)
--- if ((CHSCAM_NO_WATER == TRUE) & (self.owner.waterlevel != 0))


chaos mod
current task: visible weapons
pending task: lava fire flare blast

TDO: drop temp ents of guns on death

FIXED: null fn error
--- calling item_call when SUB_Null, prob because atype was wrong
--- atype .weapon instead of .impulse
FIXED: not throwing axe / shotg
--- .weapon not set on vwepent
FIXED: can always touch dthrow items
--- touch set by think from ._impulse
FIXED: morph switch doesnt remove visweps
--- drop weps in switch, not throwing - dead flag check failed, removed
FIXED: height of dropped weps issue
--- set them just above model ground plane


chaos mod
current task: visible weapons
pending task: lava fire flare blast

DONE: throwing gun deletes vwepent
--- put in throw code = where inventory bits are cleared
DONE: drop | pull from run frames

FIXED: when dropping self.vwepent vwep .think is lost
--- check for this when deleting
FIXED: when firing last carryable must lose vwepent
--- same fix in device_inv [chaos_devices]
FIXED: run drp frames borked
--- drp_frames parms were backwards
--- player_run still had macro on
--- drp_frames pull code no good for start during run
--- still borked - redid with new ent .float viswframe, for sep viswep frames
--- nixed: FIX: dont want to do these in drop | pull: start to run
FIXED: MC_AXE test in frames needs done by another method that covers all axe frame weps
--- used mode_x flag test against FL_MELEE
FIXED: run frames borky because of dropull slowdown
--- reset think time for run (take this out later?)


chaos mod
current task: visible weapons
pending task: lava fire flare blast

FIXED: cant pick stuff up while holding gun
--- added to hook check
FIXED: dont want to do these in drop | pull: start to run
--- put in move_stop & restore to MOVETYPE_WALK when done - may not be best solution
--- locks out jumps & other move stuff
FIXED: can fire in pull state (couldnt fire in drop becase eweapon was null)
--- attack_finished set in pull | drop frame code
FIXED: fire hooks
--- fixed by above, that should lock out all impulse cmds (this desireable?)
FIXED: start a switch from axe while in run puts axe in holster pos (MC_AXE test)
--- dont null eweapon until drop frames call setwep
FIXED: not holding any gun for weapons with no vwep model
--- generic q gun model force
--- issues: viswp impulse set wrong, forgot set model, cth inventory code set vwep twice
chain thunder has extra viswep model

DONE: default qgun viswep code
--- checks .vwep and assigns default if null

finished vw_clight, vw_qgun (sort of)


chaos mod
current task: visible weapons
pending task: lava fire flare blast

FIXED: incarnate new starts with drop wep
--- check for wep prior to drop in setwep
FIXED: cant reselect shotgun - due to & self.weapon &
--- changed to (self.weapon != 0), then removed
FIXED: a few frame borks
--- various things, one was not allowing a pull run imm. after a drop finished
FIXED: axe frame were odd in holstered set
--- org axe model was still in fire pos - updated in play model
FIXED: vis axe frame bork
--- had to sub frame check from add = viswaddf - melee_frames
FIXED: impulse 11 (no wep) reset to shotgun
--- set weapon = 0 before dropwep call

setup basemodel wk set
tweaked flamer vis wep base

CODE: display each self.frame when it changes
float FIXfbr;
if (self.frame != FIXfbr)
bprint("flags = ");
bprint(ftos(self.flags & (FL_PULL | FL_DROP)));
bprint(" frame = ");
FIXfbr = self.frame;


chaos mod
current task: visible weapons
pending task: lava fire flare blast

seq {

drop wep frames (use prev_weapon is FL_PULL?)
at end set main view wep to world
at end start pull if self.weapon > 0
if self.weapon = 0. goto walk, all weps holstered
pull wep frames -
set main view wep to new wep
run frames

FIXED: code loop on drop pull code
--- called setammo before setwep
FIXED: viswep frame bork
--- holstered wep code was missing 2 light frames & 2 nail frames (DOH!)
FIXED: model drifted on lifts, when falling, on hook...
--- viswep_set is think fn with 60th sec response
FIXED: frames failed in stand - issues with $dropull1 additive
--- init add on start, remove macro that set frame to $axstand1 on entry


chaos mod
current task: visible weapons
pending task: lava fire flare blast

most axe holster frames done

weapons drop & pull recode -
- drop will be separate impulse, and must drop prior to change or pickup item
- removing hotkey support for now
- impulse 11 will be dropped, serverflags cheat dropped
- drop item code will only offer to drop main (un holstered) wep
- level change issues if holding or all weps holstered


chaos mod
current task: visible weapons
pending task: lava fire flare blast

more gen. gun position modeling, axe frames - more g.b.p.
gun base data done for firing weapons, still have axe, carryable weps

FIXED: shotgun fire frames for vw_shot.mdl looked ugly
--- forgot extra nail & light fire frames in player.qc, forgot player.mdl update
player_004.1.mdl is current player base


chaos mod
current task: visible weapons
pending task: lava fire flare blast

FIXED: cl.viewclient is NOT player ent, PROG_TO_EDICT(pr_global_struct->self) is not _always_ player ent
--- used global init to 0 - on first call pr_global_struct->self seems to be player
FIXED: model->flags is NOT ent->v->flags!
--- used player ent flags
FIXED: gl_rmain.c is NOT correct location for code in darkplaces
--- code needs to be in R_Model_Alias_Draw( in gl_models.c
FIXED: dist variation in darkplaces is in excess of 16 units
--- changed test condition from < 5 to < 20 units

more gen. gun position modeling, axe frames


chaos mod
current task: visible weapons
pending task: lava fire flare blast

more work on generic gun positioning
- setting generic gun base point & player model position / rotation set for all frames
- looking at engine code to not show vis wep model when view is internal

if ( ((int)ent->v.flags & FL_ONGROUND) )
FIX: above doesnt work, need to NOT display vis wep model in 1pv

FIXED: qc code needs to be in post think - pre think has display sync issues


chaos mod
current task: visible weapons
pending task: lava fire flare blast

worked on generic gun positioning (mdl editing)

EXTRA: codged together a simple features web page. first feature = dynamo.


chaos mod
current task: visible weapons
pending task: lava fire flare blast

coded vis wep test

FIXED: shotgun fire frames not in sync
--- model frameset in wrong place

TEST: visible wep system works for cam view, 1pv has issues with external wep model


chaos mod
current task: slime flare up

coded slime flare up
"when a napalm blast from the flame thrower lands in slime it a) floats and b)
has a chance of causing more fires to flare up randomly. a random 7 - 12 flame
balls are genenrated. 1 - 3 balls shoot out a short way from the initial fire
and then each one can throw out more fire until all balls are generated.
once all balls are tossed out, these then have a similar chance to cause
more flare ups."

added flags:
float FL_FLARE = 8192; //entity is a flare starter
float FL_SUBFLARE = 16384; // flare up flow
float MAX_FLAME_CYC = 64; // max cycles flame will burn

FIXED: napalm balls weren't thrown from initial center ball
FIXED: fires didnt set owner correctly causing problems with sub flares
FIXED: timing | chance issue caused flare up overload
FIXED: some fires dont stop burning
--- added master timer MAX_FLAME_CYC = 64


chaos mod
current task: hold | drop items

a couple old issues fixed:
FIXED: exploding rockets dont respawn? (become expl hijacked think fn)
FIXED: splash and thud sounds during crow vision
(still have splash sounds on flame in slime to look at)

FIXED: health boxes cause "no think fn" failure if melted or dropped outside level.
--- were not set up for set_respawn, added vars so this works
FIXED: fire could be grabbed and not burn player!
--- fire doesnt get held and touch is forced. for lavaballs, if hot player is burned then ball cools and is held

Fire is set to be carryable by chaos | cthon morphs, but code is not tested. main issue is fire going away after drop
Some temp items (like thrown ammo crates) need to be tested for PACK_TIME melt rule

Had great idea for visible wep system...

Planned code for fire slime flare up and lava flare up for flamer napalm in both contents.

tested q2 models (railgun) in darkplaces - works good


chaos mod
current task: hold | drop items

FIXED: things dropped outside level are lost.
--- check for CONTENT_SOLID and go into respawn cycle
FIXED: you can still touch some gettables while holding.
--- needed another check in a touch fn.
FIXED: lots of problems with think fn turn off and restore.
--- not viable to save think fn (it gets overloaded by re-solidify think when item dropped)
just coded to redo thinks after drop solidify.
FIXED: temp items (shell casings) dont disappear when dropped.
--- need FL_REMOVE flag for these and lava balls. flag had to be put in .lip because of FL_ITEM falling issues


chaos mod
current task: hold | drop items

FIXED: when holding a gettable item (i.e. ammo shells) touch gets it and leaves player in bogus hold state.
--- touch is turned off when grabbing
FIXED: ammo crates do not rotate around thier own center.
--- offset calculated based on mins & maxs.
FIXED: ARGH, stuff doesnt fall when released!
--- flags must only be = FL_ITEM, MOVETYPE_TOSS and SOLID_TRIGGER are untested to see if absolutely neccesary
(This reappeared several times...)
FIXED: item solidify has a few issues when used with hold | drop.
--- coded a new drop solidify fn to fix these


chaos mod
current task:
picking up and holding | carrying items
(yes I jsut finished halflife 2...)
basic coding done, has some issues

added defs | flags:
// holding stuff
.entity holdent;
float grab_radii = 16;
float grab_dist = 48;
float FL_HELD = 128;

big issue - think fn is removing held items causing problems

previous state of chaos:

hipnotic code base
fixes for many of the 1.06 quake c issues, code compiles clean with no error | warnings

basic user controlled morph code
morphs: chaos, marine (human), scourge, demon, enforcer, hell knight, ogre, shalrath, shambler, scragg, zombie
morph corpse left when you die as a morph
walksounds for some morphs (scourge)
call of the wild - morph sound off - wav's from monster sounds for morph states
random and impulse controlled

advanced inventory system with dropable (throwable) weapons | ammo | items
features: fuse bomb, demo charges, detonator, dynamo, flame thrower, gatling gun,
gravity bomb (pain keep), grapple hook (internal), laser target, positron, railgun (q2),
beartrap (pain keep), chain thunderbolt (pain keep)
backpacks contents can be riffled by more than one player
advanced chasecam

advanced environmental effects
most stuff floats on and melts in lava, lava balls sink slowly
lava balls can mirv into fires and more lava balls
bear traps break when thrown in lava
potential to float on water & slime
many things are removed when hitting sky brush

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