Painkeep v3 - Blast your opponents with 3 times the Pain. Deathmatch mod - make other players "die." Disclaimer - this is a free product with no warranty - see disclaimer.txt for details. Number Six - welcome to the village.

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Nov 6 2012 Anchor

What is Painkeep?

"PainKeep is a DeathMatch-only "mission-pack" designed for use with registered
Quake. PainKeep not only offers brand new weapons (with new pickup and view
models), but also a new rich environment with tons of new sounds, new special
effects, great new features, and lots of surprises. Every modification
included is original. This is in no way a compilation of various "weekend
mods" from the net."


PainKeep goes back to Deathmatch's original emphasis. Make other players die.

====================================== ======================================

Release schedule:

Painkeep v1.1: 02 July 1997 - Copyright (c)1996,1997 Team Evolve.

Painkeep v1.11: 11 Aug 1997 - Evolve bug fix update

PainKeep Artifacts 1.3 - 03 Dec 1999 - Copyright (c)1999, 2000 Thing & Ergodic
- new maps and 4 new painkeep items

Painkeep Convenience pack: 17 Aug 2001 - Multiple credits:
- PKN Maps (+new hub [ #2 ]) - quovadis and clan [N]
- PK Artefacts 1.3, ThinG maps (+new hub [ #3 ]) - ThinG and Ergodic
- readme signed --==blakjack==-- (perhaps the packager ?)

Painkeep v1.12c - 23 Feb 2008 - Eddie Cottongim (quake world update)

Painkeep v1.2 - 27 Apr 2008 - Cataboligne (source code update for v1.11)
- admin & user menus, re-organized source code for adding to other mods

Painkeep v1.2.1 - 16 Oct 2008 - Cataboligne (source code update for v1.11)
- bug fixes, extended map support for hubs 2 & 3

Painkeep 2.0 (beta) - 18 May 2010 - Cataboligne (major update!)
- bots, visible weps, chase cam, quake 3 map support, random pk items

Painkeep 2.2.1 - 19 Apr 2011 - Cataboligne
- gold version for 2.x, bug fixes - final release

Painkeep 3.0 - 27 Oct 2012 - Cataboligne
- bundled with Archon [!] - not a separate release (yet)
- painkeep item stat control, modified pk items, other improvements

====================================== ======================================

Why I like:

Painkeep is my favorite DM mod. Ever. It was just that awesome. And back in the heydey of 14.4 modems when some of us just could _not_ play online, someone was kind enough to bundle it with the uber-mensch (but buggy, and not using pk items) reaper bot.

When you got bored with vanilla quake DM, painkeep is where you went.

When the original (circa '02) chaos mod code would not accept bots - and I had to start over...I picked painkeep as the base code set. And it is likely every DM mod I release will support Painkeep.

I plan on investing some time the next few months promoting Painkeep along with Archon.
Whether or not a separate PK3 release will see the light of day remains to be seen.

Edited by: numbersix

Oct 1 2013 Anchor

Absolutely the best DM mod ever made when it came out. It was like, this is hyper active, oh my god, make you twitch in your seat fast and furious of gunplay. O-O I might have even played you online a few times since 1997.Numbersix, are you related to Shithead or Niborevoli ?? Doc? They still update the code an make further mods like zany and burrito mode. Open Source updated recently and available last standing Painkeep server Weenieville Painkeep is at current project is to add the Painkeep weapons to a customized Mega Team Fortress and be able to switch between coop teams mode and play just plain DM mode. Monsters in the coop mode will be optional.Kudos to the site for the original TF source since the current posessor of United Mega Team Fortress is being reluctant to release his current source, and not some pieces here and there. Looking forward to make a contribution to the mod community.Argonator.

Oct 2 2013 Anchor

Oh wow...someone actually read this. Cool. LOL
Painkeep is still pretty wicked. I've got some cool mods (rocket / lightning shooting auto sentries!)
I think the last time I played anything online was years ago. I know I played some nexiuz when it came out.
And some darkplaces mods after that. But painkeep? I doubt it. Last time I was on that was late 90's.
And not related far as I know.
Might run into you on a server one day.
Good luck.

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