The great war began on July 28, 1914, when Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia. The conflict rapidly spread and soon, Germany, Russia, France, and Great Britain were all drawn into the war. This was due to treaties that obligated them to defend certain countries.

Unique features

- Tank armor. Units with this trait has a damage modifier incoming attacks. Depending which direction the projectile hit, damage will be different.

The default setting for tanks:
Attacks from front 50% less damage.
Attacks from side 25% less damage.
Attacks from behind full damage.

Shielded artillery also uses this kind of armor but with different settings,

- Population limit. Units requires population which can be increased by building houses.
- Swamp terrain. Only passable by infantry.
- Rails. Trains can only be built and run on rails.


- Austria & Hungary (alpha ready)
- France (todo)
- Germany (todo)
- Italy (todo)
- Ottoman Empire (alpha ready)
- Russia (todo)
- UK (alpha ready)
- USA (todo)

Austria & Hungary flag Austria & Hungary

Unique buildings:
- Headquaters. Generates a small amount of cash.

Unique units:
- Trade trucks. Goes back and forth between supply station and HQ. Each trip generates cash depending on distance to supply station.
- Panzerzug II. A strong armored train. Strong unit with self healing, limited to rails.
- Austro-Daimler Panzerwagen. A light tank. Strong vs Infantry.
- Junovicz Panzerwagen PA1. Medium tank. Strong vs Infantry and Light tanks.
- Lancia Ansaldo IZ. Heavy tank. Strong vs Light, Medium tanks and structures.
- Scoda modell 14. Field artillery. Strong vs Tanks and Structures.
- Skoda 305mm. Long range howitzer. Strong vs Infantry and Structures.
- 88mm Flak 16. A mobile anti-air gun. Strong vs Air.

Unique changes:
- No access to stable.

Ottoman Empire Flag Ottoman Empire

Unique buildings:
- Headquaters. Provides huge buildable area. Represents the ottoman empire's massive empire.
- Tax Collector. For every house built Tax Collector generates $50, to a limit of $700.
- Krupp 35.5cm. Defensive structure with a long range howitzer.
- Anti air-gun. Improvised anti air-gun. A cheap defensive structure with poor accuracy and range.

Unique units:
- Hotchkiss. Cheap and fast vehicle with a mounted light machine gun turret. Strong vs infantry.
- Krupp 7.5cm. A field artillery with descent armor and damage. Strong vs Tanks and structures.
- Krupp 8.7cm. A field artillery with weak armor but great damage. Strong vs Tanks and structures.

Unique changes:
- No access to tank factory.

UK Flag United Kingdom

Unique units:
- Trade ships. Goes back and forth between supply station and shipyard. Each trip generates cash depending on distance to supply station.
- Mark IV. Heavy tank. Strong vs Light, Medium tanks and structures.
- Ordnance QF 13-Pounder. Cheap and mobile field artillery. Strong vs Tanks and structures.
- Ordnance QF 15-Pounder. Mobile field artillery. Strong vs Tanks and structures.
- BL 60-Pounder. Long range & slow field artillery. Strong vs Tanks and structures.
- 12-inch Railway Howitzer. A train equiped with howitzer. Strong vs Infantry and structures.

Unique changes:
-Infantry & mounted is built immediately with rank 1.

Common units & buildings

- Power plant. Generates power.
- House. Increases max population.
- Barracks. Grants access to build infantry units.
- Stable. Grants access to build mounted units.
- Vehicle factory. Grants access to build vehicles and artilleries.
- Tank factory. Grants access to build tanks.
- Reconnaissance center. Grants player minimap and unlocks several units.
- Airstrip. Grants access to aircrafts.

- Rifleman. Standard infantry unit. Strong vs Infantry.
- Grenadier. High-risk, high-reward unit. Strong vs Structures.
- Field medic. Aids friendly infantry.
- Chemical soldier. High-risk, high-reward unit. Throws gas grenades, damages overtime. Strong vs Infantry.
- Flamethrower. Strong vs Defense.
- Mechanic. Repairs friendly vehicles.
- Thief. Infiltrates enemy structures. Steal all credits from the player.
- Engineer. Captures neutral and enemy structures. Repairs buildings.

- Mounted Grenadier. Grenadier mounted on horse. Quick unit, good for hit and run tactics.
- Dragoon. Rifleman mounted on horse. Quick unit, good for hit and run tactics.
- Scout. A mounted scout. Quick unit. Uses a saber in close combat. Strong vs single infantry targets.

- Train cart. Must be built on rails and may only move by rail. Can transport up to 10 infantry.

- Observation Balloon. Has a great line of sight but slow.
- Fighter plane. Fast but poor line of sight. Strong vs air.
- Bomber plane. Slow and poor line of sight. Strong vs buildings.

- Battleship. Strong vs Cruisers.
- Cruiser. Strong vs Submarine.
- Submarine. Strong vs Battleship.
- Transport. Can transport vehicles and infantry over water.

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Next in progress

News 12 comments

What I will try to start working on next (In priority order):

  1. Fix upcoming bugs.

    I will try to fix bugs as soon as possible and release a new version. My main goal was to release a playable version as soon as possible to get feedback. If people think the mod is worth playing or not. I think I have atleast succeded in releasing something that works.

  2. Adjust gameplay & balance based on feedback.

    This takes a bit more skill and constant adjustments to perefect. Will probably never be perfect but I will attempt to balance the game as best as I can with your help. I'm hoping for more feedback regarding gameplay from people to come.

  3. Support powers.

    Support powers is especially difficult to think of as they can't be si-fi / unrealistic. I will be gathering ideas for support powers and when I get enough of ideas I will be implementing them all at once. With each faction atleast getting a unique support power. Your ideas could also help me here!

  4. Adding better maps.

    I will be spending some time creating new maps with better gameplay and looks then the current maps. I'm hoping to get some help here from you. I will include maps in the mod that looks & plays good. Some requirements is that all factions must be able to easily start getting their economy up from any spawn position on the map. There should be some strategic positions on the map (oil derriks).

  5. Fix trenches to make them more interesting.
  6. Adding music specific to each faction.

    I have already installed LMMS and trying it out. If I am able to produce a decent song for each faction I will include these. Otherwise a option is to pay someone to do it for me.

  7. Adding voices specific for each faction.

    Paying someone to record these voices are not cheap but I am looking into it.

  8. Start working on new factions.

Each of these present different challenges by themselves.

Thanks for all the people who tested the mod!

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wwi - alpha 0.23

wwi - alpha 0.23

Demo 1 comment

Change log: - Updated maps. - Increased damage of planes. - Increased damage of bomber planes. - Decreased repair of mechanics. - Fixed flak truck, was...

wwi - alpha 0.22

wwi - alpha 0.22

Demo 2 comments

Change log: - Added new voices for Austria & Hungary (voiced by: Graion Dilach)

wwi - alpha 0.21

wwi - alpha 0.21

Demo 4 comments

Change log: - Resolved crash when opening river map.

wwi - alpha 0.20

wwi - alpha 0.20

Demo 6 comments

Change log: . Added United Kingdom as a playable faction.

wwi - alpha 0.14

wwi - alpha 0.14


Change log: - Bug fix: Oil derrik targetable by attacking. - Bug fix: AI crash when losing HQ.

wwi - alpha 0.13

wwi - alpha 0.13


Change log: - Bug fix: Ottoman AI not building. - Bug fix: Bomber plane not attacking. - Bug fix: Tax collector not collecting properly.

Comments  (0 - 10 of 46)

Umm i don't know how to start the mod.... I put the oramod file into mods folder in openra root folder but don't know how to run the mod can anyone help?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

I hope this won`t insult creators of this mod...but some WW1 stuff looks like something from Empire Earth 1 game. :) I am not disliking it,i think it is honestly cool.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

I don't know hhow to instlall the mod ... need modchooser

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote


Reply Good karma Bad karma-2 votes

How's it going?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Holloweye Creator

I have been taking a break from the modding. I probably start modding again in 3 months or so.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Sound great! Would love to see this completed

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

It's a nice mod, but it needs some rebalancing. Currently, defending is trivial and attacking is difficult. It reflects WWI well, but ultimately the game should still be playable.

I also started an LP series of the mod, if you are interested:

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes
Holloweye Creator

Very cool I will defently watch the video. I don't have so much time for the mod because of work these days. I will need to play some games also to verify the requirement for a balance fix.

Thanks for the feedback!

Reply Good karma+3 votes

You're outdated. ;)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
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