This mod is getting back on track with a new style based off the old mod. This mod is now based on the Episode 2 engine and will take a more intresting storyline. This mod is based off the origanal idea, just updated.


During the year of 2087, the world was over-run by terrorism, crime, political downfall, severe pollution and poverty. The government was losing serious control and couldn't take any reasonable action. The government decided that the last chance was to let humanity recuperate, by destroying most of it. The government launched over 300 nuclear missiles on the worst spots in the world. At first it went well, but due to bad predictions, a lot more was destroyed than expected. Capitals of the world and key population centres were destroyed. Most of the government was also destroyed. With few members left, the government then started to begin the recuperation process by trying to lead new humanity.

It is now year 2375. The recuperation process failed a long time ago and the government has now become a worldwide enemy. The remaining population has been split into various underground colonies. There are sometimes wars between two different colonies, but the main wars are between the CHC (Combined Human Colonies) and The New Government. The wars are for clean land with lots of resources, where the government can build weapons and installations or where the CHC can follow old governments dream of a new world. The governments main aims are to convert humanity into a republic of democracy and power but as the CHC refuse to join, violent wars break out. The government use their flying war machine F-99 (Facility 99) to aid in land conquest and extreme operations. The goverment leader, President Steven Maggen works in White Fortress, the successor of the White House. His true appearance is unknown.

Captain John Lexermer is a Mercenary from the small colony called the Kuwabara Mercs. This colony is one on the side of 'The Union', one of three sections of the CHC. The Kuwabara Mercs are a supporting colony who usually work with larger colonies to help capture land. The Kuwabaras are known for their strong teamwork, little fatality percentage and technology usage. The Kuwabaras have now been given a mission to help The Aurora Federation to take a part of the Amazon for revival. F-99 has been sighted in the area but has been given bad information thanks to a man on the inside. The operation must take place now. This is the First Revolution

First Revolution Squad 14 (Kuwabara/Aurora Joint op)(Information take from Website squad listing):

Leader = Colonel Mark Slavonovich

2nd in command = Major Peter Roberts

*Team RED* (Kuwabaras)

  1. Team Leader = Captain John Lexermer
  2. Lieutenant Benjamin Smith
  3. Sergeant Sarah Ashton
  4. Corporal Holly Matharu
  5. Corporal Kurtis Lenton

*Team BLUE* (Auroras)

  1. Team Leader = Captain Emily Cope
  2. Lieutenant Lewis Munn
  3. Sergeant Chi Peng
  4. Corporal Heather Kirsop
  5. Corporal Alexander Boneyo


  • New stroyline
  • New weapons
  • Boss battles
  • Inventive locations and ideas
  • Episodic (Play different missions from different characters point of view)
  • Multiple endings (Hopefully no effect on other parts/episodes)
  • New weapons (Or re-done versions of the source ones. Hopefully they will include new code)
  • New vehicles (Maybe)
  • Dismemberment (Lose a limb today!)
  • Multiplayer (Nuclear Aftermath: Hyper Tension)
  • More to come...

Website V2.0 up with forums!

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