We have decided to create a mod for Arma 3 on the Atlis map for RPG. Buildings will be enter-able. You will be able to do anything from gathering goods to selling drugs and weapons. Cops will be in the server of coarse to enforce the law. Cops vs civilians instead of cops vs civ's vs terrorists. Mod will most likely end up being a modded game mode and require downloadable mods. We originally were going to create an Arma 2 life mod but had server issues with running the mod so we have decided to build an Arma 3 life mod from scratch and run it on the beta until full release when we can really make the mod pop!

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Possible features

2 years ago Feature 0 comments

1. You won't be able to rob bars, gas stations, people or the bank unless a specific amount of police are on the server. If no cops are online and active then you won't be able to rob anything.

2. If no cops are online then you will not be able to sell drugs either. This makes it so that people don't join the server and abuse the server while nobody is playing cop.

3. You will not be able to sell police vehicles or save them once you have lock picked them. You may only use the vehicle. Specific police vehicles won't be able to be lock picked such as armored swat vehicles. This is being placed in the game so that civ's won't be driving and evading police in up-armored vehicles. If this happens then an admin will delete the vehicle and kick you from the server.

4. Robbing the bank will make you wanted unlike most servers where you can rob bar's, pub's and gas stations and it makes you wanted. Robbing the bank will make you wanted.

5. Theft of police vehicles will result in a maximum prison sentence of two hours. Any theft of government and federal property will result in the maximum prison sentence available.

6. On server restart anything you can rob including other civ's will have a time frame that you can't rob them. The time frame will be 30 minutes after restart. This will eliminate those trolls that think they can rob everything to make money right after server restart. The options to rob will be temporarily removed until the specified time frame is achieved. Admins will be able to increase this time frame depending on how many people are on the server.

7. A border to split the Atlis island into two countries is in the works. The countries will be named West Atlis and East Atlis. Border patrol, ICE, CIA and Homeland Security forces are also in the works. Border patrol and ICE would be assigned to patrol the entire length of the border on both sides and would be looking for civ's that have crossed. CIA and Homeland Security will be in-charge of patrolling and conducting operations with DEA and Gang Units to prevent drug smugglers and runners from crossing the border illegally. A few border crossings with guard posts will house prisoner holding cells until local police can pick them up and transport them to their assigned prison/jail.

8. With the border in place there will be various thermal camera's to monitor movement of traffic approaching the border and leaving. Only border patrol and ICE will have access to these camera's. Some of the camera's may have .50 HMG's attached to them but this in undecided. Each tower would be controlled from the closest guard post.

9. The only time that West Atlis PD can cross the border to help East Atlis PD visa versa is if its requested and approved by border patrol and ICE. The only other time would be for joint operations involving chases and cop killers.

10. Private military company or national guard for civ's to join and take part in military operations against terrorists is in the works. Once you have applied to be part of the Atlis National Guard, you then would have to complete BCT (Basic Combat Training). Once that has been completed you can now take part in missions assigned to you or a squad of guard. Once the mission is complete you will receive a large paycheck. Each mission will vary and be different including search and rescue operations with helping coast guard and border patrol units catch criminals.

11. A federal reserve building will also be in the server. This building stores all the money for all the cops and civs on the server. When the bank gets robbed or is low on cash a job will be available to federal agents to transport a resupply of cash to the bank in an armored truck. You may ambush this truck and take the cash. But if this happens the perps will receive max prison time and be sent to the federal prison. If the bank has no money then civs cant take money out to pay for stuff. If the federal reserve is robbed then civs and cops risk losing lots of money even if they have insurance.

White-listed content

White-listed content

2 years ago Feature 0 comments

Basically you wouldn't have to be a white-listed player to access content you would have to be in the proper player slot in-game for you to have access...

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Nightcaster460 Jan 10 2015 says:

Hey good info on the mod. Sounds lots of fun.

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Guest Nov 4 2014 says:

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Guest Nov 3 2013 says:

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Guest Sep 14 2013 says:

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Guest Sep 14 2013 says:

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Guest Sep 7 2013 says:

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JedJTL Jul 25 2013 says:

I'm all for it as along there are no oppressive admins or rules such as not allowing multiple people to play in your home.

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=UBG=Badoosh Creator
=UBG=Badoosh Jul 26 2013 replied:

We have to problem with that said. You can find more information on Battleguns.net or teamspeak: ts3.battleguns.net

We have moved our community to the Battelguns community. Our Nightlife RPG website and servers have moved to Battleguns and name change will take place August 2nd 2013. We are joining up with Battleguns so we won't have this issue with someone stealing our mod.

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SpartanSoldier Jul 22 2013 says:

Nice idea :D

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