Movie Battles is a class-based, team-orientated Multiplayer Total Conversion for Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy.

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Fell in love with this mod the second I laid my eyes on it years and years ago. I've barely looked at BaseJA since. One of the few games I always keep coming back to.

This mod is fantastic, but the community/playerbase is seriously one of the worst I've seen. Friendly fire seriously needs to be disabled in this since a lot of the players I've encountered teamkilled half of their teams for no clear reason.

Although I hate this mod, something about it keeps me coming back, really fun to play with friends. Fast paced gameplay will keep you coming back for more!



Jedi Academy multiplayer becomes stale very, very quick. Especially when you have things like "no-laming" servers and other silly rules that kill the point of multiplayer completely, MB2 comes in and grants a competitive multiplayer star wars gameplay experience that you won't find anywhere.

Sad to see the community for this game to start shrinking :(
We live in a day and age where multiplayer titles have to copy CoD to be successful,and that's probably what the future of Star Wars gaming will look like. Unfortunate how they won't follow things like MB2 instead.

This mod is great, but the community and/or playerbase is seriously one of the worst I've ever seen, HANDS DOWN. Friendly fire really needs to be disabled in this since a lot of the players I've played with teamkilled half of their teammates for no particular reason, AT ALL. I haven't played for a while and am not sure if they fixed it, but if they haven't, GOD DAMMIT THEY BETTER...

This is the best ever mod about star wars. This is only multiplayes but it's very funny.


kadu says

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Fantastic mod and an enormous addition to an already brilliant game.

It's a really cool mod, but it's not for everyone if you are not a skilled player you will be crush by everyone else and, considering you get 3 lives (with a basic class) you're basically "kills on wheels" for the enemy team.Also there are some issues that i like to point out:

-Short missions 4 minutes with a max of 3 lives (if you choose a stronger class you will get 2 or 1 lives).

-Jedi and Sith are really powerful which is good,but the real issue is when all the enemy team switches to this class.

-some classes are really a pain like wookies,snipers and some clones if a team has too many of these classes they will win.

Why 8/10 then?

It's the best MP modification for Jka adds a sort of realism to the game which is awesome: taking cover,brust firing, jetpacks, jedi,sith and lightsabers!! ;)

I was under the impression that this mod also had a single player mode, instead of only multiplayer. I've never been a fan of online gaming, but I admire all the work put into this mod. It wouldn't be fair to give a bad rating because I confused this with the Movie Duels II mod, though. It seems like it would be a good mod for those into online gaming, as long as people still play online!

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