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The next version of MovieBattles II has been released! We've made a lot of exciting revisions including new and improved weaponry, new environments, and a whole host of bug fixes.

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The next version of MovieBattles II has been released! We've made a lot of exciting revisions including new and improved weaponry, new environments, and a whole host of bug fixes.


Carbon Chamber Duel Battle of Mygeeto
Mustafar Gameplay Mustafar Gameplay
Duel on Mustafar MBII RC2-3 Arcs with their new Arc Rifles

Death Star Map Preview

Changes from Release Candidate 1

General Changes

  • New start-up mod screen
  • Game Type in server menu and create server now displays different game types in Mb2.
  • Achievements added
  • Save points config
  • New over the shoulder camera
  • Classes and points can be selected for the next round without killing you.
  • Kill assists
  • New TK system added
  • New Anti-Cheat System
  • Smart Entities logic added to improve FPS.
  • Trueview's configuration revamped to be more flexible. (Model/Skin-specific trueview.cfg, no more monolithic trueview.cfg.)
  • Helmetview's configuration revamped to be more flexible. (Model/Skin-specific helmetview.cfg.)


  • New Mygeeto map
  • Significant changes to Comm Tower
  • New Death Star map
  • New Kamino map
  • New Mustafar map
  • New Mustafar duel map.
  • New Yavin duel map
  • New music track for Duel_office!
  • New Tradefed map
  • Visual Improvements to Revan Duel, Ravager Duel and Utapau Duel.
  • Gameplay changes to RC Bridge Duel
  • Gameplay changes for Star Destroyer
  • Enchanced EFX added for Revan Duel, Ravager Duel, Carbon Chamber Duel, to give better FPS to low-end systems.
  • Lunarbase FA updated.
  • Korriban FA updated.
  • Duel Jedi Temple FA updated.
  • Various FA config vs description inconsistencies bugfixed in all FAs.
  • DOTF FA updated.

Additions for mappers

  • Can now setup custom water splash effects in Worldspawn.
  • Can now customize the colour of the screen tints when submerged in their maps.
  • fx_weather entity added for more control over JK3's weather systems than allowed previously.
  • trigger_hurt entity can now light players on fire if desired.
  • fx_runner entity has enhanced effect support added.


  • New clone model, new Vader and Anakin models.

Visual/Sound Changes

  • New Screen efx added for flame
  • New screen efx for poison
  • New effects (new saber sparks, wall hits)
  • Blood (or oil) effects added to all player models, NPCs, and vehicles ingame. (gore.cfg)
  • Projectile Rifle now causes dismemberment.
  • Non-lightsaber-caused dismemberments utilize blood now.
  • New effects for different weather.
  • Special effect for Disruptor-deflections.
  • Minor HUD code optimizations.
  • Lightsabers cause rain to spark and evaporate now.
  • Lightsabers boil water/slime/lava when immersed now.
  • Disruptor boils water/slime/lava when liquid is shot.
  • Updated Credits
  • New animations for SuperPush, Mind Trick, and Blind.

Gameplay Additions/Changes

  • Secondary disruptor shots can now kill more than three people in a row
  • Forceblind reworked
  • Poisons now stop dodge
  • Hero's and Bounty Hunters now roll to the sides when getting up
  • No longer slide on peoples heads.
  • New drowning system, you now regenerate hp after you surface from drowning.
  • Domino effect now added in.
  • Global damage randomization of 25% reduced to 5%.
  • Global weapon ROF randomization(0.8x-1.2x) removed entirely and normalized to 1.0x ROF
  • Electrical weapons now "conduct" through water and deal increased damage.
  • All player models are able to "breathe" when submersed(bubbles) or in cold weather(fog). (breath.cfg)
  • Halved projectile velocity on Thermal Rockets.
  • Edited RC1 deflect, acts like Deflect 1 if running or jumping.
  • Groundstab reimplemented
  • Auto-Taunt when you gain ACM, kill with a saberthrow, or kill with a deflected shot.
  • Duals AP increased
  • Sense 1 now costs 20FP and works radar only
  • All levels of Seeing now indicate enemy positions on a player's radar.
  • Speed Longjump added
  • Lightsabers now able to strike multiple targets per slash.
  • Superpush changed, knocked down players moving at high speed will suffer damage when slamming into walls or other players.
  • Tavion style given new blocking stance animations.
  • Flamethrower, Lightning & Drain no longer miss targets at point blank range.
  • ghoul2 saber hit detection reimplemented(Saber dueling remains bbox detection until BP exhausted or during backwhacks.).
  • Staff and Duals' roles returned to their original concepts: Staff is defensively oriented, Duals are offensively oriented.
  • Attack Chain Multiplier minimums adjusted. (Staff: 3->6, Duals: 3->5)
  • Special saber moves can have different effects when blocked, including knockbacks and knockdowns.
  • Jedi/Sith can no longer block sabers using BP while hacking.
  • "Slow Blue" stance removed. "Fast(Normal)" Blue given with Saber Offense 1. Blue stance's damage nerfed.
  • Droidekas are now Mindtrickable unless Advanced Logic is purchased.
  • Droideka Shield level 3 now costs 20 points, instead of 25 previously.
  • Elitetrooper is now renamed Commander
  • Rally ability added to Commander. (Act as a rallypoint for respawning Assemble users.)
  • Assemble ability added to Soldier. (Respawn nearby a Rally user.)
  • New Westar M5 added for Arcs (zoom rifle or sticky pulse grenade launcher options)
  • Pulse Rockets now usable at any level of PLX-1.
  • PLX-1 level 2 now gives 2 rockets, not just 1.
  • PLX-1 level 3 now gives 3 rockets, not 4.
  • Remote Detonation rockets can be detonated after being Force Pushed.
  • Cortosis 2, Advanced Targetting, Advanced Radar added to SBD's & point schemes changed.
  • Flamethrowers adjusted to be slightly lower initial damage, but much higher "on fire" damage.
  • Players can now catch on fire and must roll to smother the flames.

Bug Fixes

  • Deka taunt bug causing dekas to become unable to fire now removed.
  • Clones can no longer sprint and fire at the same time
  • Extensive Droideka and vehicle radar bugfixes.
  • Remote detonation rockets can no longer be double-detonated.
  • Remote detonation rockets should assign kills properly now.
  • Droidekas and vehicles are now properly team-coloured using Force Seeing.
  • Flybug is fixed.
  • Many fixes for lightsaber blocking functionality.
  • Obituary fixes for vehicles, SBDs, and Wrist Laser.
  • General Bug Fixes and Improvements on Revan, Ravager, RC Bridge,
    Carbon Chamber, and Kamino Duels as well as Star Forge and Utapau
  • General Bug Fixes on Duel of the Fates.
  • Corrected a bug that allowed Staff/Duals to be purchased with Attack 2.

FA Additions/Changes

  • Dismemberment fragility classflag(CFL_DISMEMBERFRAGILE)
  • Acid Blood classflag(CFL_ACIDBLOOD)
  • Bloody Melee classflag(CFL_BLOODYMELEE)
  • Most weapons can be converted to Hitscan versions of themselves, if desired.
  • High-damage weapon version of Flamethrower.
  • Seeker Drone item(HI_SEEKER) made available.
  • Healing(MB_ATT_HEALING) now supports HP amounts above 100. (Shield recharge does too.)
  • Instagib provided for Disruptor. (CFL_INSTAGIB)
  • Cloak no longer breaks after 4.5 hours of server uptime
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