Mount&Gladius is a Roman times mod for warband. It includes 2 factions- Rome and Gaul. More factions will be added later on, but for now we will stick with these. This mod used to be very popular, at some of Shieldbattles it had 200 players. Then NW came and alot of people left for NW. People who have played MnG before it got closed down about 6 months ago, can agree with me, that this was the best mod ever created. Hopefully we can make it as big as it was once.

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To be honest this was fun for the first few matches, let's say 30 minutes. After that it just got repetitive. The same OSP that's been Mount and Gladius for years. Nothing is really NEW, there's nothing that stands out besides the Germanic tunics that make your eyes bleed just to look at them. It's balancing is sloppy, and not even close to being realistic to the items physical properties. A short sword is the same length as a long sword, does less damage, and is slower, whereas the longest, most expensive sword possible is ridiculously fast and powerful. If the balancing can't even be based on the weapons physical properties how can we expect for all the faction to have something to contribute? The Romans basically plow through everything with their Lorica Segmentata that seems to cause anything and everything to bounce, and on the off chance you DO get a hit in, it hardly does anything. Anyways. Rant over, DarthTaco out.

I think MnG has great potential to be a relly fun mod, BUT in MY opnion the only real improvement upon its compotion is that it is the BEST looking roman mod as of when this review is being written.
As it stands the combat is fairly uniqe but i think, as the time period infulenced, that a player with a one/twohanded weapon should be much more venerable as armour back then was rubbish and sheilds should(although already a large part)become more usefull ex. add sheildbash or just make them more effective


MrJest says

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Developers should be paid by paradox to work on this and make it official, nowadays I only play this mod or napoleon.

Character models and textures are awesome for m and b, all teams greatly balanced with some awesome new maps. Loving the mod!


Good mod, took a lot of work, so for that alone +5




shorun says

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only 2 factions so a -1 for that, other then that it deserves a high score and it's very well made.

The armor and weapons are very well done and probably the best of any Roman mod.


CaCav is back on its own battlefield were we should have been since 2012!!!!


Its awesome original mod back in the day and is very fun this mod is great for any aspiring legion or gallic tribe clans. ;)

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