A single player mod continuing on from the last attempt except this time, minimum bugs with REALISTIC models and TACTICS, including the following factions: British, French, Prussians, Austrians, Russia and Spanish rebels. this mod also includes custom forts/castles/villages with names of real locations within that country and loads more. Although the only thing really needing to do now is some town names in the dialog but nothing game changing.

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This 'mod' is utter garbage. The high reviews are clearly fake since most were posted on the same day.

What we're looking at here is Native Warband with some variables changed. This 'mod' is buggy as hell and absolutely no fun to play, it looks like it was slapped together in a few days.

Even if you're curious don't download this, its a waste of time.

Default Map, Broken Units (not using their muskets is just 1 problem), spelling mistakes, even more broken units, completly **** looking units (why do the french line fusiliers wear Dragoon helmets?), and a lot more bugs.
L'Aigle, 1812 Russia Campaign and Europe 1805 are just a few of the mods set in the same era, but said are a lot better made.

Review may be changed if the mod becomes actualy playable.

Update for most recent version:
Its still broken. Its still bad and a waste of space. Now the troop trees are even more retarded then before.
Spanish Rebels are French units with different names.
Partizans are cavalry.
Half of the russian units are unarmed and the russian guards are flag barears- exclusivly flag barears.
And to top it all off: Infantry swords got a range of about 2,5 meters while only being 23,5 inches long in real life.
And while the guns now shoot, the mod is unenjoyable as hell. Dont waste your time with it.

Also, if you start the mod up, it tells you some ******** about how the Napoleonic Wars were fought 7 years. 7. The mod developer is litterly uncapeable of using google. (or having the slightest bit of knowledge)




Very good


this is a great mod I love it!!!

The best game I have ever played.


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mod developer can develop his own Napoleonic mod, this is not very hard. You can create your own models and textures no need to use Napoleonic Wars


Because it is the best...

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