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Uncompletable quest (Games : Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind : Mods : Morrowind Rebirth 4.5 : Forum : Bugtracker : Uncompletable quest) Locked
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Feb 24 2013 Anchor

The quest Drunken Bounty can not be completed due to the slavetrade missing in Suran, the main slave trader is needed in order to gather info on Hide-your-eyes unless your an Argonian.

Feb 28 2013 Anchor

Thanks for letting me know. I'll check it out right away!

Mar 1 2013 Anchor

there will probably be some more quests to come with problems, as well as some mods i presume...
sometimes as easy as placing a needed npc somewhere, sometimes harder... ppl could put'em here so the quests/mods are known

-for example animated morrowind (1-2) has some npc's placed on map that now stand in mid air (although no less entertaining :D)
-MCA (morrowind comes alive) mod adds his 1000 random additinal bots that can now get stuck in new added architecture
-necessities of morrowind mod adds wells in some places in cities where morrowind rebirth might add something new or has already put some architecture
-some companionion mods tend to make "mercenary guild buildings" near cities. again in questionable places for this mod

i assume all of these might be overlooked or even fixed on the level of the user actualy moving or removing some of the architecture of these mods, but since some know nothing of tes construction set, i am wondering if trancemaster can get premission from mod owners to just like move the objects that are in the way to a different location (and release it under "x mod - MR edition")

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