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Missing Store In Balmora (Mods : Morrowind Rebirth 2.71 : Forum : Bugtracker : Missing Store In Balmora ) Post Reply
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Nov 28 2013, 12:47am Anchor

When trying to enter Meldor's store in Balmora, the door texture simply rotates and opens into the building's model, where you can see out. The only other mod I'm using is MGSO, and I'm using the most up to date versions of both mods. I don't think it's world-ending, but who knows? 
Thanks for the hard work on the mod!

Nov 28 2013, 9:15am Anchor

Yeah I'm aware of that issue, but thanks anyway. It won't ruin the main quest or anything, just an annoyance :P

It will be fixed soon!

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