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This is a Mass Effect based, total conversion mod for Star Wars: Empire at War Forces of Corruption. The mod adds four new factions: the Alliance of Unified Species (AUS)(playable - replacing the Rebel Alliance), the Collectors (playable - replacing the Zann Consortium), the Geth (playable - replacing the Empire) and the Pirates/Slavers (non-playable - replacing Black Sun Pirates). Alongside the new factions comes many new units and heroes ranging from well known stars (e.g. the Mako, Sheppard) to rising stars in each faction (e.g. the XEROTECH super dreadnought). There will be a new galaxy map featuring small groups of planets joined together via mass relays. So whilst the races of the Milky Way advance further towards destruction, who would you support? But before you do join a side just remember one thing, when a galaxy is at war, there are no rules.

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July Update

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Exams are over and I know it’s been a couple of months since I released the last update so I thought I could give you a juicy update. Unfortunately I just realised all I’ve done over the past few months is written and code – no models so sorry! Anyway without further ado here is an extract from the unit list that has been drafted (for the sake of keeping the update a bit shorter!):


  • C-Sec Galactic Defence Group (C-Sec GDG)
  • Alliance Marines
  • Turian Heavy Support
  • N7 SpecOps Squad
  • Biotic Commandoes (can only be trained on Research planets)
  • STG (can only be trained on Military planets)
  • Asari Matriarch (can only be trained on Thessia)
  • Spectre (can only be trained on Citadel) (max of 3)
  • *Field Commander* (max of 5)



  • Standard Unit Squad
  • Rocket Unit Squad
  • Destroyer Unit
  • Assassin Unit
  • Obliteration Unit (can only be trained on Military Planets)
  • Cyborg (?) (can only be trained on Research Planets)
  • Original Platforms(can only be built on Rannoch)
  • Mainframe Guardians (can only be built on GETH HOMEWORLD) (max of 3)
  • * Prime Unit* (max of 5)


  • Drone Squad
  • Assassin Squad
  • Guardian Squad
  • Husks (can only be purchased after a planet has been indoctrinated)
  • Monstrosity (can only be trained Research planets)
  • Brute (can only be trained on Military planets)
  • Vorcha (can only be built on Omega)
  • Royal Warriors(can only be built on COLLECTOR HOMEWORLD) (max of 3)
  • *General* (max of 5)

For the full list visit and hopefully you will be amazed!

The next part of the update involves ideas for the mod that I wish to tell you about. Firstly, the idea of the Mass Relays has been improved. Now every system will have 1 Mass Relay (to save on computing power – originally there would be >100 “planets” in the galaxy) that will serve as the gateway to that system – so guard it at all costs!

Next, is the idea of economy ships. This has been done by loads of other mods and I thought it would fit in nicely here as well. The Merchant Vessel for AUS, Data Acceleration Matrix for the Geth and the Harvester Ship for the Collectors will all improve the income of a planet they are orbiting. Furthermore this income can improved according to the planet the ship is orbiting – e.g. a Harvester Ship will produce more income when it orbits a planet that has been “corrupted” with Harvest.

The next idea I have I think no one else has done (but I may be wrong) – it is the idea of “Designated Planets”. This means that each planet will be given a specific designation like Earth would be an urban planet and Noveria would be a research planet. The designations are: urban, mining, research and military. Each brings its benefits like research provides technological advancements and mining provides an income. I feel it adds to the realism in a way as how could Earth be a mining planet in this universe?

Also, Super Dreadnoughts in this mod will act as Super Star Destroyers in the vanilla version. Each faction has access to one and each will have powerful abilities that could turn the tide of a space battle. They will act as heroes in a galactic map and they will require a lot of research from research planets.

Finally, the research will be drastically changed. Now each faction will need to research specific technologies to gain access to specific units. For example, the Stealth Field research for the AUS will allow construction of the Stealth Frigates. I feel this also adds realism as in the vanilla version, you needed to “upgrade your technology level” to gain access to say Star Destroyers whereas we know that they've been used long before that. This allows construction of powerful units like dreadnoughts but still keeps the technology upgrading as your research may provide your dreadnoughts powerful new abilities etc.

Well that is all for this update but next time hopefully I can complete: the hero list for view (33% complete as of now), some models (hopefully!) to show off and answer any major questions that anybody asks so feel free to ask, comment, criticise and voice your opinions!

Mod Team

  • TJGuy - Mod founder, XML editor, modeller
  • Darthme - Modeller, Mapper
  • Modz - Beta Tester, Alo modeller, XML editor
  • JAS - Mapper, XML editor
  • Disayle - Concept artist
  • MEA GETH CMDR - Beta Tester, Information advisor
  • Lord-Marnix - Beta Tester, XML editor
  • KiwiWarrior - PR, Website control
  • Orphius_Rex - Beta Tester, Voice Recorder

As always, if you would like to join this mod, please don't hesitate to ask, just visit the forum on our website.
Many thanks, TJGuy.

First news on Moddb

First news on Moddb


The first news piece on Moddb. This is just the story and the current modding team.

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Is this mod really dead? If so thanks a bunch for an incomplete mess.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Is this mod really dead? If so thanks a bunch for an incomplete mess.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

all you done is waste peoples time writting crap and doing nothing else

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Now its DEAD DEAD! Why?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

this mod should be starter again with the reapers and termius systems

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

hey big fan of mass effect and i wish you guys good luck and can't wait to see the results of this mod sounds epic

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

I would really like to see something like this happen, so if anybody would like to then how about we try to start a new version of this. I can do some coding and LUA stuff, but no modeling, skinning, mapping etc. So if anybody would like to see a mass effect mod happen the pm me please.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

I am working on a new Mass Effect mod mate :), Keep the spirit up, I only need some more people.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes

Every time I come to the third page of mods, its always sooooo sad. So many failures.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+5 votes

I had such high hopes for this mod, I wounder if anyone would re-start this Mass Effect in EAW seems like a perfect match

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
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