It has long been a fan wish to be able to roam the island freely. That has always been the main goal of this mod : to allow the fans to go back to the island, the WHOLE island, and be able to explore it all. My online name is yung23, and I have been mapping the LOST island on and off since 2004. Using the Sandbox2 engine I have nearly completed the LOST island in ONE level. Due to the size restrictions of the program, the island is roughly 8km x 8km but I wish it could be twice that size to do the LOST island justice. I am currently modelling and texturing most of the LOST locales, using screencaps as reference. This mod has been in production on and off for years and is thee first LOST mod in existence. My plan has always been to model all of the locations seen in the show and present them in their most likely locales on the island.

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yung23 Author

wayy too "cartoony". this was simply a preview.

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That's cool, I've been watching your progress for sometime as you know and will look forward to this excellent chance to visit the island. My fiancee is even hyped about it, and she hates Crysis.

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I LOVED seeing this tree in the show. I have tried to use Sandboxs already existing trees to create the same look in game, but I am modelling my own tree shaped just as the one we all know. The real tree was actually burnt down by a bunch of vandals soon after the show stopped taping. May it live on in this mod !

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