What is Kreedz Climbing (KZMOD)?

Kreedz Climbing (aka KZMOD) is a Full conversion Half-Life 2 modification for the Source engine. The whole premise of the game revolves around getting from point A to point B in the shortest time possible, in a linear route that can include any of the mod's 15 game modes(disciplines) from jumping on blocks to a death trap race, or a mix of disciplines in a single course. KZMOD is a very unique game - based off of the very popular "kz" maps from Counter-Strike 1.6, KZMOD is what some would call a '3d puzzle/platform' game, involving no combat or violence whatsoever. It is a 'sport' type game, where players compete for the best times amongst the game's 400+ courses.

Competition can get fierce. A mere second can make the difference between winning or losing, as the game will track your scores with a 'toplist' function when you play online. Toplist shows you your best times on any existing map course and compare them to those of other players in a smooth web interface from within the game when a server decides to utilize the feature. Kreedz Climbing is enjoyable for players as well as level designers, or for those that just like to socialize in a casual game environment.

One of the best parts of KZMOD is the creative freedom that level designers have. Any environment or scene you can think of can be incorporated into KZMOD for a discipline course, and we already have multiple maps spanning across many different environments - an asteroid belt, a beanstalk, a massive castle, realistic industry, or nature maps and the list goes on. Imagine a rat style map in a kitchen like the famous one in CS 1.6, or a freeze time view of many accidents waiting to happen or a storyline single player adventure, whatever you imagine can become a KZMOD reality. Combined with impressive looking environments and a massive list of versatile game modes, there are endless possibilities for designers. KZMOD had the most maps upon release than any other mod released for the Source engine and most likely still does. The sky is the limit and in this game, it shows where a single map can have up to 2048 different courses mixed with 15 different game modes in it.

Get involved in the challenging, non-violent atmosphere of KZMOD. It's a rare thing these days and can be a nice break from other games. If you like a personal challenge in your game, rather than being set up to always win it, Kreedz Climbing is right up your alley.

It's just gamer vs. gravity...because gaming needed a change.

Game Mode/Map Type List:

Jumping -Regular jump course discipline (easy to extreme platform jumping)
Bunnyhopping -Advanced jumping discipline (while bunnyhopping you never stop jumping)
Longjump -Advanced jumping discipline (multi-strafing for long distance)
Longjump Bhops -Extreme jumping discipline (multi-strafing for distance with bhop speeds)
Bungee -Regular course discipline
Surfing -Regular course discipline
Slidemap -A one-slanted-piece surf map type
Death Trap -Map type full of traps that can hospitalize you
Flare Aim -Flare shooting ranges of any type imaginable
Derby (vehicles) -Racing map type against mines and time, short tracks
Target Race (vehicles) -Racing map type with mines and flare targets for reducing time
Race (vehicles) -Races against time and other players, any style
Dance -Stay on the dancefloor as long as you can
Raceway(sliderace) -Get pushed through an environment full of traps at high speed
Bhop Raceway -Same as a Raceway but less traps and a lot more bhop and especially speed
Double-Duck -Players are not allowed to jump. Reach the end of the map with Double-Ducks
2-man Cooperation -Players become solid and need to use boosting and teamwork to win
Kzmod Soccer
Connect Four

NOTE: Any desired combination of these game modes can be found in any map or even in one single course which opens up doors for massive amounts of free creativity and new game modes. The combination of a main Discipline and a(or many) minor one(s) can be a very interesting experience. Imagine a jump map with bungee, surf and bhop parts, and this mixed with flare aim and death traps.

For more information visit us at Steamcommunity.com or Have a look at our home inside the Official Kreedz Community page: Xtreme-jumps.eu

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RSS Articles

Hello everyone! It's been quite a while since an update to KZMod, I've had lots of university work to do.

I've taken a break from that work though after seeing the plight of moviemakers and the extremely annoying first person demo ducking bug. It's been a long journey, but finally the bug is fixed. Coming in this update is a lot of fixes and some new addition for moviemakers.

It was necessary to raise the ducking view height by 5 units. This means that in some vents, the view would clip into the top, so now when entering a vent your view will duck down further to the original view height. Some people who have tested complained about this, and I remind everyone that a feature is not set in stone if the game's community hates it, but I ask you to have an open mind, I actually like it! It's in my opinion a small price to pay to achieve smooth ducking animations in first person.

No movement or collisions have changed in this update. It's purely a visual change of 5 units.

Make sure you run KZUpdate.bat in the KreedzClimbing folder or your update shortcut to update the game.


Bugs fixed:

-> Fixed the ducking glitch in demos, which made ducking in air glitchy. Also eliminated the duck glitch in normal gameplay entirely.

In order to have this fix, the normal ducked view height had to be raised by 5 units. The player ducks fully to the original height if the view can't fit properly into vents and so on. This is a visual change, movement and collision boxes have not been changed.

Normally this would break demos, but the game will detect if the demo is old (from before this change) and revert the height to the old level, stopping the demo from breaking when watching it.

-> Fixed demos locking key inputs which made you move uncontrollably once loading a map after viewing a demo.

-> Fixed the player with demo_thirdperson_enable 1 sometimes flickering to
a new aim direction randomly.

-> Fixed game freeze when using certain parented objects, like doors.

-> Fixed crouch climbing on ladders being too fast.

-> Fixed pressing the chat keys with hud_draw 0 or cl_drawhud 0 making the console and main menu unusable.

-> Hopefully fixed the rare instance where playermodels of other players were constantly looking in the wrong direction.

New features:

-> r_skybox is no longer classified as a cheat, but still requires cheats or playing a demo. This means that players messing with sv_cheats in their demo won't turn your greenscreen off.

-> Added r_clearcolour_ series commands. These are intended for moviemakers, allowing them to easily use the greenscreening technique.

r_clearcolour: Sets the colour the void will be rendered if you can see it (instead of the "hall of mirrors") effect. Uses a RGB value, i.e. 0 255 0 for green.

r_clearcolour_enabled: Enables the void colouring. If you expose the void, for example by using r_skybox 0, you will find it the solid colour you specified.

r_clearcolour_viewmodel: Stops rendering the world and entities, and only renders the viewmodel on the clearcolour background.

r_clearcolour_playeronly: Stops rendering the world and entities, and only renders players on the clearcolour background:

1 - Only renders the local player (demo_thirdperson_enable 1).
2 - Renders the local player and all other players.
3 - Renders just other players, not the local player.

-> Fixed demos being locked to the original fov used by the recorder (can now use your own with demo_useoriginalfov 0).

-> Demos now show the build they were recorded on when you play them.

-> r_drawviewmodel is no longer a cheat.

Kreedz Climbing is still being developed!

Kreedz Climbing is still being developed!

News 1 comment

Despite not being much news for a long time, please be assured that KZMod is still being developed.

Kreedz Climbing 2.0 Update 2264 Released

Kreedz Climbing 2.0 Update 2264 Released


Build 2264 has been released, bringing some requested features and bugfixes to the game.

Kreedz Climbing 2.0 Update 2049 Released

Kreedz Climbing 2.0 Update 2049 Released


Build 2049 of Kreedz Climbing has been released, adding many requested features. Read on for the changelog!

Kreedz Climbing 2.0 Released

Kreedz Climbing 2.0 Released


Kreedz Climbing comes back to life with the 2.0 update, bringing the game to the latest engine with new possibilities for both players and mappers alike.

RSS Files
Kreedz Climbing 2.0

Kreedz Climbing 2.0

Full Version 2 comments

Here is the revived and latest Version 2.0 of Kreedz Climbing, a "spiritual successor" to KZ from Counter-Strike 1.6, bringing the game to the latest...

Kreedz Climbing Beta4.2

Kreedz Climbing Beta4.2

Patch 16 comments

Hey guys, it's actually done. KZmod Beta4.2 is ready to play and brings so much extra fun to everyone who is ready to try it (in case you don't know it...

KZmod Beta3 Promotion Trailer


This is a video showing you the new things in our game, including the Art Tool and the 4 new maps. It will also show you that the game is more than just...

KZMOD Bungee Preview

Movies 1 comment

This is a show of what you can do with the Bungee rope in Kreedz Climbing. This is not a show of the real Bungee maps. This example shows the Free Bunjee...

Kreedz Climbing Bunnyhop Mode


This video shows how our Bunnyhop mode works....we do not impose a stopping after a jump in this mode and you have a bit more air movement than normal...

KZMOD Promo Trailer


A Promotion video of the gameplay in Kreedz Climbing. This video shows you what we do best! JUMP JUMP JUMP. 6 minutes of high quality video.

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green light this game

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Great, never played this before, but it's nice to see a unique parkour game after all .

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
kzRaptor Creator

Clarity - CAKEbuilder is the music in the video.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Who knows the BGM of the video ?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.


those 2 servers dont work and the 1 i found in the list is running a different version of the game :(

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Hello everyone! As all of you can see kzmod.com site is down. Well but there is some good news! You can download KZMod from Xtreme-jumps.eu If the link doesnt work you can find it simply by going to www.xtremejumps.eu downloads section and finding kzmod 1.2 Installer! KZMod is moving to Xtreme-Jumps website, also 2.0 version is coming so keep your eye on the website for the information! There is going to be made some big fixes, more fps and so on! So if any of you had low fps in kzmod and have multiple cores, keep your head up!

*Also for new players!
To play the game you need to download Source SDK base 2006
you can download it by simply clicking "Library"> Tools > Find Source SDK base 2006 and download it.

After that you install 1.2 KZMod installer in steam>steamapps>sourcemods

You don't need to purchase anything to play this game! All you need is steam account which you can register for free!

Also some servers:
IP ADDRESS ( Official 1) / WORKING 2014 02 / ( Official 2) / WORKING 2014 01 /

Since the servers don't appear in the "find servers" section.

****** If you cant connect it by just pressing "ENTER" on it. Copy the ip adress > go to the concole > write connect "Ip adress" and press enter


If you need any help installing KZMod or have any other problems contact me!

Steam: jlec_9
Skype: vigla132

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Kzmod.com - This domain may be for sale. Backorder this Domain

This Domain Name Has Expired

What? D: Are you ******* kidding me?

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great, the site is offline

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

"HL2.exe has stopped working" Doesn't work...

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
kzRaptor Creator

Usually hl2.exe stopping working is due to the game not being installed properly. Please ask about it on www.kzmod.com,, where our community is centered!

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