What is Kreedz Climbing (KZMOD)?

Kreedz Climbing (aka KZMOD) is a Half-Life 2 modification for the Source engine. The whole premise of the game revolves around getting from point A to point B in the shortest time possible, in a linear route that can include any of the mod's 15 game modes from jumping on blocks to a death trap race, or a mix of disciplines in a single course. KZMOD is a very unique game - based off of the very popular "kz" maps from Counter-Strike 1.6, KZMOD is what some would call a '3d puzzle/platform' game, involving no combat or violence whatsoever. It is a 'sport' type game, where players compete for the best times amongst the game's, presently, 132 courses.

Competition can get fierce. A mere second can make the difference between winning or losing, as the game will track your scores with a 'toplist' function when you play online. Toplist shows you your best times on any existing map course and compare them to those of other players in a smooth web interface from within the game. Aside from all the online action possible, we also feature offline competition for the soloist. The official World Records List is where one can record themselves completing a course using the in-game demo function and running our very own anti-cheat program. Submit it to the website and rank among some of KZMOD's best climbers, surfers, and bungee swingers. Kreedz Climbing is enjoyable for players as well as level designers, or for those that just like to socialize in a casual game environment.

One of the best parts of KZMOD is the creative freedom that level designers have. Any environment or scene you can think of can be incorporated into KZMOD for a discipline course, and we already have multiple maps spanning across many different environments - an asteroid belt, a beanstalk, a massive castle, realistic industry, or nature maps and the list goes on. Imagine a rat style map in a kitchen like the famous one in CS 1.6, or a freeze time view of many accidents waiting to happen or a storyline single player adventure, whatever you imagine can become a KZMOD reality. Combined with impressive looking environments and a massive list of versatile game modes, there are endless possibilities for designers. KZMOD had the most maps upon release than any other mod released for the Source engine and most likely still does. The number of maps continues to grow at a steady pace too with interested mappers from all Source games getting interested in doing "something different". The sky is the limit and in this game, it shows where a single map can have up to 20 different courses mixed with 15 different game modes in it. That's not possible anywhere else.

An important up and coming feature of KZMOD's Beta4.2 release is the 'Cup Plugin' which will assist Admins in creating semi-automated live tournaments. Players can compete across various maps in real-time competition in 2 different cup modes, 1vs1 and Melee which means up to all 32 players at once, marathon style. Players are placed at the start of a course and climb as far as they can before time is up. This continues across several maps until all but two players have been eliminated, and then they climb for first place. The winner is then announced, the Top5 is adjusted, and the cup ends. This addition to the game creates a third way to store statistics around the scene. Expanding the fun aspect of the game concept is realizing that these cups will be run on many different disciplines such as regular jumping, surfing, bungee, and many others. Multitalented players will have a ball on mixed courses which act like a tri- or decathlon.

Get involved in the challenging, non-violent atmosphere of KZMOD. It's a rare thing these days and can be a nice break from other games. If you like a personal challenge in your game, rather than being set up to always win it, Kreedz Climbing is right up your alley.

It's just gamer vs. gravity.

Beta4.2 Game Mode/Map Type List:

Jumping -Regular jump course discipline (easy to extreme platform jumping)
Bunnyhopping -Advanced jumping discipline (while bunnyhopping you never stop jumping)
Longjump -Advanced jumping discipline (multi-strafing for long distance)
Longjump Bhops -Extreme jumping discipline (multi-strafing for distance with bhop speeds)
Bungee -Regular course discipline
Surfing -Regular course discipline
Slidemap -A one-slanted-piece surf map type
Death Trap -Map type full of traps that can hospitalize you
Flare Aim -Flare shooting ranges of any type imaginable
Derby (vehicles) -Racing map type against mines and time, short tracks
Target Race (vehicles) -Racing map type with mines and flare targets for reducing time
Race (vehicles) -Races against time and other players, any style
Dance -Stay on the dancefloor as long as you can
Raceway(sliderace) -Get pushed through an environment full of traps at high speed
Raceway Bhop -Same as a Raceway but less traps and a lot more bhop and especially speed
Double-Duck -Players are not allowed to jump. Reach the end of the map with Double-Ducks
2-man Cooperation -Players become solid and need to use boosting and teamwork to win
Kzmod Soccer
Connect Four

NOTE: Any desired combination of these game modes can be found in any map or even in one single course which opens up doors for massive amounts of free creativity and new game modes. The combination of a main Discipline and a(or many) minor one(s) can be a very interesting experience. Imagine a jump map with bungee, surf and bhop parts, and this mixed with flare aim and death traps.

For more information visit us at Steamcommunity.com or join the following channels on mIRC (Quakenet) for assistance:
#kzmod.com (English and German)
#xtreme-jumps (English German French and other languages)
#kzmaps.fi (Finnish)
#kz.ger (German)

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0 comments by kzRaptor on Dec 22nd, 2014

Hello everyone! Build 2049 of Kreedz Climbing has been released. Please run your Update Kreedz Climbing link or KZUpdate.bat in the KreedzClimbing folder to update!

Enjoy, and thanks for playing!

Here's the changelog:

Build 2098

-> Fixed issue with art tool reload-to-clear-decals not working properly.

-> You can now turn off the "Checkpoint Set!" message with kz_cl_checkmessage 0. Also in advanced options.

-> Added description to /invis to explain how to use it.

-> Added /invis 3, toggles player overhead names, affects kz_cl_hud_name console variable.

-> Added /cp, /gc etc as an alternative to binding keys to +checkpoint and +teleport.

Build 2075

-> Merged the source code with the latest code from Valve in the upcoming SDK update.
Code that requires the updated engine is inactive, improvements that don't require the latest engine are implemented.

-> You can now use the hook during runs if desired. This will cause your run to become "invalid" and will not earn rewards or cause plugin listening stoptimer events to fire. To invalidate the run, just hold the hook button until it is done. Boosting yourself through a timer start using the bungee, hook, or a shop pickup will now invalidate the run instead of zeroing your velocity. It's also possible to invalidate coop runs.

You can change how many seconds are required to invalidate the run with kz_cl_hook_invalidatetimer_time.

-> Fixed LJstats inaccuracy, also everyone has ljstats now, can be turned on with /lj.

-> Added /speed command to see your current speed. Add a number afterwards (i.e. /speed 5) to set the number of decimal places.

kz_cl_hud_speed_decimals controls how many decimal places the speed is shown at.

kz_cl_hud_speed_x controls the x position,
kz_cl_hud_speed_y controls the y position.
kz_cl_hud_speed_colour is used to change the colour of the display. It is written in the format of R G B Alpha (i.e. 255 255 255 255).

To turn it on without using /speed, use kz_cl_hud_display_speed 1.

-> You can now press the reload key on the Art Tool to delete all art tool decals (or can use rrdecal_purge in console).

-> Added a message if you try and use /start without having started any timers first.

-> Added lastinv to the keyboard options.

-> Added KZUpdate_dedicated.bat, identical to KZUpdate except it has no "pause" at the end keeping the console open, useful for dedicated servers.

-> Fixed some text not being displayed if the Y resolution of the game was over 1200.

-> Fixed map setting "show game title" causing the game to crash on map start (kz_bhop_it_somewhere).

-> Fixed extremely excessive network usage caused by animating human models (i.e. hl2 citizen models) in multiplayer. The game will no longer generate physics collision models for human models, used in prop_dynamic entities, unless you specify the "Force collision data for human models" flag (in case a mapper wants this model as a boss character or for any reason must be collideable).

-> Fixed powerjump and bungee +attack2 also swinging the melee weapon. The melee weapon will only swing if you are within range of something now when using PJ/bungee.

-> Fixed momentary_rot_button rotation issues at over 360 degrees. Let me tell you a story...

Once upon a time there was a func_rotating entity, programmed by Valve corporation. It decided that in order to perform it's task of rotating to it's maximum potential, it abandoned all sane checks on just how many degrees it could actually reach, and decided the sky was the limit. Fast forward say, 30 minutes on this map, and our champion of a rotation count is at over 1 million degrees. Highly satisfied with his effort after many more minutes of rotating, he decides to stop and take a break. Well, that's what it seems like, in reality his rotation level has gotten so high it's become a bogus value that can't be networked anymore, completely breaking it. Hence, from that moment onwards, a limit was placed on all rotating entities, that if they rotate any further than 360 degrees, they are reset to -360 and may continue from there. And that's how the momentary_rot_button was broken, because a mapper might decide it's allowed to rotate 720 degrees and so on. Hence, the limit was raised to a maximum of 40,000 degrees for rotating entities. If a mapper needs a momentary_rot_button to rotate over 40,000 degrees... God help us all.

-> Misc fps improvements.

*** Maps ***

-> Added kz_genesis and kz_fofmania to offical distribution, two great maps by the mapper Fact or Fiction.

-> kz_fortress - Fixed issue with skybox.

-> kz_beach, kz_bhop_angkor, kz_4youreyesonly - Fixed cubemap issue documented on XJ forums (vbsp bug, fixed in vbsp_kz) that made the water pure black. All reflections work properly now.

*** The missing map changelog for 2.0 release, thank you to SoUlFaThEr for these! ***

kz_ghosttown_ez Added color correction and HDR. It is now in black and white like I wanted it in the first place

kz_romeo2juliet Fixed various shortcuts, added HDR.

kz_trippin Fixed lightmaps and texture stretching of snow, added HDR

kz_bhop_ocean Fixed power4 displacement overload (133% down to 77% on physics), added HDR. It is now, surely,exactly what Millet wanted this map to look like. An endless ocean where you cant see the ends of the water.

kz_4youreyesonly Added HDR. All the entities work properly in this map.

kz_beach Fixed the bad lighting and incorrect sun angle, power4 displacement overload, added HDR and color correction for better late evening beach aesthetics.

kz_bhop_hangman Color corrected for some atmosphere and added HDR, changed start timer of the Bhop course, simplified the regular jump course a bit.

kz_xtremeblock Fixed ropes between 2 minimaps and added HDR.

kz_bhop_angkor Added a shitload of cubemaps (it only had 4), fixed 120 texture mistakes and added HDR

kz_bhop_shrubhop Added HDR and fixed some faulty displacements.

kz_mix_journeys Added HDR and you can now teleport to ladder and seeker course directly from the main teleport office area.

kz_bhop_kashgar Added HDR

kz_bhop_backalley Added HDR

kz_bhop_ravine Added HDR

kz_caverns_deep Retextured the main map, added fog effect and HDR

kz_cathedral Remade the ground displacements properly, adjust lightmaps for better shadowing, darked the map some and added lights to the outside as well as added HDR

kz_bhop_volcanohop Added HDR and color correction.

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Kreedz Climbing 2.0

Kreedz Climbing 2.0

Dec 10, 2014 Full Version 0 comments

Here is the revived and latest Version 2.0 of Kreedz Climbing, a "spiritual successor" to KZ from Counter-Strike 1.6, bringing the game to the latest...

Kreedz Climbing Beta4.2

Kreedz Climbing Beta4.2

Dec 21, 2009 Patch 16 comments

Hey guys, it's actually done. KZmod Beta4.2 is ready to play and brings so much extra fun to everyone who is ready to try it (in case you don't know it...

KZmod Beta3 Promotion Trailer

KZmod Beta3 Promotion Trailer

Jul 9, 2007 Movies 0 comments

This is a video showing you the new things in our game, including the Art Tool and the 4 new maps. It will also show you that the game is more than just...

KZMOD Bungee Preview

KZMOD Bungee Preview

Apr 21, 2006 Movies 1 comment

This is a show of what you can do with the Bungee rope in Kreedz Climbing. This is not a show of the real Bungee maps. This example shows the Free Bunjee...

Kreedz Climbing Bunnyhop Mode

Kreedz Climbing Bunnyhop Mode

Mar 6, 2006 Movies 0 comments

This video shows how our Bunnyhop mode works....we do not impose a stopping after a jump in this mode and you have a bit more air movement than normal...

KZMOD Promo Trailer

KZMOD Promo Trailer

Feb 26, 2006 Movies 0 comments

A Promotion video of the gameplay in Kreedz Climbing. This video shows you what we do best! JUMP JUMP JUMP. 6 minutes of high quality video.

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RickTheStickman Sep 5 2010, 6:25pm says:

I love this mod.
Needs more active servers.

+9 votes     reply to comment
half-life Jul 25 2010, 3:01am says:

this mod rocks I hope by the the time a full-release comes around there'll be stuff like wall-running.

0 votes     reply to comment
JλςҜDLCMAN Jul 16 2010, 10:30am says:

the game dosen work when i start the game it shut down how can i fix it can some1 help plz

0 votes     reply to comment
Johnoo552 Aug 7 2013, 5:15pm replied:

you probably need to install Source SDK base '06

+1 vote     reply to comment
baythemoon May 19 2010, 11:12am says:

This is listed as single player, but when I installed it, it is multiplayer only. Am I missing something here peeps?

+2 votes     reply to comment
thegamer1998 May 6 2010, 3:16pm buried:


guys its ******* sucks :D

-9 votes     reply to comment
SgtCbb Feb 27 2010, 4:45pm says:

Dead? wow... i wish it would be for hl2 not for dat mario forever 4

-3 votes     reply to comment
dafatcat Mar 24 2010, 11:53pm replied:

It's not dead and what the jesus do you mean when you say it is for Super Mario?

+5 votes     reply to comment
Kodjeikov Feb 27 2010, 3:43pm says:

Crashes on startup... I think its becaouse of Windows 7..

+3 votes     reply to comment
CherryJimbo Feb 15 2010, 3:00pm says:

Crashes instantly on startup for me =(

Specs are:
Win7 64 bit
ATI HD 4870
Intel i7 920

+4 votes     reply to comment
baythemoon May 19 2010, 11:14am replied:

Same happened to me, but then realised you have to install the installer bit first, then the game. They're listed at the top of the page.

+2 votes     reply to comment
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