A dark secret of Revan's empire has remained hidden for 4 millenia only to awaken at the most crucial point in time to turn the tide of the Clone Wars and bring an end to the Order of Sith Lords to make way for the Order of Sith Knights. Order and Unity shall shatter the Tyranny of the Sith Lords and the Blind Ignorance of the Jedi Knights.

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Acclamator Refit Stage 2 - Rearmed
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are those turrets animated?

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EmperorNiko Author

only the top ones are

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I recommend that you put some more block details at the sides of the ship to make it look slightly better, and improve the model a bit; or you could use the model in Republic At War... just a thought.

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honestly it does look kinda bad in this because it doesn't fit you're going to have to remodel it a bit make it slightly larger add in turret rings that fit into it and stuff idk just some ideas... although the one from RAW is great thats a nice idea malgus.

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Now armed with external weapons used on other ships to make the new Acclamator-III Sith Variant a heavily armed warship forgetting it's roots as a transport ship and losing the ability to enter the atmosphere they are solely used for fleet command duty. It does suffer from low reload time due to the number of weapons and also weaker armor then the older vessels. The Hangers have also been removed to support more ammo storage.

Armed with:
6x Dual Heavy Turbolasers used by the Venator-class.
6x batteries of 2 dual heavy lasercannons used by the Arquitens-class.
1x Forward Dual Photon Torpedo Launcher.
1x Forward Concussion Missile Launcher.
1x Shield Generator
1x Engine Hardpoint

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