Killing Floor is a survival horror total conversion set in London, England. In a laboratory under the city, a series of human experiments in cloning and biological augmentation are being conducted by the employees of "Horizon". Horizon is a BioTech corporation formerly employed by the government to do the R&D on a top secret series of synthetic combat drugs which would enhance the effectiveness of soldiers in the field. Horizon's funding was cut, when their practices were deemed too immoral even for such a controversial project, but the research didn't stop. Funded by private money from the deep pockets of Horizon chairman and research scientist Kevin Clamely, tests continued in a more...private location. That was until something went wrong. There were reports that the lab had been comprimised; that the subjects were behaving abnormally...then, silence. Several days later, twisted shapes began to emerge from the confines of the lab into the city above.

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What do you get when you match the mutated evolution of a research biologist against an armed-to-the-teeth commando? Just over a minute of bedlam, of course.

Posted by AJ_Quick on Oct 5th, 2008

Just an update to let you know that we're still on track for the release of the next Killing Floor patch. And to prove it - here is a video demonstration of the badass you folks will be pitted against quite soon.

This guy is quite literally the "father" of the myriad freaks you have been gunning down up until now. With a rocket-launcher / minigun for one arm, and a mutated claw for the other ... He can dish it out.

The "Patriarch" will be a final wave enemy (he when all other foes are dead right @ the end of the last wave) , and can be disabled by the Server host if desired.

And now that i have your interest (hopefully).

I would like to announce the Killing Floor is hosting a mapping competition! So if you're savvy with unrealED, and own a copy of UT2004.....what's to stop you from installing KF and loading up the ol' girl for some BSP shenanigans.

At worst, you might learn something. At best, you'll create a kickass map which will be packaged with all future releases of the mod and treated as "official" further to that, the winner of this contest will be entitled to a few high-definition goodies which only the generous Killing Floor Donors would be otherwise privy to.

So! If you're interested -> Head over to the forums and read the rules !

You have until November 10th to come up with a map! Good Luck!

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VagabondPraetor Oct 5 2008 says:

He reminds me of spiderman. Just a little more ugly, that's all.

Say, is 2.51 coming out after or before the due date for the mapping contest?

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Squeebo Oct 5 2008 says:

The Patriarch looks badass, can't really see him well enough in that video(Too low quality) but in the screenshots he looks wicked.

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SAHChandler Oct 6 2008 says:

I want that song in the video. :)

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Kyben Oct 6 2008 says:

Looking awesome Alex. He's sure to mix things up with that giant gun on his arm. Love the look of the new bullpup too. :)

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INtense! Staff
INtense! Oct 6 2008 says:

Looks sweet, cept the youtube clip makes it hard to make out? Awesome stuff (oh and yes great music)

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NSCXP2005 Oct 6 2008 says:

is this release going to be single player?

Looks excellent!!

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SinKing Oct 6 2008 says:

Oh great - another ├╝berhero. I still haven't been able to win 9 rounds of this game without somebody cheating and you put in harder foes... Seriously, I want to see the people who survive 10 rounds on Biolab these days.

Mapping competion is a good idea as lots of mags are buggy and spawns or triggers don't work. I hope you'll patch a couple of other things. The winchesters' aim is still slightly left of the ironsight and the crossbow aim is much too low. Guess Yoshi is gonna beat the competition. Hive is already the best presented map for KF.

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Gregs2k2 Oct 6 2008 replied:

Do you EVER stop moaning?

+1 vote     reply to comment
NullSoldier Oct 6 2008 replied:

Obvious troll is obvious.

Since when has it been acceptable to troll people? Listen jerk, he's voicing his opinion and complaints. You act like you should ONLY ever talk about the good things in a mod instead of the bad. If you never voice your complaints on the bad then they might just be ignored.

He's doing the right thing, don't let trolls stop you.

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Gregs2k2 Oct 7 2008 replied:

Yeah, OK. I'm a TROLL. Get a grip.

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MomoJak00 Oct 12 2008 replied:

I think you need to work on your definition of a troll, Null.

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NullSoldier Oct 6 2008 says:

I still have not been able to win an entire game on normal with my friends, this is going to make it even harder! Though, I can't wait for all the bug fixes.

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BongHead Oct 6 2008 says:

are there other new zombies or just that one in the new patch? it would be fun if some new "normal" zombies were implemented too

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AJ_Quick Author Subscriber
AJ_Quick Oct 6 2008 replied:

we're trying to keep Romero-fondling to a minimum.

KFs got more in common with Quake or House of the Dead.

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UTUmbrellaSTARS Oct 6 2008 says:

OMG we are doomed, it's going to takes loads of Law's and Hunting Shoty players to take Patriarch down, its already hard enough to take down just one Fleshpound at the moment! SinKing long time no see mate, if i see ya on-line, I'll join ya then we will bring back the old days of survival, back like in 2.1, 2.11 days. with good team and no glicthing it is possible to get to wave 10!

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Mr.RoBoT Oct 6 2008 says:

we need lazers!@!@!

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Pilster123 Oct 6 2008 says:

wow that looks great cant wait to fight him ingame.

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WarHawk127 Oct 6 2008 says:

can this game show up on steam if u install it

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SinKing Oct 6 2008 says:

have to report guns work flawlessly now and it's actually due to the maps that the game sometimes becomes impossible. If you have ten fleshpounds in a row coming at you, because they were stuck somewhere its kind of a desperate situation, fast.
Model of the patriarch is really looking cool and the game is getting better. Took me a while to notice, so appologies for the long line.

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AJ_Quick Author Subscriber
AJ_Quick Oct 7 2008 replied:

If you ever find yourself backed into a wall, facing 10 fleshpounds, alone - you are failing @ playing the game. The whole point is to AVOID such situations by dispatching them @ range through a coordinated team effort. The moment they "break your line" is the moment you get your face smashed in.

While the layout of the maps has a role here, ultimately it falls to you to look for defensive positions and choke points.

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Dremth Oct 6 2008 says:

this game is so hard already!

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Torabi Oct 7 2008 says:

This looks awesome, but no ******* way I'm going to pay for it, Alex... you ruined it.

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SinKing Oct 7 2008 says:

Don't know what you mean CommanderPT. As far as I know casual gamers will still play the same game, it's just donators reach peaks where they get some high-def models or textures. So, if you donate you will pay for exactly that, which you love about killing floor: a better looking game. That's all there is to it, imo.

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pvt.Johnson Oct 7 2008 replied:

eh I kind of agree about paying for the better models and textures(sounds like a bunch of nonsense), but its is his mod so he can do what he wants. great mod anyways.

+1 vote     reply to comment
myles Oct 7 2008 replied:

I think its a great way for the KF team to get something back for the hard work they have put in for years. It is not dividing the community in any way and is just a way for those certain people who LOVE killing floor to give something back.

No one is forcing you to pay...

Anyway the music on the video, will this be in the patch?
I hope so!

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zynthetic Oct 9 2008 replied:

All signs point to yes.

+1 vote     reply to comment
AJ_Quick Author Subscriber
AJ_Quick Oct 7 2008 replied:

nobody is "paying" for ANYTHING.

i tried (in vain, clearly) to explain that DONATIONS are accepted as recompense for the years of work that has gone into the mod (thousands of man-hours), and the work which continues to be done on it.

But because im a cool dude, i am also providing the people who care to RECOGNIZE my work with some extra content.

If you dont think KF is worth it, then dont donate.
Just don't bitch about what you're missing out on.

Nobody likes a frugal loud-mouth.

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pvt.Johnson Oct 7 2008 replied:

The feeling of making something special that people enjoy isnt good enough? ;)
just playing, but however you put it the people who are donating are paying to receive higher quality content. I think its a smart idea to make money(putting it towards a more powerful computer or education in your skill of course).

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Grobi Oct 7 2008 says:

Gah, wish I had time for the mapping competition. Silly University work is in the way I'm afraid :(

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Chrissstrahl Oct 14 2008 says:

I hope the extremely annoying colors the screen gets painted with will be fixed (I don't mean the death hud). I don't like to play the mod so often because of the ambient color problem which came with 2.5 it makes my eyes burn after a short time so i have to leave the game to not get a headache.
This only happens only at the KF Mod to me, no else Game/Mod hurts so much!

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SinKing Feb 9 2009 says:

Are there any news as to who won the mapping contest? somehow Killing Floor seems to be getting old news really fast, at the moment.

Practically a shame, but since I play 1<hour a week, I don't care that much. It was just a game I enjoyed for some time. Now, perhaps we all move on to the next mods and enjoy them again for some years.

Was a great effort Alex, thanks for the time and I hope you got some satisfaction and possibly masturbated,I mean: improved your life a lot.

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