Killing Floor is a survival horror total conversion set in London, England. In a laboratory under the city, a series of human experiments in cloning and biological augmentation are being conducted by the employees of "Horizon". Horizon is a BioTech corporation formerly employed by the government to do the R&D on a top secret series of synthetic combat drugs which would enhance the effectiveness of soldiers in the field. Horizon's funding was cut, when their practices were deemed too immoral even for such a controversial project, but the research didn't stop. Funded by private money from the deep pockets of Horizon chairman and research scientist Kevin Clamely, tests continued in a more...private location. That was until something went wrong. There were reports that the lab had been comprimised; that the subjects were behaving abnormally...then, silence. Several days later, twisted shapes began to emerge from the confines of the lab into the city above.

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Just after two weeks following the second release, we are proud to present Killing Floor 2.0s first patch. The patch / hotfix corrects a number of glaring bugs and frustrating gameplay issues which may have turned some players off the game. Furthermore - we have been tackling the everpresent issue of

Posted by AJ_Quick on Aug 25th, 2006

Just after two weeks following the second release, we are proud to present Killing Floor 2.0s first patch.

The patch / hotfix corrects a number of glaring bugs and frustrating gameplay issues which may have turned some players off the game. Furthermore - we have been tackling the everpresent issue of game balance with particular regard to the weapons to try and get everything to "fit" just right. This will no doubt be an on-going process , but we have already made significant steps toward correcting some of the obvious imbalances in KF.

This is just the beginning guys, Killing Floor will continue to be updated with balance fixes, bug fixes, and yes - New content.


PLEASE leave your opinions / advice for improvements in this thread on the forums

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Chunky Aug 25 2006 says:

Here's the changelog.

- Sirens now die immediately when their head is removed.
- Added Lobby Timeout option to servers.
- Increased number of max enemies able to spawn based on difficulty. (On suicidal it gets up to 100 or so)
- Stalkers must now De-Cloak temporarily to attack, and cannot cloak if decapitated.
- The DownTime between waves (shopping time) has been extended slightly. Still scales to difficulty.
- Player accrued cash is now kept after death. Though, you lose a percentage on death, based on difficulty. (15-35%)
- Combat Shotgun now penetrates enemies and can achieve headshots - buckshot Damage re-balanced to take this into account.
- Hunting Shotgun damage toned down slightly. (70pb to 50pb)
- Persistent Player "Clones" issue when logging in and then leaving fixed.
- Winchester Ironsight works properly code-wise
- Players are forbidden to spectate other players when dead -- no more specator bug.
- Zeds attack welded doors until they are destroyed
- slightly improved AI overal
- Newly bought weapons get fully loaded
- lost weapon when bought and lost the money for it
- setanimaction in KFPawn referring to non-replicated variables fixed.
- various accessed nones fixed
- Scoreboard functional
- Whitescreen with blur on macs and linux systems no more
- fixed weight system
- 6th player unable to connect
- defect playerskins fixed (Thanks Grex 4D for the fixed upls!)
- Winchester: damage doubled
- Crossbow: higher damage + cost 500 Pounds + ammocost 30 pounds + MaxAmmo 25
- Hunting shotgun: ammocost 30 pounds
- Bullpup + 9mm: ammocost 10 pounds
- speed now increased with 9mm, too
- Heads of zeds point at their targets
- range problems with the Axe fixed
- zed spawning scales to playercount
- BioticsLab: Disabled collision in some of the pipes, invisible ramp to the "safe spot"
- Manor: Fixed pathing for the stairs down to the trader
- Crossbow Zoom now works like the winchesterzoom. (hold and release)

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SinKing Aug 26 2006 says:

Killing Floor is my favorite mod of all. Its got nice people playing and its about supporting each other. True - the balancing issues were getting me a bit upset sometimes and I'm glad you changed the important features, so I guess this is now a runner-up for mod of the year. This should really be a regular game in the next release - you guys deserve it! I'd just like some more features like "Escort" where you have to rescue a group of innocents and lead them through a city while defending them against creatures. Also I like the look of the zombie on the startup sceeen. Why are they so greyish in the game, it would look much better if the had the same fleshcolour like the zombie on that screen (I like his grinning, too). Overall this shows how you have involved from a bugged 1.o to a near perfect version 2.1. I guess some people are gonna write their own scripts into this and there will be more, good custom maps, so this will be fun, fun fun, for a long while. Only issue I have is that there are some 24/7 servers up which I never am able to join . I don't know if that is a server based issue, but given the lack of servers overall, its a shame those things don't work for us yet. Maybe another hotfix, or more servers in the furture? This mod is so hot, it should get some more dedicated servers and maybe a good description (though its easy) how to make up your own server.
Thank you for the work and time you put into this, it has become a great, grreat game!


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SinKing Aug 26 2006 says:

I really wanna join the kf-forum, but whenever I get an activation code (I tried 4 or 5 times) and enter it in combination with my user nam sinking - which should be SinKing really - I get an error. I'm onbe of the regulars on this game and i know most people on the froums from reading their posts. I don't know, maybe I did something wron initially, but I don't know how to get rid of that problem. Until then I will post only here on moddb, maybe you could find out what Imdoing wrong or just kinda authorize me without the activation thingy? I'd appreciate it gentlemen!

Load your barrel! Sin

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methy Aug 26 2006 says:

Good. Nice to see a great patch for a great mod.

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pvt.Johnson Aug 26 2006 says:

updates are always nice.

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BillyChaka Aug 26 2006 says:

Hey SinKing, it's me, Brutus! Anyway, I'm glad all these changes are being implemented. Can't find a decent server to play it on yet...

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HangPhyr Aug 26 2006 says:

HUGE thank you to the KF team! All my biggest issues with the game were fixed fast with this patch!

Time for some more KF LAN this weekend.

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dethtoll Aug 27 2006 says:

how do you mean "fixed weight system"?

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Descent Sep 1 2006 says:

More patchs are on the way I hope, good work though :D

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killerzombie336 Feb 23 2007 says:

y wont it work

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