New incredible Crysis modification "Jumper and the City" (2009) by the "GamesForLiberty" team.

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I spent my 10 minutes that i played it using tanks as hoverboards.

Good and funny mod..I like it :)

It's nice jumping around the city and punching helicopters out of the sky.

But this mod clearly wasn't optimized, as I can run smaller maps with more details at higher frame rates then this.

Also, it crashes at certain intervals, and apparently every time I throw the super-grenade :(

It could have been better if you fixed these faults.


Its cool!!!

Its ok. The level is cool. it is a free roam game type feel. I thought the cutscene was too long. bullet time effect is cool. I never died. Ai characters could see and shoot me through hedges in the maze part. The music was not to my taste. It's surprisingly hard to get up buildings even with the boosters and huge jump. Great job by the Modder.


Your means of travelling is pretty poor. One of the main things you'll use is the suit's strength mode, which functions the same as it does in vanilla Crysis, except jumping much, MUCH higher. It feels powerful at first, but it's a nightmare to work with. And even when it does work, it does so with absolutely no sense of flow.

Wedged uncomfortably into the poor gameplay is an incoherent plot. There's plenty of dialogue, but it's mostly provided as subtitles and only subtitles. Often during cutscenes with action going on.

It all falls together to become quite a clumsy chore to play.


Needs some general refining, other than that, quite well done, and a brilliant idea as well.

Super colorful city with cheat codes... try making something with more substance.


He has some mods that are excellent and others that could have been ...

Jump In The City is one of those mods that should have been a reference. Unfortunately, it is otherwise.

What can I say? Otherwise the project has been sloppy and poorly done. Optimization is absent, the framerate is simply atrocious (12fps average) and I do not mean the gameplay, which is really just A tote general, but without any logic:

We run on walls, jumping, falling, one shooting, jumping, falling again and shot again and again ... Where is the scenario?!

And here we are entitled to ask: How have wasted so much potential.

The answer is simple:

The developer chose to work on the beauty, rather than just the gameplay.

And it's really sad. But I congratulate the quality of the level design, despite its obvious lack of optimization.



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